My own clothing brand!

My own clothing brand!

It is so cold. It is 5 fucking degrees. Good morning, if you see this, or rather good morning from me. Boah, my nose. We have 7:26 AM, I’m doing an obligatory walk and „Hi” to the new video. and sorry, that you haven‘t heard from me for such a long time. But it is simply too sick what has happened the last time. Boah, my nose, well, I mean, I will survive, Woah, cold! Well.. why haven‘t you heard such a long time from me, or rather the most sickest news ever.. I start my own fashion brand. I established my own business, I‘m gonna lunch my own brand on the market. This is so sick.. This is really crazy. I would never never have thought that possible. Well, maybe you know this, that you always had imagine and wished something and stuff like that. That you think you can’t do this, it won’t work and you find thousand reasons why it won’t work. And I always thought, I don‘t care why not, but I‘ll do and see, yeah… I don‘t know. That feels totaly surreal. Well, that is really. That’s so crazy! Well.. why I‘m doing this.. is because, it is so, I mean, I‘ve posted it in my story, maybe you watched it. There are hardly any clothes with which I am 100 percent satisfied. Women’s clothes anyway. And yes.. don’t know, always this shopping in the men’s department, which is definitely a bit cooler from the point of view of the cut, because it’s just a bit more casual, but then somehow it’s also a bit barrel-shaped for a woman. And it’s always fucked me up, since I was little. And now I’ve had one or two things happen, I’ve been busy, looking for cool people to fit me. And, ehm, now a dream is coming true for me, which in any case is connected with a lot of risk and everything. But I’m really up for it, because I think that’s what you are for, somehow everyone has his purpose of existence. And to experience this now is definitely really sick. I’m really hungry to take you on this journey. What has happened so far: first of all I have found my textile producer, with whom I can do all this. Means: I say the cuts, the colours the kind of fabric.. So material, everything.. and I found a super super guy. I have registered my company at a notary, opened a business account. Tt’s all so crazy. Tax consultant, all the stuff you need. Yeah, it’s so weird. It’s so dope, it’s so dope. I have on my, respectively 3 jobs, in my main job I have now shortened the hours, so that the focus can be simply on this foundation. Now I have to take the other arm, how exhausting exactly, that has happened so far. What follows now, we have as said fabrics and so, everything is discussed. Now the fabric is being produced, dyed, and then a sample is being created. We start with shirts and hoodies. They will then be tested by me. Say I put them on, mostly you need 2 to 3 samples. Sometimes maybe 4, until it’s 100 percent what you want. But that’s what I want, to 100 fucking percent I want what I want. Yeah, and then.. Oah, that’s crazy. Ehm yes exactly, and if this sample stands, then is produced and presumably is dropped November/December. So you can rejoice hard, I want to have 100 percent something where women can say: Great, I don’t have to go to the men’s department anymore, awesome cuts, awesome quality. Especially not so prime, H&M and Zara. But really something that you like to wear and wear for a long time. Cool style. Yes, ehm, I’ve stopped at what’s coming now. I need my online shop, I need a logistics process, I have to register my brand. So lawyer visits and so on. So it’s really sick, it’s really sick. And I’m really in the mood to let you participate, because, yes, through this whole Instagram story about what you certainly ended up here with me and with youtube, ehm, that’s what made it possible in the first place. I get so blatantly many messages every day, where I get my clothes from, what sizes I have, where I shop etc. And at some point, I saw for myself that this is an incredible chance to realize myself. It is crazy ey, it’s so crazy.. – My nose is still on it, yes exactly. – My own brand. My own clothes. It’s sick. It’s just sick. I’m so, so, so excited! I hope you too! I hope you are happy too. Tell me what you think. I’ve thought about it for so long. I thought about it every day. Since a 3/4 year always more concretely each day on it worked. It is crazy, it is crazy. I hope you’re up for it. Let me know. Tell me your thoughts. It will be outstanding! I swear to you! Everything I’ve got, I’ll dig into it. It is so much new ground that I explore, of which I have no idea. 1.000 new experiences, I will probably make 1.000 mistakes. But what is super important to learn. And yes, I am really, really happy. I hope – look how relaxed – despite my foot-slurping you understood me. I’m so excited! That is not true yet. I will take you in any case on the journey. Instagram, YouTube, everything. See you next time. Leave me your feedback. And.. bye!

27 Replies to “My own clothing brand!”

  1. Ich bin total gespannt die fertigen Klamotten zu sehen! Ich wünsche dir alles gute auf deinem Weg und hoffe das du erfolgreich mit deinem Unternehmen wirst. ☺️💕

  2. Ich freue mich so für dich, du strahlst einfach nur das ganze video durch. Ich freu mich das du diesen Schritt wagst und bin dann schon jetzt gespannt auf den Shop. Mach weiter so (vergiss aber nicht etwas an dich selbst zu denken bei dem ganzen Stress).

  3. *Video Titled: My New Clothing Line. Hey there Anna Kaffernik. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! This is proof, that if you have a dream. And you, work hard to make that dream come true, as you have. The skies the limit. I wish you much success, on this new venture. I'm sure the Kaffernick name, will sell very well. Take Care💖

  4. Meeegaaa🎉🎉 schön wie sehr du dich freust und dahinter stehst, ich wünsch dir ganz ganz viel Erfolg damit! Endlich richtig coole Klamotten, ich freu mich 🙂

  5. 🎉 Congrats! Tolle Nachrichten! Magst du deine Journey auch mal ein bisschen aus der Gründungsperspektive beleuchten? Würde mich riesig interessieren! Aber genieße erst mal diesen tollen Start 👍🏼

  6. Mega cool! 😀 Genau nach sowas bin ich schon lange auf der Suche.
    Sag mal, wie hast du das vorher gemacht, wenn du gesponserte Posts auf Insta hattest? Du hast ja in dem Video gesagt, dass du erst jetzt eine Firma angemeldet hast?

  7. Yes! Super News! Ich kenn das so mit Frauen- und Männerabteilungen. Find echt cool, dass du eigene Klamotten rausbringst! Hype ist da!! Freu mich so für dich!
    Das wird echt nice!

  8. Du bist einfach so so sympathisch und authentisch. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und viel Erfolg für deinen Start! Mach weiter so. Bin echt schon seeeehr gespannt was da alles auf uns zukommen wird 👌🏼.

  9. Never ever in die Männerabteilung again und keine schrägen Blicke. Ich kauf den Shop leer haha. Hype ist auf jeden Fall vorhanden. Viel viel Erfolg mit deinem Brand😁

  10. Wow!! Ich freu mich wahnsinnig für dich 🙏🏼 du hast es so sehr verdient und ich bin wirklich gespannt drauf. Respekt an dich für deinen Mut. Wenn man sieht wie viel Zeit, Energie und Leidenschaft du dort reinsteckst kann das nur gut gehen ☺️

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