My Shoe Collection & Men’s Dress Shoes Beyond The Basics – Gentleman’s Gazette

My Shoe Collection & Men’s Dress Shoes Beyond The Basics – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, I give you a glimpse into
my shoe collection including all my dress shoes and everything I wear on a regular basis. This is something a lot of subscribers have
asked about and we’re happy to oblige. In my opinion, this should be the minimal
shoe collection of every man out there! No, just kidding! Honestly, I have a lot of shoes and I got
a lot of them for free sent by companies. If I had to buy each and every shoe, probably
my collection would be a lot smaller. Alright, let’s start with our monk straps. I have six pairs in my collection. The first one is a monk strap from Herring
shoes, it’s Goodyear welted with a gold buckle, it goes well with brown and green outfits. Second one is a hand grade from Crockett and
Jones, it has broguing on it which is unusual, it’s a hand grade model which means it’s higher
in quality and it has a silver buckle, could be worn casually and with a business suit. The third one is a slightly darker tan with
1/2 brogue medallion, it’s from Ace Marks, also with a silver buckle. Now we’re talking double monks. This is a dark chocolate brown one with a
cap toe from Shoe Passion, it’s Goodyear welted, I think made in Spain. This black double monk strap from Ace Marks
is Blake rapid stitched with silver buckles and it goes well with outfits such as formal
business suits that usually call for black Oxfords. The other monk strap is likewise from Ace
Marks and has a nice oxblood or burgundy red color likewise silver buckles, and I really
like the last, it really works well for my foot and so I like to combine it with a lot
of different outfits. Alright, next up is my Oxford collection. Let’s start with the black Oxfords. This is the very first pair of black oxford
I had in my collection and I still have it today. I bought it used, it was a Church’s and at
that time, it was a very high-end quality model, it was before the Prada times and the
cool part about it is that it has a linen lining rather than the leather lining. I always found that to be more comfortable
than all leather. This shoe has been resold many many times
and reheeled and you can see the leather is a little more crackling simply because it
has a lot of wear on it. The next black oxford is likewise a captoe,
I had a rubber sole added for the rain, it’s from Cheaney which at the time was part of
Church’s but it’s a very old shoe so it’s not the same Cheaney as you know today. Both the Church and the Cheaney were Goodyear
welted made in England. This shoe here is made in Spain, it’s a little
more contemporary, it’s still a cap toe Oxford but I’m wearing it with red shoelaces from
Fort Belvedere and you can see there’s a slightly different cut. I think it’s made by Andrew Lock. Next up is a quarter brogue with just some
broguing on the cap toe, it’s very subtle but makes it a little less formal. I think it’s a very nice business shoe, has
a nice last, it’s made by Pediwear Goodyear welt in England. The next style I like quite a bit, it is a
half brogue meaning you have a cap toe with a full medallion brogue and you’ve broguing
on the sides but it’s not a full brogue which would be a wingtip on top. I used to have a full black wingtip in my
collection but I never wore it because the broguing is too casual and the black is too
formal and so I just donated it. This one here is Blake rapid stitch made in
LA by Ace Marks. This one here is a black whole cut from Ace
Marks Oxford last again blake rapid, made in Italy. Now let’s talk about the brown and non-black
Oxfords I have. First, this chocolate brown one, I think it
was made by Loake, it is kind of an unusual style with a medallion on top but it’s not
quite classic yet it still works well with lots of outfits. Here is a Blake rapid shoe made in Italy by
Ace Marks, it has a very nice patina, deep brown, hand burnished, but the last is slightly
different. It’s a little round and not quite classic,
a little more modern. Brown comes in thousands of different shades
so I always try to get shoes that are slightly different because that enables me to create
better outfits. This half brogue Oxford is made in Italy by
ACE marks, it’s blake rapid stitched and I like this kind of in-between chocolate brown
and medium brown color. This was the first Brown Oxford I had it was
likewise a Church’s with a linen lining and you can see, it’s quite beat-up and I rarely
wear it anymore, maybe if the weather is really bad outside or if I get sentimental but I
don’t want to give it up because it was the first brown oxford in my collection. Next up is more of a quarter brogue in the
front with some broguing on the sides. It’s from Beckett Simonon, I think it’s made
