39 Replies to “MY MOM BUYS MY OUTFITS”

  1. The momster spending eugenias money..the clothes look great hanging off her body😢😢momster makes me sick. She's a delusional bitch

  2. Her mom literally doesn't listen to anything she says and just talks over her. She literally sounds drunk or high.

  3. she’s a literal adult… the way her mom treats her scares me.. especially watching this after Jaclyn’s video

  4. Her mother is a controlling psychopath. It’s just like Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s mother. Manipulating and just straight up weird. Eugenia if you’re reading this, I’m so proud of you for going to treatment! Now cut your ropes from your “mother”. This is not how a mother should treat their child. You deserve so much more! You aren’t alone baby!! We all love you so much🥰

  5. I don't think she's that upset but I don't think she liked the clothes. I hated when my mom tried to pick my clothes.. But the mom does seem off. Maybe she is a shop addict ..

  6. The mom reminds me how my mom talks whenever my dads family comes over. She acts all sweet to me in front of everyone, but once we aren’t in their view, she just starts yelling and getting mad. I’m just glad she gets mad at me instead of showing other people her true colors.

  7. This video is very disturbing. It's like Eugenia is the parent and she treats her mother like you would a very young child where you have to praise everything they do. Also, how did the mother not realise that everything she bought Eugenia is not even remotely her style? I've only watched a few of her vids and could of done better than this! Something is very wrong with this woman's behaviour, I just don't quite know what….

  8. Eugenia, I know it's hard for you because this is the woman who raised you but you need to face the truth, she isn't a person with good intentions. You're a 25 year old woman and she wont even allow you to have your own independence. You are a grown adult and you can do whatever you want. This woman does not own you, do not let her manipulate you. She needs therapy.

  9. I don’t know for sure if her mother is evil. She seems overly protective and maybe she refused to believe anything was wrong with her daughter.
    But on the other hand maybe she has no idea what looks good (clearly she doesn’t…) but she’s a mom and moms always pick out kind of… not our thing for us always. Especially with the alt scene they always seem to lean towards a less edgy and girly things.

  10. This is horribly disturbing…I want her to get away from her mom so bad. Sooooooo many signs of munchausen by proxy…its fucking insane. There needs to be an investigation asap before Eugenia relapses and becomes even sicker than she was before. Cause clearly her mom or anyone that she is around right now isnt gonna help her get better.

  11. Who’s here after watching Jaclyn’s video … ding ding red flags galore…making her wear outfits she’s
    Not comfy in and trying to convince her not to have her return the clothes …..

  12. Are you not allowed to get out and buy your own style of clothing That You Would like? I pray that you will be happy healthy and safe!

  13. So Eugenia’s mom reminds me so much of my mom she tried to push her opinion on me and gets very offended when I don’t agree with her when I’m with her it’s hard to be myself and I feel like I’m walking on eggshells and sometimes I don’t even realize that I just don’t feel I can tell her things I can’t imagine living with only my mom my whole life my parents were married till I was 18 and then I lived with my dad if I’d lived with my mom life would be completely different I see it with my son she tries to control everything when it comes to him and she doesn’t want me around so she can control everything she literally won’t listen to me and we get in huge fights because she does things agains my wishes I think the way she treats him is how Eugenia’s mom treats her it’s scary to see the parallels I can see why Eugenia became anorexic as a kid I was bullied and very into anime and comics and also very suicidal I dreamed about how ways to kill myself I thought about it a lot thankfully I had my dad who would always step in at the right moments and remind me why i should live and my good friends who always were there it wasn’t easy but I’m a mom and a lot happier i hope Eugenia gets better I pray for her

  14. Poor Eugenia when she’s trying to tell her mom (VERY GENTLY) that she doesn’t want to keep the clothes and her mom just changes the subject? It’s sad like Eugenia is trying to make her mom happy and all her mom cares about is making herself happy

  15. The way she rolls her eyes after she exaggeratedo says hi in that fake happy voice is disturbing and very telling….

    I love you Eugenia. I was abused and controlled by my mom too. It's possible to escape her control, I promise. I believe in you.

  16. People need to fuck off. Stop talking shit about her mom. You don't know her mother and you are only hearing one side of the story. Also, some ppl will prbly say " but what about what the mother said to jaclyn blahblah she called the cops on her for getting her daughter help blah blah Controlling blah blah" ….this is a very complex and scary situation (many people don't and can't trust outside sources due to their past experiences) and some people have poor emotional impulse control…especially in intense and hard to predict scenarios…that doesn't make someone evil. We all struggle with something so instead of making Eugenia and her family suffer more, BACK OFF. There's thousands of the same fucking comments..just regurgitated bullshit. Leave the poor girl and her mother alone.

  17. Mom is "off".Let her grow up mom. She needs control of her own life! Keep healing Eugenia, you're doing great!

  18. Please get her mom away from her, that woman CLEARLY has Münchhausen by proxy.

    Please take good care of yourself Eugenia, you deserve so much better, and no one can give you that but you. Stand up for yourself and love yourself as we love you, even a little more. You're doing great so far! Keep it going <3

  19. Ugh this reminds me of how my controlling mom would buy me clothes(that i didn’t ask for) and make me try them on. If I said I didn’t like it, she would always guilt trip me saying “why don’t you like it?? I spent money on this.” I feel like it might be the same for Eugenia.

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