My Princess Costume Collection …After the Robbery

My Princess Costume Collection …After the Robbery

Hey guys! Today I’m going to give you
something that a lot of people have requested. So many people have wanted to
see all of our princess costumes wigs and such and so this is something that
even like TV stations and stuff have asked to do and previously we said no.
If you don’t follow me on Instagram or snapchat you already know it kind of
explains why I can show this to you now So I had actually planned to be recording a
singing tutorial series for you. I was actually in the process of
looking over all the stuff I do today and I’m like okay I gotta get ready and
record this video. Derek actually came back upstairs and said that we had been
robbed. People broke in and I never really told people this before or showed
anybody this ever on video partially to prevent theft. We actually had a series
of four they were originally storage units to kind of finished them and make
them really nice that our in our building so they’re inside. We just
kind of had this hallway that we took over it was really cute down there. We
put a lot of work into it. They only got into one of the four units, so thankfully
we had backup costumes in there. In addition to that, we had a lot of my sound
equipment. or instance a really large like stage speaker was my personal one. So there was another big bag of sound equipment that had, which I’m a little
sad, ’cause there was a microphone in there that we’ve had a really long time I always
associated it was my mom. She used to be a piano teacher. And I always associate that mic
with recording her and we also used it To record me when I was little so I was
sad that they took that just um more for sentimental reasons. And then I I think
my harp tuners were in there, too. So I was just very sad that a lot of my stuff
for a live performing was taken. Thankfully some of my new recording equipment
is upstairs here in my apartment with me so they didn’t get all of it. And they took the
Barbie wig like I’m like okay… it’s like not even a fancy wig. There were
really nice wigs in there and were like styled super nice, and the Barbie wig, I
didn’t even style it. It’s this cheap like I don’t know like, $40 wig, and they took that
one so I’m like okay I least if you’re gonna take one of the wigs you took that
one, but what’s weird they took it off the styrofoam head. Look! I got it. Okay
they took the wig off the styrofoam head and [Sarah gibberish] and left the
styrofoam head so okay? like I just find that really weird. So it was this mad
dash we have before it gets dark we have to everything out. So I was like I guess I
am NOT filming my singing tutorial today. But as you’ll see as I give you the tour,
princesses I’ve taken over the living room. I’ve never shown this to
anybody before. I even had TV crews here asking to see all the stuff, but because
they were in the storage unit and we didn’t want people seeing and putting it
out there where they all were, um, we said no and would maybe, like, bring a couple costumes up.
So you guys are going to be the first ones to see this, and I can show you because we’re
moving all of this stuff. It is not staying in our apartment. We’re
probably not staying in our apartment after all of these shenanigans.
Alright, so are you ready? Let’s gets started! We’re gonna take you on a tour of all of
our costumes now. I wanted to do this in the daytime, but I attempted this the first
time. I thought I would just hold the camera myself and do it, and that was a terrible idea,
so now, thank you, Derek. He’s going to be videoing me doing it, but it is in the
dark. So over here right now we have a lot of wigs. Everything from
lots of snow queens, mermaids, ice princesses, Belle, Alice,
Pocahontas. Things galore all in here. Princesses travel with the stuff of
course and they might need a trunk or a basket for that. And also we have tiaras
galore. These are cubbies where our while people are out They can leave their
human clothes, as Derek call them, out. They can leave them in here during the day. They might
need wig pins or bobby pins or a little clear rubber bands or big bobby pins or
white bobby pins or big black bobby pins. More wigs. It’s funny because this is
like a really nice wig and it was in the same unit where they stole the cheap-y
Barbie wig. Here’s just a lot of, like, storage stuff so everything from huge box of
business cards to some add-ons to… This is one of many, many Dum Dums. Extra of some
of fabric. So this, I’ll show you, is some of the underneath side of the layers
in the mermaid sparkle gown. It’s one of my favorites because if you spin in it with
this sheer layer of organza. It like kind of shines on the fabric and
it makes it look like bubbles. Anyway, in here usually we what call our first princess
is actually out on the couch right now because Derek is making some costume
repairs to it. Behind that… fun one. Oooo we actually have a new necklace that is
on the way so we can check the mail and see if it’s here. So this and sparkle mermaid. These are my two
favorites. Belle! Oh my goodness. I’m obsessed with this fabric and like all the
details on it. Even, like, the… Let me show you even the lace has like these amazing like
glitter rhinestone things on it. It just makes me happy. And the skirt is huge and heavy and
as is the hoop. Same details top and the bottom because it’s all of course matching made
from the same fabric. And behind door number three… Our ice princess here. The
embroidery on this is amazing and not only do I love the embroidery, one of my
favorite parts about it is it has this built-in petticoat, so it’s just so
