this is supposed to be the only fabric
all of the entire year will I make it welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing if you’ve seen my video
announcing the challenge not to buy fabric for this entire year then you’ll
also know I allowed myself to purchase about a hundred and fifty dollars worth
of fabric a sort of a Fat Tuesday for my fabric buying obsession and then after
that nothing so I tried to plan out some projects that I wanted to do this year
and I’ll talk about that in another video but I tried to at least buy
fabrics that I thought I would need this year so during one of my last live shows
I showed you some purse fabric that I got from so sweetness so this order is
from a company called fabric wholesale direct and I was kind of blown away by
the prices they were pretty low and you got free shipping if you spent over $75
which I did so let’s open up this box and I will show you what I ordered and
up on the screen I’m gonna try to flash my order so you can see specifically
what items I had and I will link where you can purchase this below and they
have this whole program like refer-a-friend so the link below is for
my like refer-a-friend account and I guess if you refer friends and they
purchase fabric too you get some points that you can use to help you buy fabric
in the future so if you guys do end up purchasing through my link at the end of
the year I will do set of a status update sharing how many points I earned
and then I’m going to use all of the points to buy fabric and then I’m gonna
share them with you in a huge haul or it could be like a no haul we don’t know
yet so if you’re interested and you want to use my refer friend link you can you
don’t have to but I just thought it would be sort of funny to see how many
points I could accumulate and then use that to do a haul so that will be the
first haul of 2019 if anybody uses the refer-a-friend link so thank you in
advance alright so let’s see what is in here here’s another thing I could do
what if I like you guys choose the fabric that I
purchased with those refer friend points since you guys helped me get the fabric
then you guys can help me choose the fabric too so I think that’d be kind of
funny I thought I’d get out of my comfort zone a little bit I went with
this crystal organza now a lot of the people that we’re ordering this on the
site we’re using it to make like Disney Princess costumes for the kids I mean
that sounds cool I could make a Disney elephant for myself right it’s kind of
sparkly but it doesn’t have glitter on it to like get all over the place it’s
actually pretty neat and I read that it was pretty easy to sew it was only like
a dollar 99 yards so I felt like that was pretty good deal all right
and okay this looks pretty neat alright I’m liking this and I also have a very
similar color of tulle maybe I could kind of team that up with that and ooh I
was very intrigued by this stretched taffeta it was 399 yards so I got it in
a few different colors I got lilac gold in black and I can’t wait for you guys
to see the other fabric I ordered ooh this feels pretty nice okay it feels and
you know for the price I kind of thought it would look cheap but it actually
looks pretty this stuff looks kind of high-end I’m I am pleasantly surprised
it’s pretty stretchy but it’s not super stretchy so you could definitely use
this sort of as a woven I could make some really cute tops out of this fabric
or maybe like a dress and I want to kind of team up the crystal organza with this
maybe I’ll also throw in the toll and make some like crazy outfit where people
will think I’m insane I don’t know alright here is the taffeta in the gold
alright this is all right I gotta be honest this gold is not the shade that I
thought it was gonna be it’s a little more brownish that I thought the colors
just not exactly what I expected but it’s still very usable it’s a little
more Brown than I was thinking it would be alright and here it is in the black
okay so this is the black taffeta and there goes a flyer well okay that
seriously just sailed right into the wastebasket
so good good good accent a little timing there but I was thinking of maybe doing
like I don’t know maybe a dress out of it or like a skirt or something cool
maybe like a little like suit action who knows originally I was looking to get
the stretch mesh fabric in gold but it said it was out of stock so I ordered
black and one of the customer service reps emailed me and said the black was
out of stock but they did say they had gold so I was like you know I’ll take
gold okay so this is sequin fabric and it looks pretty it looks like it’ll be
pretty easily syllable I was not expecting it to have this finished edge
so that is an unexpected surprise in a good way I think I paid 899 for this and
it’s slightly stretchy but it’s not super stretchy so I think it’ll actually
go pretty well with the stretch taffeta and the colors when we put these two
together the colors match pretty spot-on in 2018 there is definitely gonna be a
gold outfit of some type involving this stretch taffeta and this gold sequin
mesh I’m pretty happy with this fabric I think it looks good and it looks like
it’ll be pretty easy to sew without a lot of problems so I think this is a
really good purchase and I think this is very pretty fabric I’m very happy all
right and I got a couple other things because I’m probably gonna need new
drawers I ordered a few yards of knit Jersey fabric and I think it’s cotton
it’s like a cotton spandex blend it was like $4.99 a yard so and I they all of
this stuff had really good reviews so I felt pretty comfortable ordering so I
got two yards of some things and then like one yard of the pink so this okay
so one note there is some like as I’m looking through the fabrics you’re gonna
have to like lint roll it cuz it’s got some random stuff on it I mean the
quality looks good and for the price you know it’s a really good deal but yeah
there is like some random stuff on it every once in a while it feels very
comfortable I think it’ll make good underwear and you know maybe I can make
a t-shirt out of it I do still have like a little bit of knit fabric left so I
have some options but I am overall pretty happy with this stuff okay
here’s some random yeah so I mean this stuff must be sitting with other fabrics
because it’s got like you’ll see some like random stuff on it but the quality
seems pretty good and particularly like the more like luxurious fabrics the
these they look higher-end so I think that’s pretty I’m pretty satisfied so
far all right and then I ordered some new fabrics that I’ve not ordered before
I got this I’m gonna maybe try to make a bathing suit so I got this power mesh in
blush which is actually very okay this is very pretty so I was maybe gonna use
this as a bathing suit lining if I can you know I guess you can also use this
to make underwear or bras so I could technically make bras out of some of
this stuff and then I got this fabric meant to possibly be like a bathing suit
or something okay this is a very interesting feeling this stuff for sure
needs lint rolling but the quality seems good I just I’m a little bit worried
about this fabric it does look like it has a potential to snag so we’ll have to
see but I might my original thought for this was a bathing suit maybe I was
gonna try to make a bathing suit but I am more happy with the power mesh I
think this was I want to say this was 399 a yard and then the lycra fabric
this was one of the more expensive ones this was $7.99 a yard and then the gold
mesh sequined fabric was eight 99 yards so those were the two most expensive
fabrics I’m not sure how I feel about this it does look like it would work for
a bathing suit it this also looks like it would be good for like maybe like a
leotards or like dance type outfits or something it might also work for brink
it would also work for bras too so I was maybe thinking about getting the Watson
bra and like panty pattern and maybe trying to do that we’ll see but yeah so
this is what order from fabric wholesale direct I’ll get some better shots of
this as well so you can see overall I think if I had to give this company a
rating on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them an 8 I think the quality and
the price of the fabrics excellent some of the fabric though has
some random stuff on it so I’m taking a point off for that yeah and some of the
fabrics I’ll woman take I’m gonna take another point out because the way they
were depicted on the website it was a little bit different than what I had
pictured so overall I think it I think a score of eight is pretty generous what
do you guys think have you ordered from fabric wholesale direct before if not
what are your favorite online fabric stores let me know but yeah this is
gonna be my only supposedly my only fabric haul of the year due to my fabric
ban if you’d like to join me you are welcome to or you don’t have to I know
that might be a little bit difficult but we’ll see what I’m gonna make with this
stuff but hopefully I can make good use of this fabric and the fabric I already
own if you enjoyed this video and you love sewing or if you’re interested in
sewing feel free to subscribe to the Sewing Report I do a live show every
Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time and I will see you guys again next time you

