my honest thoughts on brandy melville & why i buy their clothes

my honest thoughts on brandy melville & why i buy their clothes

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  1. i genuinely think that brandy melville is targeted toward petite girls. like how plus size stores are targeted towards plus sized girls. i’m a very small girl and it’s hard for me to find cute clothes that comfortably fit me. i think that them saying “one size fits all” isn’t very smart of them though. back to what i was saying before, i think that more diversity in their sizes, models, and more would be absolutely amazinggg

  2. This was a super interesting video, and I definitely agree that they should expand their clothing sizes. I wonder why they haven't done that yet, especially in this day and age? Just interesting to think about!

  3. I can totally relate to this. when I first started looking into brandy I thought that their clothes we're so incredibly cute and I wanted to get some, but the sizes really threw me off and I thought I wouldn't be able to fit into them (at this point I had horrible self esteem issues) and I cried a lot. I don't necessarily think it's the fact that I thought the sizes wouldn't fit me, but the models threw me off since they were so skinny. I didn't even try the clothes on but I was certain that they wouldn't fit.
    when I started looking at their clothes again I decided to just try them and see if they would or wouldn't fit and they surprisingly did! I was really excited, since their clothing is completely in my style but way less expensive than lets say, Unif. like u said u get this confidence boost, and its not necessarily the right thing at all, since not every beautiful girl can experience that, and its especially heartbreaking if u don't think u could fit into their clothing, but u do get it.
    I agree with u on like all of ur points LOL, especially the fact that if the clothes are flattering on u and u like how u look in them u wear them u know, even if u don't necessarily agree with their sizing and how they exclude so many girls

  4. it’s hard because their clothes are so cute and are trendy but they are only aimed towards more petite people

  5. You Are Really Smart! You inspire me in someway, Shape, or Form 🙂 ❤️ I really like i guess your word concept?! that probably doesn’t make sense, But i just wanted to tell you that even if you don’t see this 😛

  6. just wanted to say most of brandy isnt one fits all its just one size. still kinda wack that they only have one size but they don’t say they fit all

  7. i fit into brandy on me it is baggy i am the same age as you and i am 74 pounds, so the clothes are baggy. I do think they need to be more diverce but i like there clothing so ya i do have mixed feelings.

  8. i think they have all plus size stores, and no one really cares abt them bcs “plus size equality!” but i like brandy melville bcs i’m really petite and brandy melville has the only belts tht have ever fit me but i do think tht if there are only plus size stores then it’s okay if there are stores for more petite women too <3

  9. It's actually their trademark or their marketing strategy, in which their target market are for those skinny girls. I know it's very upsetting that it's not for all sizes but thinking about their side, i realize that they wanted to be like that like they want their craft to be for those certain sizes only. this is for me only, uh i feel like asking them to have more sizes is idk rude? because we're like saying to an artist to change their style of art just so everyone can love their craft. u kno what i mean. we really cant push them to change it because thats how they eant their business to look like. thats all maybe im wrong but ive been pondering abt this lately and this is what i got haha.

  10. it's not "one size fits all" they just only carry one size to fit certain people which kind of sucks cause the trousers are literally so big for me

  11. My friend and I just go to the store together. she always finds things to wear and she wears a medium/large

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