My favourite BEDTIME PERFUMES! FRAGRANCES I love to wear to BED!

My favourite BEDTIME PERFUMES! FRAGRANCES I love to wear to BED!

hello everyone welcome to today's video I hope you are all having a wonderful day today so today's video is going to be a nice short and sweet and by sweet I mean sweet I'm going to show you some fragrances that I love wearing to bed so these perfumes I wear I spray on just before bedtime and they happen to be sweet most of them anyway I love wearing gourmand fragrances fragrances that have lots of vanilla lots of sugary sweetness I'm not sure why I love wearing them at bedtime so without further ado let's go through them I'm not going to put them in any order I'm just going to randomly pick them out so the first one is M by mariah carey this is a sweet delicious marshmallow cupcake type of a scent it's warm inviting and puts me to sleep like a baby as soon as I spray this on I am ready for bed I'm ready to snuggle inside that bed and just be really warm and relaxed love it another delicious type of a fragrance is the Prada candy this is more of a caramel fragrance it's thick sweet caramel delicious but it's also woody and slightly musky on my skin and I love the fact that it has that muskiness to it because it just cancels it out from being too fruity it's slightly woody on my skin as well I absolutely adore it very warm very inviting type of a scent and very comforting the third fragrance I will talk about is this one love wearing this one this is musk by Moana – Oreo this one's a little bit different it's not foodie it's not a good mind but it does contain an almond note but it's more of a like a green almond note it's more of a musky powder so you've got a lot of powder in there lots of muskiness and slight nuttiness from that green almond now I love wearing powdery scents to bed but if just slight powder like I'm I don't want to suffocate myself with powder this is a perfect blend of those three main notes so musky powdery and nutty it's absolutely perfect for bedtime makes me sleep like a baby this next one is what started it all I never used to really wear fragrance to sleep until I discovered how good this one is at bedtime oh my gosh this was the first one I started wearing to bed it's fancy by Jessica Simpson oh my goodness guys this is a sweet sugary caramel cupcake II sort of artificial smelling but it just does the job it really really does this one is my go-to like this is probably my favorite one to wear to bed as soon as I spray it on I know that it's bedtime oh yeah it's bedtime I'm gonna sleep and I'm gonna have some good dreams with this fragrance I adore it to bed and I only wear this one for bedtime actually okay the next one is a very unique fragrance it's also a celebrity fragrance and it's glowing by JLo now this one is very unusual very unusual scent and I wouldn't blind purchase it this one is like a either hate or either love kind of fragrance the center is quite tropical and when I say tropical I don't mean sweet or fruity it's got nothing to do with fruits or sweetness at all it's got coconut like I can smell coconut from it but it's the coconut a bitter green coconut or coconut water it's not sweet at all and it kind of reminds me of something you'd find in an Asian country or or a sense that you'd smell in a luxurious spa resort or a massage parlor or something like that so it's got this healing type of a Santa Clara peuta healing thing going on I don't know it's really unique and it actually reminds me of BAM boom so if you smelt bamboo it just reminds me of that or being in a a jungle you know and somewhere in Asia it just reminds me of that as soon as I smell it I am just there I am in a jungle with beautiful lush big green leaves and like water drops you know from the leaves and things like that I've just transformed into that and it's just got this healing effect on me now I have a story about this one when I first bought it I wanted to wear it and my mother-in-law was coming to visit me and so I had a shower and quickly spray some on and she came over and we were just sitting you know talking on the couch and next thing you know what we're both fell asleep no jokes we both literally we just dozed off to sleep and then when we woke up we're like what the hell happened and then I thought about it really hard and I thought you know what it must have been my fragrance like it was that calming it had that effect on both of us that we just literally slept so from that day on I never wore it during the day again I kept it as my bedtime perfume and it works like a charm you sprayed on you go to bed you definitely go to sleep with this one so do check that one out if you can it's it's quite unique that one okay the next fragrance is another unique one let's talk about this one this is law deterrent by Iran tyrant I don't know I'll put it on the screen this is a coffee fragrant it's a coffee and amber fragrance on me it's a boozy extremely boozy like rum coffee amber and musk fragrance now coffee is supposed to wake you up but it's not in this case in with this perfume this one puts me to sleep because I think it's got that sweet boozy aspect to it this is such a gorgeous fragrance guys I think it's been discontinued which is a big shame and it's not really talked about I don't see it mentioned anywhere but it's a gem in in my collection it's a gem it's when I discovered this one I started wearing it regularly and then it would just put me at ease you know I noticed that it would put me at ease and that I was always quiet when I was wearing it so then I'm like you know I'm gonna try and wear it to bedtime at bedtime and I did and from then on I only wear it at that time because it really has that effect on me I love it so much the next fragrance is this one now that's a body oil and I have the matching fragrance to that which is buy more and it's called marshmallow now this is more of a Turkish Delight / marshmallow / cupcake II kind of a scent now I adore this fragrance and I wearing I wear this during the day night whenever but I find it too strong to wear at bedtime so I opted for the oils of body oil now the body oil smells identical to the fragrance but you know when you have a shower and you spray the oil on you just get that nice smell you get the same scent but it's not overpowering it's not going to give you a headache and just mixes with your skin chemistry and it just with your body warmth it just brings out the sand and oh my god it's gorgeous sometimes I can tolerate this at night sometimes it's only one spray of this one but mostly I use the body oil as I said it's a Turkish Delight / marshmallow sand very sweet it's rosie it's delicious and I love wearing the oil to sleep alright next fragrance is the etro heli trope and this one is powdery this one is a powdery scent powdery almond type of a scent but