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  1. Your first cardigan is a great length on you, it lengthens you a lot. I like the pink one with the long top and jeans as well.

  2. lovely review, your Mom is a cutie.                                                                                                                                                         blessings, Tabitha grace

  3. Really helpful, thank you….You have inspired me to buy and make the Blackwood cardigan and a great tip to size down the Oslo before I have got to cutting my fabric.

  4. I wonder if you downsized the collar/lapel band by about half if that may make you feel a little less "swamped' by this cosy cardigan, it may decrease the visual weight and improve the fit……just a thought?

  5. Fantastic thank you! I think the cropped Blackwood is exactly what I’m looking for to wear over dresses this fall and winter!

  6. Your mom!!! Loved her attitude. Work it, work it. She is beautiful in the purple. I am looking at sewing cardigans so this round up was perfect. Thank you.

  7. Superb vlog and just what I needed to give me a kick up the backside to get working on my blackwood. I love your cardigans – especially the blue marled blackwood. Huge thanks for the rundown of your knits and patterns x

  8. Great amount of details of the patterns, you look great in the Blackwood all lengths. Like the word floofy good description😂 Your Mum is so cute showing off her cardi. Would Wembley be good in a Ponte, more jacket like? Like the Oops moments😂

  9. That was a really useful video – thank you Leigh.  I have been wanting to make a cardigan and have bought the fabric but not chosen a pattern.  I thought the Oslo looked really good on you, well they all did, but that one in particular suited you so I may plump for that (once my broken leg is fixed, that is). Oh, and your mom rocks!

  10. Loved this. I want to take part in cosi cardi and as a new sewer am slightly bamboozled by all options. I think will do a blackwood and cropped version very clever. Nice to see a smaller sewer too! Most people i follow seem to be quite tall and at just shy of 5 foot i wonder how things will compare on me! Subscribing now!

  11. Will you please stop being so adorable and entertaining? Watching your videos makes my face hurt from smiling! Fantastic video, thanks for all the details on the patterns. More options for the #CosyCardiChallenge ! Hurray!

  12. Nice cardis, have you tried a gleener on the knits? It removes pilling (bobbling:) it can make many look like new, I got mine on amazon

  13. Great video. I always get lots of inspiration from your makes. I have added the Blackwood cardigan to my list for Autumn sewing!

  14. Great video lovely! The Jenna and the Oslo are both on my make list so I'll make some modifications after watching x

  15. That was great and helpful. Btw, if you're petite have you tried patterns by SBCC, especially for under 5ft4inch sewists.

  16. Thank you for a brilliant video. All the pattern details were very helpful. I am going to try the Blackwood and Jenna cardi. Doing a theme video with a few patterns of the same garment type is a super idea. Love your mum!

  17. Loved seeing your Cardigans.. Thank you!.. You gave me some inspiration to try to make one for myself.. Your Mom is adorable!

  18. Definitely a well-timed video as we are heading toward sweater weather! When I saw your first Blackwood, I was thinking "that's a familiar fit!" – I'm 4'10" and I tend to hack off 2-4" of length on all tops because I'm also very short-waisted.

    One thing I'd love your opinion on: What do you think is the ideal length for a top/blouse/t-shirt? I'm so used to wearing tunic length tops because it's just easier than shortening RTW, but they end at my widest point (38" hip); conversely, if I shorten them, it shortens my already-short torso. I feel like I just can't win, you know? I'm going to try making tops that come down to about 2" above my crotch/hip so that I can still have a longish top without everything being a default tunic. Thoughts?

  19. I love the mustard Jenna cardi, it suits you so well!
    I also really like the style of the video and found the info in your boxes really useful.

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