My Epic Chewbacca Costume

My Epic Chewbacca Costume

my elementary school was having a big costume contest but they should have called it what it really was a Return of the Jedi contest all the kids were going as either a Luke Leia Vader Boba Fett or c-3po well I was going to beat them all because come Halloween as I announced to my friends there's going to be a seven-foot Wookiee coming to town my friend Scott said oh yeah how are you gonna do that none of the Halloween stores sell Chewbacca costumes I said hey kid never tell me the odds the truth was I knew something my friend didn't my mom was a creative genius and couldn't make any costume from scratch what I envisioned was a life like Chewbacca with a suit of brown hair and stilts underneath to get me up to seven feet I'd also have all the accouterments like the chest belt in the crossbow basically I'd be channeling Peter Mayhew circa 1983 the whole school would be blown away when I came home and announced the idea to my mom she said okay but you know it's three days before Halloween and I'm also finishing your sister's costumes and I have to work oh yeah my my three sisters and my mom's job but my mom was ready to help wherever she could we started at the Halloween store just to see if they had anything to get it started boom within 5 minutes we found an officially licensed Lucasfilm Chewbacca mask with the hair and the teeth the lady at the store said sorry we don't have a full Chewbacca suit I said no problem and I turned to my mom for the detailed plan she said let's go carpet shopping we'll find you a nice brown shag carpet that I'll sew into a suit I didn't know what a shag carpet was but she explained it had long threads that look like hair made sense we spent all Sunday looking for a brown shag carpet we went from store to store we found white we found black but no brown with time running out we had to go with the only option a regular short length rug no shag but always the optimist my mom assured me that I was going to look great the big day arrived Halloween the school black top looked like a scene out of Tatooine you had your Luke's Hans Lando's Jabba the Hutt even a bib Fortuna although that was my science teacher and he wasn't in costume then slowly head started to turn yeah yeah I wasn't seven feet that's for sure to give you an idea of what I looked like imagine cutting up a tan rug rolling up the pieces into arms legs and a torso and sewing them all together with twine also imagine the same kid forgot to tell his mom that Chewbacca needed furry hands and furry feet so the legendary wookie had little Caucasian hands and white Reeboks when a teacher finally asked who I was supposed to be I didn't have the heart to say Chewbacca so I just said I'm a tan and brown monster there was no fault of my mom's of course she did everything she could in three days I guess we all have our famous or infamous costumes from our childhood what was yours tell me in the comments I read them all in fact your comments on my last video were hilarious so thanks for that nutrients I took the topic to Google Image Search and when you look up the word masculine this is what this is what comes up in the first page this guy modeling camouflage thongs you can watch that one by clicking there or in the link below don't miss the video of mine subscribe on YouTube or like my Facebook page if you don't have YouTube or Facebook I don't know Admetus snap flicks gram

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  1. I'm so glad Chewbacca went to rehab to get off the huffing habit. Now Chris and Chewy are back together and life is back to "Normal."

  2. Hi! Nice chanel! Today i saw the youtube academy video that you did and that bring me here. Nice to meet your work 🙂

  3. My school had a costume parade every year. When I asked my mom to make a goblin costume, we bought a cool mask, then she went to work. She got a grey sweat shirt and sweat pants and hot-glued short black pipe cleaners all over it to look like spikes. I was so embarrassed after putting the costume on at school (no gloves or special shoes), I refused to join the parade.

    I think I went trick or treating that night in my previous year's costume.

  4. It was last Halloween and I asked my mom if she could do me a McDonald's fries costume and she did out of cardboard colored paper she even did the logo

  5. hmm half of these videos weren't in my sub box =( maybe put links to previous videos in the end ?  in case like this

  6. I was also a Boca on Halloween
    And I had supporters so I was 7feet. And I looked like the real thing.

  7. When I was six my mom decided to dress me up. All my friends were dressed as Pikachu and my teachers asked me what I was. I remember telling them all I knew was that I was some guy in a mask with a knife. About midway through my teens I realized my mother had dressed me as Jason and had never explained that to me.

  8. Hey Matt, glad you're making videos again. Anyway, my favorite costume I've ever had happened when I think I was 7 or 8 years old, and I loved spongebob, so I asked my mom to make me a spongebob costume. It turned out to be spongebob painted on an old stroller box with arm and head holes. I wore the box along with some brown shorts, long socks, and black tennis shoes. It was the best!!

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