24 Replies to “My Only Fabric Haul of 2018??? | FABRIC WHOLESALE DIRECT | SEWING REPORT”

  1. Sorry, I enjoy buying fabric too much to not do it 😀😊😊. Mind you, Australian prices are at least double what you pay, so that rather limits what I can buy. Looking forward to seeing what you see this year.

  2. I think I will join you in buying fabric with the caveat, I can buy only buy 8 yards the entire year. One of the joys of being petite as you know, you can get a size 16-18 dress at goodwill and have enough fabric to make a muslin. Closed captioning was on when I watched this and it told me you bought 399 yards of one of the fabrics and in another vlog there was apple cake. ( applique).

  3. I sewed a skirt and shirt for my daughter with the crystal organza and stretch taffeta and they looked really upscale for the price. Great haul!

  4. I have enjoyed ordering from Fabric Wholesale Direct a couple of times – they have expanded their range of fabric types over the last couple of years. I get the feeling they began their business catering to event planners who needed huge yardages for venue decoration, and are not introducing more apparel options. The fabric always seems to wash well and I will use them again in the future. Thanks for the video I look forward to your makes from what you bought.

  5. Can not wait to see what you make. I have ordered from them in the past their prices are good. I order the most from Fabric mart. I love their specials on designer fabrics. I really like the t-shirt fabric you are wearing 👍

  6. I understand! My New Year's Resolution for 2018 is not to buy fabric (I have so much!). I am worried about where I'm going to get backing fabric for my quilt tops, though. So for so good, but it's only Jan. 20!

  7. Really nice review, I love seeing other people's fabric hauls, as I am into not buying fabric in 2018 too, So I was really happy when a lady at church today told me she had two more bags of fabric for me, she gave me a bag last sunday and it was ful of wonderful fabric so I really look forward to see what is in these bags, I am working on two new skirts for work, and I am also sewing up a couple of muslins for my sewing class to try out before they cut into their fine and very expensive fabrics.

  8. I bought some Power Mesh from Fab. Wholesale Direct last year. I have a shapewear pattern from Nancy's Notions, including a tummy-control slip. I was happy with the fabric and service–haven't gotten around to sewing anything with that Power Mesh yet. One of these days….

  9. Jennifer, do you mind sharing where you purchased the pink fabric for the shirt you are wearing in the video? It's super cute! Thanks for posting this video, I've never heard of Fabric Wholesale so I'm going to check them out. There's no way I could go a whole year without buying fabric… not sure I could even go a whole week lol

  10. I've purchased from fabric wholesale direct quite a few times before, I usually order swatches first because their pictures are not always color accurate! I'm happy with the prices I pay there but their shipping takes forever and I always get really annoyed by that haha. I have to plan a bit in advance if I'm going to shop there!

  11. I love the fabrics you picked out. I have never heard of this fabric store before though. I also never buy fabric online without first ordering a swatch either. Unless it has patter then I will order a yard because I want to see how the pattern is laid out and a little 3" swatch isn't going to show that.
    I'm looking forward to see what you make, especially with the gold fabric.

  12. Thank you everyone for watching! Wanted to share that this YouTube demonetization / changes in the YouTube partner program will affect James and me – our channel Moore Approved is shy over 100 subscribers.
    If you enjoy certain small YouTube creators I'd encourage you to show them some love and watch, comment, subscribe, and share their videos! It's becoming harder to succeed on this platform – especially for new channels.
    Sharing my thoughts here:

  13. Please record the bathing suit if you get around to it. I’m currently trying to start a bathing suit line and it’s very hard to find information on it visually. Please and Thank you.

  14. You might want to test the fabric before you sew a bathing suit. I've heard horror stories of fabric turning sort of transparent when wet. The fabric is lovely. It'd be good to see how stretchy– what percentage of stretch–each fabric has.

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