My Experience On Say Yes To The Dress (Live footage)

My Experience On Say Yes To The Dress (Live footage)

– Well, what’s the buzz? A couple of months ago,
I made a video about my Say Yes To The Dress Ireland
experience, and in it I mentioned that I had
lost all of my vlog footage my behind the scenes
vlog footage from the day and I found it! So, enjoy the behind the scenes of what really happens behind the curtain of Say Yes To The Dress Ireland. (laughs) Enjoy. I am on my way down to Athlone to pick up my two friends and bridesmaids,
Lauren and Lorraine. And then we’re going to Cork to be on Say Yes To the (expletive) Dress! All right (laughs) You’re only go to be out
for one night in Corkland. (laughs) – Yeah! – Take a left up here. – If it says it’s recording,
guys it’s recording. – We have been driving
what it seems like forever. And uh, the girls are trying to get cans. We’ve stopped at two shops,
yes trying to get cans. And none of the shops have cans. So we’re canless. We’re almost there though, almost there. My god, it’s taking forever. We’re blasting up the tunes and having a grand ole time down to bush. I don’t think I even need a time camera. I don’t think she knows
how to work the camera. I have to work the camera. Her fault, not mine. I’m driving. – One fifteen for popping them, and I’m sorry to get. (laughs) – Best part of fifteen minutes. You do the maths. Ten cents a minute. – No, it’s eleven and forty-five cents. – Eleven and forty-five cents a minute. Don’t even taste that good. It doesn’t taste like 11.45 cents. – That’s recording there. Let me drive guys for a few minutes. – Do I want to destroy the last eight minutes of this journey? (mood music) – Redeem myself with Amsterdam or the other accommodation
I booked that time. – I booked this. – You should be sued. – I finally booked these accommodations. – Lorraine, that is like the
worst of them I’ve ever seen. – She big now. (slurping and laughter) – It’s like ice cream soda. (laughter) – Send that one up so
they can hear the noise. (laughter) – Getting ready at six this morning. – Yup yup, seven up! – Show me your dress! Is it mustard? – No. (laughter) – Yes, I’ll take it. – That is nice. – Ooh – Yeah, she’s not bad. – That’s a nice one there. It’s different. – Look at that! – I hate the poof, Clare – Yeah Irene, I like a
little bit of poof there. Pure white. An ivory
is like a dirty white. – It’s like a cream. – Like it’s been in a window for a while. (laughter) – You’ll get lost in here. Yeah you’re good. – Lorraine, oh my god! This is gorgeous! – Girl we are going to do
a round of these dresses this is the one Lauren loves. – Oh my god, no! – Take it off. You can take it to Disney and put it on. (laughter) – What’s the kitten heel thing? – The kitten heel is about that big. – All right. Well let me know. – Jesus Christ! I was
thinking about wearing flats. – In fact, I was thinking
about wearing Converse under me dress. – I love Converse. (laughter) – Lorraine is not here for this. – Oh, there’s a two-piece. – I can’t carry it. – Well then I can’t wear it. If you can’t pick it up,
then I can’t wear it. – I forgot to show you
what I look like today. This is what I look like today. I don’t want to be wearing white. (sighs) I’m hiding back here. (distant chatter) – Hi, how are you? – Nice to meet you. – Me and my staff are going
to be looking after you. Good, how are you? (mood music) – Going on your big moment. (mood music) – How’s it going? – I don’t care. (laughs) – How’s it going, guys? – Just say yup. – Yup. (laughs) – What was the other one? What was the one that
you and I came up with? – Lorraine’s was the best dress. – I definitely think mine is better. (laughter) – I definitely think I had
a better one yesterday. – Oh come on! (laughter) (mood music) (laughter) – I can’t wait to see you in this dress. I’m very excited. Keep an eye on it, so. – An hour and a half. – Keep it rolling. – She wants a large internal (laughs) – How many dresses is she going to try? – Five. – Ah! (laughs) – Perfect. That’s the one. – We’ll get back to ya afterwards
with the funny comments. – If you watched this far in the video, please comment down below
with story time podcast. So that I know a) you’ve watched this far, and b) my podcast get some free brunches (laughs) Apologies for the delay in the podcast. It is coming back and I’m going to try and keep you updated with monthly
videos on this channel. I won’t do weekly videos anymore. I’ve got a lot going on this year. 2018 is probably going to be
my last year making videos. Hopefully I’ll hit 100,000 subscribers before I finish up on this channel. Just to say that I did it! (laughs) I’ve been making videos for so long. (laughs) I’ve been really getting into stand-up. That’s one of the things that
I’ve been doing off-screen. And so, if you want to know
where I’m doing stand-up next, follow me on Instagram,
Facebook or Twitter. I always update there. And when you come and see me do stand-up and my stand-up routine are pretty um I won’t go as far as controversial but like I did my stand-up gig recently and at one point, the audience went Ooh (laughs) I hope you’ve enjoyed that
footage from Say Yes Dress. Again, it was an amazing experience. And I have a wedding dress
video that will come out But it obviously can’t come out until after I get married. But when it does come out, I’ll link in the description
and I’ll put it here somewhere. But it’s not going to
come out for like a while. Okay, Bye! Is that nicer than this? Ha! I actually look like I have no soul.

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    I also do stand up and had the audience make that sound before (on a joke I've told without that sound plenty of times) and looked to the back to see my friend covering her face with her hands. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    And i always thought i'd bump into you, and be featured.
    I'll be walking clean past you on the streets now, you're a no-one like the rest of us. xD

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    I had a look on RTE Player but couldn't find your episode. Do you know if the episode is online somewhere?

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  24. You are three gorgeous ladies altogether ! <3 But SERIOUSLY, is Lorraine a model? Its a little rediculous

  25. I also love the contrast between your best friends:
    Clare: "I was thinking of wearing flats"
    (Lorraine dies a little inside)
    Lauren: "I think you should Clare"
    Clare: "I was thinking of wearing converse under my dress"
    (Lorraine dies completely)
    Lauren: "That's a great idea Clare"LMAO

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    I have been given so many different translations and bc I donโ€™t speak the language, I donโ€™t know why thereโ€™s multiple versions. Iโ€™m looking for the most common version.

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