it's not 230 like it's not too of gourmand or delicious fragrance that you're gonna spray on and think I'm so hungry now no no no this is more of a musky I don't want to say it's like this one it's not they don't smell the similar but this one is more of an almond more powdery than this one I guess and it's just yeah very light on the skin and very cozy and comforting it's really nice the next one is I'll talk about another cozy cozy one that I love to wear it's the scent I'll blush by Tom Ford this is a musky woody fragrance but it's so gentle and delicate and it just feels like a cashmere jumper it just covers you up and makes you warm and snuggly yeah this one is kind of it reminds me of a bed cover like you know when you when you have all your covers on and you're just so room and you're so happy and content when I spray this one on I get the same feeling it's really really lovely at that time okay another fragrance and then I'll have to wear is this one this is a really patchouli fragrance it's the learner adds patchouli antique this is very heavy stuff very heavy now I wear this one when I am dead tired when I've had a rough crappy day and I just want to sleep I just want to conk out I spray this one on and I just fall asleep because it it got like a hippie patchouli type of scent like a um you know there's natural smelling patchouli oils it smells like that but it's got this like chocolatey note in it as well so patchouli can tend to sometimes smell like chocolate like a musky chocolate and with this fragrance I find that it does it's a patchouli chocolate dense heavy warm thick thick scent and yeah it knocks me out and I love it for that now another fragrance that has that type of effect is this one and I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys know what this one is I'm not going to say the name because I'm going to butcher it but I will write it on the screen this one smells like drillin spirituous do boo Vinny it does remind me of it it really does just smelling it like this from the bottle yep it just reminds me of the other one and I used to wear the girl on one to sleep but it was very expensive so I opted for this one and this was very cheap to buy at the time when I bought it I don't know where you can buy it anymore this was a couple of years ago and yeah it smells like boozy vanilla just straight-out boozy vanilla booze and vanilla it's absolutely gorgeous and just probably my second favorite to wear to bed yeah definitely definitely gorgeous stuff now the next fragrance is this one I don't know much about it but it looks like this the box looks like that and it's called golden musk I don't know who makes this it doesn't really say and it comes in this bottle and it's an oil okay this is the only time where I can tolerate oils is at bedtime or at night because I don't really like oils now this one is a very common fragrance in the Middle Eastern countries and they make heaps of it like I've got bottles of this stuff and not from the same company and they smell identical okay so it's a the scent is like a floral musky almond scent so it's gourmand but more on the floral side so gamma and musk slash floral kind of a scent it's absolutely gorgeous it's my favorite of Arabic oil ever ever this scent is my favorite because it's got a very intense note of almond and I love that it's nutty its chewy it's vanilla it's absolutely delicious and it's slightly smoky as well and I find that that smokiness that it has in it and that sweetness just makes me fall asleep honestly it's it's really really good I don't know much about it but yeah okay I've got three more fragrances to go the next one is this one this is by reminiscence I never see this one talked about either reminiscence have some really good fragrances guys I've got a few of them and I don't really see them mentioned much this was their gourmand line and I have all of them this one I wear to bed because it's so delicate and pretty it's just sweet cupcake II again it's a marshmallow scent and it's called draggy draggy and I'm pretty sure that means marshmallow in French I don't know actually but I think it does yeah and this Center is just that it's super sweet but delicate it's so delicate and it's it's wonderfully on the skin it's beautifully combined and it just smells sweet and cupcake II and like a big hug you know just such a beautiful beautiful thing really gorgeous stuff okay the next one I discovered recently because this is a newer purchase of mine and I started wearing this to bed and it just works so well it's the Alea Blanche this is a flanker to the original I don't really get along with the original I prefer the flankers to that this one is a sweet musky amber II type of a scent very warm comforting inviting type of a scent and I've been wearing it quite a lot I have it in yet I've been using the spray the other 10mil spray that came in the gift box so I haven't really used the bottle yet but I've been really enjoying it at that time now the last fragrance is going to be the Leticia by Ron say this fragrance is probably the only spicy one that I wear to bed I smell patchouli spice maybe amber in here these two are the heaviest out of the lot that I've mentioned I love to wear this when I want to conk out as well when I just want to sleep I don't want to sit in bed for four hours on the phone I just want to sleep I wear this one and that one so yeah that's a spicy one and it's just one of my favorites to wear at that time so there you have a guys this was this is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it these were my bedtime perfumes do you wear perfume at bedtime let me know let me know what you guys wear let me know what you think of these fragrances or if you've tried them or if you haven't I'd love to know until next time guys take care bye

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  1. What an inspiration! Now I am going through my collection to see what I have to wear to bed. Thank you. I love your videos.

  2. Hey Ami great video again ….however the Jessica Simpson Fancy to my nose gave me nightmares 🤣…but the Mor Marshmallow is fabulous 👍💖

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one who wears them to bed 😂 Great choices and some I'll be checking out! I own santal blush and it's amazing and also some underrated.

    My go toos are eau de missions by le couvent des minimes / mugler pure Tonka / Shay&blue salt caramel / chocolate mat by masaki matsushima & chocolate man by dame perfumery 👌

  4. Amazing video, I wear Guerlain insolence edp, and as you Fancy by Jessica Simpson for bed . When I wear them, I feel very calm.

  5. Great idea video idea! I wear:
    lolita lempica l'eau Midnight
    Juicy couture sucre
    Elizabeth and James nirvana black
    Tom Ford noir de noir


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