MY JAPANESE HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM || Japanese High School, uniforms, rules

MY JAPANESE HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM || Japanese High School, uniforms, rules

Hello everybody! Today we’re gonna talk school uniforms. Hi and welcome back to my Exchange Year in Japan – series, where I talk about how it
was living in Japan as a high school student, living with a Japanese family and so much
more. In this episode I’m gonna tell you all about
my school uniform experience. So if you’re interested in the Japanese
school life keep watching and subscribe! School uniforms. So after I got in touch with my host family
and we exchanged some letters and emails, they sent me a list of the items I had to
get for a full set of school uniforms, both a summer and a winter one and also sports jerseys. You can buy these new in your size from the
school shop, but I didn’t wanna spend a lot of money so I borrowed a used one and
later it was gifted to me, it’s this one, although this is not the original shirt. So I could keep it in the end. That was nice. The blazer the blazer is obviously
a bit big for me the sleeves are too short though and it did not fit me very well but you
know.. There were a few little things that I had to
buy new though, like this pin with the school symbol that everyone wears and slippers that
you wear in school. When you enter the school in the morning you
take of your shoes and exchange them for slippers and put your shoes on a shelf. There are these huge shelves in the entrance
hall where everyone puts there shoes and says good morning in the morning ohayou and you
leave them there until you put them back on when you go home. Now the slippers and the sports clothes varied in colour depending on what year you’re in. The high school in Japan is 3 years and I
was placed in 2nd year when I got there. The 2nd year students wore blue, our senpais,
the older students, wore dark red and the younger 1st year students wore green. So even just walking around in the hallway
you could see if someone is older or younger than you by the colour of the slippers. When you see a senpai that you know you have
to greet them. For example from if there in the same club
as you. It was really cute, like the younger students
from the club I joined always greeted me when they saw me. That was so adorable. Now I got these used for free as well,
but my long sleeved shirt has the school name missing on the back, usually it’s written
here, and my short sleeved one, which I don’t know where it is, had this in green, so the 1st
year student colour. So yeah I always just looked a bit funny I
guess. With really big school uniform, the jersey
in the wrong colour. My blazer says ‘Yoshida’. I’m Yoshida-san Also we had short pants and long pants, they’re
huge, they’re honestly huge. You look like you’re two times bigger than
you are. During PE class I usually would wear the short
pants with the T-Shirt on the short sleeved shirt and the jacket over it so you wouldn’t
see that my T-Shirt had the wrong colour, or I would just put the long sleeved shirt
without the jacket. And during my sports club training I was always
wearing the long pants. The ties for the girls are these clip on types,
maybe they thought girls would have a hard time tying them themselves, I don’t know. They’re red with blue stripes and the boys
neckties were reversed in colour, so blue with red stripes and a little wider and the
normal ones that you have to tie yourself. Now as I mentioned before, there is a winter
and summer school uniform. The skirt for the summer is made of a lighter
material, it’s a bit thinner and not as heavy as the winter one, and there is a short
sleeved blouse for the summer, although I have to say that a lot of people just wore
their normal white shirts and the tie without the blazer and just rolled up the sleeves, like I’m wearing
right now, which also looks a lot cuter than the summer shirt I think. I usually varied between the two options. Sometimes I wore this and sometimes the proper
summer shirt. In winter I wore this knit sweater as well
and a huge scarf just to keep me warm, the sweater you had to buy outside from school
and there were a few guidelines as to what is acceptable. For example the colour could be grey, black
and cream. Something else..? I’m not sure. Also it should be a V neckline, not round. Most of the girls bought a medium or large
sized mens knit sweater, this is a men’s medium and I have to say the sleeves are still kinda
short… Dress sizes are so different from Europe. I wish I bought it in large. Tights. Tights are NOT allowed! Later I found out that nude coloured tights,
like really thin ones that you wouldn’t really see, were OK but nobody wanted to wear those
because they said that that’s what grandmas wear. So yeah, rather be cold I guess.. But black tights were an absolute no-go! Although I think it would look really good
with like dark blue, black tights, so pretty! One day a girl from 3rd year I think wore
black tights to school and it was quite a scandal, like everyone talked about it, at
least in my class, everyone I talked with that day talked about it. But Idon’t know what happened if anything happened to her, if she got scolded or something. I’m not sure. I remember when I went to school or back home
I saw girls from a different school and they had black tights as part of their uniform
and I was so jealous and it looked so cute! I think it was never below 0 when I had
to go to school, but even 5 degrees (Celsius) when you’re wearing only a skirt and you have to walk
to school for like 40 minutes it’s quite cold And on the top part of my body I was wearing so many layers like T-shirt, shirt, sweater, blazer, scarf I think I even had a coat on and I was so hot that was so weird Like really cold on your legs and then so hot Some girls wore their long track pants under
