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  1. that "tech" is old and the quality is good if you don't wear and wash the t shirt after you get it, it forms cracks all over the print after a few uses and washes

  2. You got a sub from me. This is awesome especially considering cost breakdown.

    Was that your bad photoshop or the first coat of white with the last print, your hair and white around the edges?

  3. Dumb mother fuckers!!! why are you pissing all over your printing equipment wtf!!! Are you doing by putting your equipment by the fucking toilet so when you piss it dont splash on everything microscopically sick mother fuckers never buy any shirts from this shithole!!!

  4. I use to work for epson as a technical specialist when these printer where in their pre production phase. The single major drawback was the print consumption and price point. In addition we saw several modified printers with custom cartridges designed with 3d printers from places like India being use to achieve the same desired results. Epson products are solid, but the print consumable material are the biggest drawback as it can cut into your bottom line.

  5. What are you going to do when Demand are in high volume and you have a short period of time? Are these machine affordable to Obtain and replace your current process?

  6. I used to do DTG and it’s definitely not going to take over. Screen printing is still the way to go when doing shirts, dtg is nice for doing single shirts with more like 7 or 8 colors. They are still very new
    . Good luck

  7. what is it like after washing etc. are these the prints that end up cracking… the old way was better like embedded into the garment rather than a print on top like a decal that as said ends up cracking or peeling…

  8. Wow ,thank's you've just solve my questions. I shall be calling you and asking for pointers.

  9. Whhhaaaaaa…??? Dude, DTG has been around since 05. I had to date check your video post. Fact check first. Also, DTG will never completely take over screen. DTG is great for small run full detail. Screening is still drastically better for large run, simple color. DTG is is a crazy growing industry thou, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Good luck to yah! Also, check out RTPapparel for pre-pretreated tees. Cut out the PT step!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So you're telling me that I need an expensive machine to spray something on a t-shirt? Love how he got stumped about the pre-heat part too. All over priced crap if you ask me.

    LOL at around 8:04 he talks about there being a production setting. So basically he's selling lies because he's printing off a high resolution t-shirt and then selling an inferior quality product in the name of speed. Oh boy this 3D printing for t-shirts gets better and better every minute.

    You're joking yourself if you think 1 of these machines is faster than making 4 screens and having 4 employee's going hard.

  11. DTG printers VS manual/auto screen printers is very similar to digital paper printing vs press paper printing. There is a trade off point in quantity where digital printing 1. Is slower and 2. Is more costly, where using a press with a longer setup that has an initial setup fee, substrate cost, & ink cost can actually overcome the cost and time of digital. I’d personally say to keep the manual screen printer in addition with the DTG printers. Many paper print shops such as the one I work at have digital printers and also presses, my work has 2 HP Indigos, a 5 color Heidelberg, a 2 color Heidelberg, and a 2 color Halm jetpress. This allows us to take both small and massive jobs and use the equipment that can get the job out the door the fastest.

    I’d actually recommend that you get one of the big carousel screen printers you put the screen, ink, and shirts in then it prints, you take the shirt off and it’s done

  12. As an Epson Tech; these guys show off the machine and process very well. these machines are good for one off's (not high production). the only thing is you don't need to heat press the shirt after the images is on the shirt, you can let it cool for 48 hours and the colors will come out more vivid; however heat pressing it allows you to complete the shirt instantly. for life of the shirt: Please remember for any shirt with a image regardless on how it's produce it normally only last 100-150 washes (IE without major cracks or flakes), to make it life last longer turn the shirt inside out when washing.

  13. It would be a buy, if you were willing to move to a high traffic area (think: malls), where you could offer to print one-off pictures, such as selfies for passers-by, promising a t-shirt ready to pick up in half an hour. ("Print while you shop! Pick up your new shirt after you leave the store!") Also, don't forget about your fellow salespeople at neighboring shops. They could bring you pictures of featured products, and wear them around their shop until the promotion is over. They might even have you print multiple copies to sell to customers (Merchandising the merchandise!) The bottom line is it would have to be a high-traffic area, focusing on unique prints and quick turn-arounds. That's where this printer will excel. At every holiday, you would probably sell 20-40 shirts a day. 100 shirts a day at the major holiday(s) for a week solid. (I hope you can go long periods without sleep!) With such a high-traffic area, I think you could pay back your entire loan and make 100% profit on top.

  14. So I have already seen many comments on this.. and I don’t want to discourage! DTG has its place. But you have to determine yours. I’ve owned a shop coming up on 10 years now. You’re operating a small manual press. And that’s how everyone should start. But from there the market branches off. DTG shirts are great for individual shirts and small runs 1-10 shirts. But once you hit 12or more you’re much faster and more efficient with an automatic screen printing machine. If you’re looking at doing individual shirts and photos and things DTG is the leader. Worth noting however, Amazon is about to completely monopolize the DTG market because they have the money too. I would urge you to think about 1 market type you want. If you want to do one offs and sell single or small runs for higher profit great. But you’ll eventually get ran off by Amazon or be one of the few that make it. Alternatively think efficiency. If someone called you for a photo like the bear to be printed and they need 24, even with me having to set up spot process screens it’s be more efficient. Than all those steps it takes to produce each shirt. 2 minutes of print time isn’t bad for one shirt. And you don’t have set up. But it only takes me about an hour to do all set up. Then the run would take 10 minutes. For about 24 shirts. Again not to discourage! Just think you should think of all the possibilities. However! If you wanna come out and film my shop and get a feel for large production automated screen printing feel free! 😆

  15. The industry is well aware buddy hahaha. every screen printer has a dtg printer for different applications

  16. no one talked about how the ink hold up to the wash..
    are these shirts with ink disposable? like the ones you buy at the boardwalk…

  17. I can't stand these types of videos. Look at what I bought, or am about to buy… thanks youtube suggestions!

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