in Portugal, Goodyear welted, it has a really nice last, the leather is quite hard so breaking
them in takes a long time. The next one is an unusual Oxford in the sense
that it is navy blue, it’s a spectator with gray inserts, I think it’s made in Spain by
J Fitzpatrick. This one is made out of white buckskin it
is a full brogue Oxford but it works because it’s white and bright, I wear it with seersucker
outfits and sometimes I change the color of the shoelaces depending on what tie I am wearing
so it all goes quite well together. This one is from Shoe Passion and it was made
in Spain. This one here is also highly unusual it’s
a dark forest green oxford full brogue from Scarosso made in Italy blake rapid construction
and I like it because it’s different and I can wear it especially with the seersuckers
or summery outfits for when I want to create an interesting contrast that is dark yet unusual. Next up is my selection of Derby shoes which
are more casual than Oxfords and because of that, I don’t have a single black one in my
collection. Instead, I have a dark chocolate brown one
here from Allen Edmonds, it’s a long wing tip, a nice chocolate brown, I think it’s
a German leather made by Allen Edmonds it was their presidential line which was a higher
grade than their regular shoes. I combined them with a pair of burgundy shoelaces
from Fort Belvedere, flat laces, and you can find a full selection in our shop here. Next up is a pair of chocolate deer suede
shoes from Saint Crispin’s, they were custom made, and I put in some green shoelaces because
it works well with the brown tones. I had this shoe in my collection for a very
long time and it has traveled many times. Here you can probably see one of the most
versatile colors in menswear which is an oxblood shoe or dark burgundy, this one is Goodyear
welted made in Spain but the last is quite long and elegant more like what you would
expect from a French shoe. I think the brand is Union Cobbler. This is a brown Norwegian toe welt shoe from
Mannina in Florence made in Italy and I bought it many years ago, it’s kind of a medium brown
and it works with a lot of things. Next up is a full brogue in a medium brown
hand burnished from Ace Marks blake rapid stitch made in Italy. I like it because the patina and the last
works well for my foot. This shoe is a little more unusual, it has
kind of a woven leather structure combined with a wingtip, it’s made by Allen Edmonds
in a beautiful kind of burnished chestnut brown. I combined it with burgundy shoelaces from
Fort Belvedere, Goodyear welted, made in the USA. Next up is a Goodyear welted Derby with a
strong patina and color change from the cap to the rest of the leather. I like the look of it. The leather is not the best quality. The brand is called Rosati and I do not even
know where they’re made, they don’t even say it on their shoes, it is just something that’s
showed up in the mail. This pair here was the very first pair of
quality men’s dress shoes I bought, it’s from _________ , its Goodyear welted, has been
resold many times and if I had to do it all over again, it would not be the first style
of shoe I bought but back then it cost me I think about hundred euros which was a great
bargain for a then new shoe. So I’m still having them in my collection
which is a true evidence that quality lasts and the cost per wear is way low. This shoe I bought years ago at Nordstrom
Rack, it’s a spectator from Allen Edmonds, made in the US, Goodyear welted but it’s on
a quite elegant belair last and while I like these more modern lasts from Allen Edmonds,
I think it almost put them out of business so they went back to producing their classic
Park Avenue one. I don’t think you can find this style anymore
today. Next up is a green Derby shoe, it’s an elegant
French style last, it’s made in Portugal, Goodyear welted by Carlos Santos. Obviously, this kind of olive green color
is unusual the tip here is darker so you can wear with darker suits it’s just a shoe that
you can maybe wear to a cocktail party or to events where you don’t want to be flashy
yet different. Next up let’s talk about my loafer collection. Loafers are difficult for me because they
are very slim heeled and oftentimes they’re too wide and I slip out. These ones here are olive green with brown
tassels from Scarosso, also made in Italy, Blake stitched or Blake rapid stitched, I’m
not quite sure. I like them because they’re different, they’re
perfect for summer outfits, and I wear them quite a bit. These medium brown penny loafers are very
classic, they have a nice hand burnished patina, made in Italy, Blake rapid by Ace Marks. Now these chocolate brown penny loafers are
slightly different. They’re from a company named Founders, they’re
made in Italy, and they’re a lot stiffer and thicker than the others. I think they are more on the American style
even though they’re made in Italy. Now here’s a shoe that is quite beat-up and