their skirt on their way to school and then took them off before school because there was always a teacher or two teachers at the school gate greeting everyone in the morning and you know, checking if the uniform was OK. Now my school was not private and
I don’t know if it was because of that, but even inside the school it was REALLY cold! We had like a portable oil heater thing in the back
of the classroom so if you were sitting right in front of it you wereliterally burning up but if
you were sitting further away from it in front of the class you didn’t feel anything. Like is there is it on? I don’t know! You didn’t feel it. Nothing Every girl brought blankets from home for class for their
legs so it would not be as cold. It was still quite cold. And what always really bugged me was seeing boys sitting in class shivering and being like
“寒い!(samui)” and I’m like what? I have to bring a blanket because my legs are naked! I know just because they were wearing pants doesn’t
mean that they weren’t cold because it was that cold in class and if you’re
just sitting there all day not moving yeah. I’m just saying in that moment I was like “OMG can you shut up!”. I had Kyudo training every day after class
so I would go home at night when it was already dark and after walking for like 40 minutes
at some point you don’t even feel the cold on your legs anymore. However! Before entering the house I always just stood there outside for a minute because it would get really painful once you get inside the warm house. Do you know this feeling when you’re hands
are incredibly cold and you wash them with not even with hot water, just moderately warm water
and it burns like hell? Yeah, that’s the feeling. On your legs. There are some rules regarding the school uniform and your outer appearance that are pretty basic and probably the same at most of the schools, but then some schools have some really crazy rules as well. At my school you shouldn’t wear makeup,
your nails shouldn’t be too long and probably not painted as well, your hair shouldn’t
be dyed and not curled the skirt shouldn’t be too short
and for the boys I think the pants shouldn’t sit too low and the shirt was supposed to
be tucked in. My school was not that strict though. There was like an examination day every now
and then where everyone gathered in the gym in the morning before class in the morning and we had to go up to the teachers one by one to be checked. Show your nails, skirt length, yeah So those days you could see people int the moning with like using black tinted hairspray to cover up their dyed hair, unrolling their skirts to their actual length
because everyone was rolling them up so they would be shorter and look cuter, and those
were the only days where I saw some of my female classmates without makeup. So apart from those days most teachers
didn’t really care if you wore makeup or not. One time I passed a teacher in the hallway
with a group of girls from my class and one of them got scolded for her perm though. “Matsuda-san, your hair is a bit too curly
isn’t it?”, but that was it. Now for the creepy stuff. A girl from New Zealand, who went to a different
school than I did, told me about some really crazy rules at her school though. Apparently she was not supposed to shave her
legs or to pluck her eyebrows. What? Now come on that’s just cruel. You have to wear a skirt but you can’t shave your legs. Also I think that “rule” is kind of invading
your personal space. But I don’t how strict they were about checking upon these rules or if they actually paid attention to who may have shaved their legs or not,
but I think we can all agree that that’s quite ridiculous and that 5 minutes more in the shower to shave your legs won’t really have a huge impact on your performance in class. There were also some club specific rules at our school, for example if you were to join the basketball club your hair can’t be longer than this I think. It was pretty short. So I would have to cut my hair and my hair was this long that time so I I would have to cut a lot The basketball teacher gave me this bag before I left the school although I did not join the basketball team so thank you Sensei, I still have it! So that’s it for today’s video, thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. Now after watching the video, let me know do they have school uniforms where you live? What rules are there and did you like wearing
a school uniform or would you have rather worn your own clothes? Let me know. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe – button
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  1. It's interesting what you said about not being allowed to wear tights. I think the school that permitted them was probably a private one and they could have been compulsory. In most state schools there's no way they'd be permitted and my guess is the nude ones are officially not OK but some girls wear them and hope nobody picks them up on it.

    You probably noticed there's a big emphasis on cuteness. The idea is if you wear a skirt and your legs are bare, you're cute. That's why girls mostly don't wear tights even if they're allowed, roll up their skirts and roll down their socks. It's supposed to be embarrassing to admit you feel the cold in your legs, you're supposed to make out you're so used to dressing that way that you enjoy it and don't feel the cold. Plus like you said when it gets cold enough your legs go numb and you feel nothing 🙂

  2. Nice video did you get a yearbook from your Japanese school and what are you going to do with your Japanese uniform

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