fun to spin around and I love it. And this is so soft. So I bet you can
guess who is in here by these lovely silvery blue gloves and headband.
Cinderelly! Oh my goodness this dress I love it. It’s super super poofy and amazing
and just like you walk in a room with a big amazing ball gown and everybody
automatically like, “Cinderella!” Who is next? who is next?
Oh! My favorite. Here… it’s a mermaid. So here we have a tail with, oh it’s really
cute, this is the top; this is the bottom. We have two different sizes of
shells. I’m going to make a terrible joke. The A shells and the C shells. [dorky laughter] Derek’s not laughing. Capes. Skirt options,
multiple skirt options, multiple undershirt options. And here is a
fabulous corset. All of these were sewn on by hand. You can see these
amazing patterns in them so it looks like snowflake and there’s even
snowflakes at the top and it’s the boning and how heavy and like solid this
is, it feels like you’re wearing armor. And then lots of coats in case it’s
cold since we are in Colorado. Petticoats so these are not hoops they’re just like
mid-level petticoats, so they go under like Sleeping Beauty for instance. Speaking of
Sleeping Beauty, this outfit kind of feels like you are in a straitjacket
when you’re wearing it because the sleeves
keep your arms down. You can only move them up to about here, and so that feels…
great. So this one is really fun I don’t never get to wear it but super
sparkly. Oh, here’s some fun trim. I love this. Derek sewed all this on
himself. Speaking of Derek, he sewed this costume himself without a sewing machine.
You have Pocahontas in here. Little necklace, and he sewed this by his hands with a
needle and a thread and I think we can just say that he was being really
authentic because Pocahontas wouldn’t have had a sewing machine. Oh Alice! Alice in Wonderland. She’s got her own little short little petticoat in here so she’s
all ruffly. Scottish princess not that terribly exciting. This is that one I was
telling you about with the super sparkles underneath and when you spin because of the
skirt — here’s some skirt — it looks like bubbles and it’s amazing and it’s just
fun to wear it. This top here, and we even have this resin seashell I had someone else make
the resin for me, but then there’s a 102 Swarovski crystals on here that I
put on myself. They’re not glue they’re actually bonded on with like this
bonding adhesive. It was so intense that little strings actually like got on my
hand and gave me mild chemical burns. Oh! Another fun one. So we’ve got in here… It’s coronation
day! This is actually a costume I had before I ever even thought
I would have Princess Ever After as a company. Casual mermaid dress
here. It was originally just for me just for fun so I was not anticipating that other
people would need to wear it. And finally Ahh, just like, the most classic of them all.
We’ve got one more rack and then some shoes. This rack was actually in the room
that the people broke in. People? I don’t know if it was people or person. So most
of this is back up stuff. So… back up shirts, old Halloween costume, back up
skirts — actually this is a new skirt. It has purple on the inside.
We just haven’t rotated it in yet. Actually one of the fancier capes ’cause this
one’s really long so we try only send it out to like events that we know will be
indoors. Another back up old Snow Queen outfit here. This is old Rapunzel. We have a
new Rapunzel. Oh. This is the new Rapunzel. This has really pretty embroidery on
instead of the sewn on applique. And, ahhh, I just love it. It’s just so fresh
clean and new and lovely, and I really like it. Back-up Cinderella. Derek says
this looks like a bed sheet [laughs]. I think he’s right. This is going to be the Latina Princess.
And some Tinkerbell wings. Tinkerbell’s in here but
it’s just green. The wings are the cool part. And finally have some shoes. We’ve got some
Tinkerbell shoes. We have more of these shiny Snow Queen shoes than you could ever
possibly know what to do with ’cause we have so many different sizes. Oh I love these little
toes. Rapunzel shoes — these are awesome They’re so comfortable and they’re like the
exact same color [as the dress]. Boots for ice princess. These right here I actually just freshly
repainted some of these, so we’ve got those there. Alright so that is our princess
collection. Thank you so much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the tour
of our princess costumes and wigs that are surrounding me. The singing tutorial
will be coming up. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you
next time. The thief took the fashion doll, or “Barbie” wig, right off the
head and left the head. Someone’s running around out there pretending to be Barbie.

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  1. Aww I'm really sorry people stole from you! My neighbors stole from my family when I was younger and it was an awful feeling! But I'm glad you are able to move and I hope you love your new place! ✨🌸😊

  2. Hey 🙂 its lucybirchtree_ from instagram, we messaged a while ago xx i hope you are felling okay xxx

  3. Sorry you were robbed, girl! Glad they didn't get the bulk of your costumes. I just got the same new Punz costume. It's coming next month and it's my first piece from that commissioner! I can't wait. <3

  4. so sorry to hear about the robbery! I'm very glad you are alright and that the majority of your princess wardrobe wasn't taken! (I'm in loooooove with that Elsa bodice, holy moly!!) Sending positive vibes for your upcoming move!

  5. So you know how Elsa has to be called the Snow Queen for legal reasons Rapunzel should be the Hair Princess

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