you haven’t already noticed some of the other shoes are not in perfect shape either, we’re
preparing for a shoe polishing series and we need before-and-after examples, so that’s
what we’re doing here. So stay tuned for the polishing series. This shoe is made out of cordovan leather,
Japanese cordovan, it has tassels, it’s great for travel because you can slip out. The color is very versatile, its Goodyear
welted, and it’s made in China, and it’s very stiff as you can see. It’s not like the Italian shoes that are very
flexible, the brand is Meermin which are related to Carmina yet these are made in China, not
in Spain. Next up let’s take a look at my evening shoes,
I wear it with my black tie and white tie ensembles. Here’s my very first evening shoe I ever had
it’s made in Austria by Ludwig Reiter and Austria has a fantastic black tie and white
tie culture so they wear it a lot. You can see the sole is quite thin, it’s not
thick, and it’s made out of patent leather, there’s no cap toe. and the roundedlast is
typically Viennese. The one you can see here is a slightly more
progressive version, it’s a nice last, it’s quite elegant patent leather, again, no cap
toe and you can see these are wide for Belvedere grosgrain shoelaces, this is actually a prototype
from Fort Belvedere that we made and who knows? maybe we run them into production if there’s
enough demand for it. Likewise, it’s not a prototype from us classic
opera pump with a bow and a deep cut out with an elegant last, I wear them usually with
white I sometimes also with black tie depending on my mood. okay now let’s go from the formal end of evening
shoes to the casual end and my casual shoes. First up, there is this kind of salmon red
boat shoe from Sebago that used a horween leather and I like it because it’s unusual
color. Also I have this old weathered boat shoe from
Eastland likewise with horween leather you know whether Navy and green, I still like
it. I still wear it even though it has this whether
used look. Another interesting summer sneaker for beach
vacations is this one here, it comes in a cream or off-white, it’s made by PF Flyers
and it was part of a vintage collection they created a couple of years ago. I like it quite a bit because it has that
vintage look and that’s a new shoe and it’s quite casual. They also sent me this shoe here in a much
brighter green which can work well with like shorts and a polo shirt if you want to make
a statement with your shoes. Next up are some alpargatas which are made
in Majorca it’s a u2 sole with some rubber, it’s a very lightweight one, I bought it from
the maker in Majorca and it’s a very traditional shoe there it’s nice in the summer or if you
are at the beach if you want kind of a stylish casual alternative to flip-flops. This one here is very similar to the alparghatas,
it was made by the same guy, he used some Thai silk with leather and a rubber that’s
like a vulcanized similar to a car tire, so it’s very hard-wearing and it has a low heel
which was quite funny not much structure but they are very airy and great for summer casual
outfits. I know some won’t believe it but I also have
flip-flops in my collection after all I’m Brazilian, my father’s from Brazil, and when
I am at the beach there I wear flip-flops. To work out or play racquetball I have this
pair of like Asics shoes that I like quite a bit and I have insoles in there which are
much thicker and better for you so if you have a sport like squash or a racquetball
or anything that’s hard on your joints the insole will definitely help. For other workouts I just use regular tennis
shoes just like this one here from Nike which they sent to me, quite lightweight I like
it very breathable not much like structure and support in the heel or toe though. of course it would have been nice if I could
have elaborated more on each shoe and how I wear it and combine it but then the video
would have been 55 minutes and it’s simply too long. stay tuned for more descriptions where we
talk more about the individual shoes and I hope it was interesting for you. make sure to check out our other wardrobe
videos such as my cuff link collection or my boot collection today’s outfit, am wearing an olive green
jacket which is part of a suit I combined it with a very small-scale blue white and
green houndstooth patterned shirt with a big kind of 70s inspired collar I wore it with
a yellow silk knit tie from Fort Belvedere that works well with the yellow pocket square
with hand rolled x stitches likewise From Fort Belvedere my pants are classic sand colored
chinos and I combined them with purple and turquoise socks from Fort Belvedere with shadow
stripes and they work well with a turquoise leather lining of my green velvet House shoes
which are slippers which I have two of course.

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