My Top 5 Winter & Fall Fashion, Coats, Jackets Lookbook, Mature over 50 Women

My Top 5 Winter & Fall Fashion, Coats, Jackets Lookbook, Mature over 50 Women

Hey everyone Heather here and baby it’s
cold outside. So today I’m going to show you my five favorite kind of late fall,
winter coats, jackets, entire outfits that I absolutely love. So let’s get going on
them… So my number one look is absolutely a
classic, oh and by the way, a lot of my subscribers have been saying you know,
where can we get similar or the same kind of outfits that you have, and what
I’m going to do is I’m going to link it back to my blog and that’s where you can
find very similar items and get them for yourself and oh by the way, we do make a
little bit on this and I want to let you know that, but I’m gonna tell
you something, it really helps and helps us keep on
going with these videos so thank you. So let’s get back to the camel hair look
coat. I absolutely love this look, it’s so classic, it’s kind of like the 1960s and
it’s coming back again and so what I do is I I’m pairing it today with a black
turtleneck. I also have a pair of black leather gloves on as well and also what
I have are some straight leg pants and I have kind of some funky boots here. They’re a lace-up leather boot and I absolutely love them they just add a
little bit more style to the entire look and also what I have is a nice big black
purse, now if you’ve seen the video on what I can get in my small purse you
know that tucked in here and I’ll put the video up there somewhere but tucked
in here is a little purse, oh and I forgot to mention to you that this coat
is it’s not camel hair it’s actually very well made though and it’s actually
wool and cashmere so it’s got the look but it’s not as pricey so I like that…
back to the little purse. Let’s see a look with this little purse, so the
little purse I get so much in this little purse but let’s see how we can
change up this look just a little bit with the little purse and also with a
multicolored scarf and I’m going to kind of make sure that some of the purple is
showing in the front here. I’m going to loop it around, scarves
really, really extend your wardrobe, trust me and I’m just gonna do it up so maybe
Bill can take a bit of a long shot here and we’ll see how this really kind of
changes the entire look, same coat. Let’s have a little bit of fun with this coat too,
so I’ve got here a leopard print scarf and oh by the way I did a video on 20
different ways to wear a scarf like I actually did 20, so anyway this is
one of them and what a wardrobe extender these scarves are, so I’m just gonna roll
it up a little bit here I’m just gonna throw it underneath my collar and just
give me a second here because I want to make sure that you can really see how
nice this looks and Bill if you want to just back up a little bit we can see the
overall look, so you just tuck it underneath the collar there but I find
that you know, this would be fun to wear on a date with Bill or something like
that yeah I love prints and scarves. So my number-two favorite fall, winter
outfit is this super cuddly outfit and I’ll just stand up for you here it is a
sweater coat and this one has mostly acrylic in it but of course you could
get it in wool, this is a great outfit for when you’re in and out of the car
all day and or a milder kind of, you know autumn or winter day and when you go out
into the cold you just kind of snuggle up like this and it’s it’s just fabulous
for driving or whatever. Now I have paired this with a little bit of a lower
long top and I’ve put on my stretchy belt and as you know I did a slimming
video and I’ll put it up there somewhere, these stretchy belts, oh my gosh, they’re
so comfortable and they look great too. I also put on some silver jewelry just to
sort of add to the look and tucked inside here I have a mini leather purse
and it’s just tucked in there so I don’t lose it and I didn’t want it
to get all jumbled with the necklaces and that, so it’s just over my shoulder.
Now for the pants what I’m doing is I’m wearing a skinny pant a very super
stretchy and I have paired it with a pair of suede black booties and they’re oh
so comfortable and it really, really works so think about this kind of look I
think it looks fabulous and boy is it cuddly and comfy. So my number three
outfit is a classic almost moto style leather jacket, now mine is in black but
you could get them in dark brown or light brown, oh you know what purple,
green, there’s all kinds of colors out there so I really, really love this I’m
wearing this with a one of my favorite colors a royal blue top over kind of a
grey pair of pants they actually have a pattern in them but they’re kind of
great and I’ve also patterned them and matched them rather, with an, almost like a
moto shoe boot so I really like this as well it’s got a side zipper in it as
well so it’s easy peasy to put on, it’s leather super, super comfortable so I’m
also going to show you how I can match this up with a couple of scarves so
let’s go. Alright so let’s do something with this look with a scarf so I have
this beautiful scarf here a lovely texture is kind of a wine color or you
could use red or something like that and by the way I mentioned my scarf
video do you know that I’ve done over 20 videos already well we’ve done over 20
videos for awesome over 50 and we’re so excited about it and of course if you
want to join us there’s a subscribe button down there that you can join us
and I’m putting them out about once a week now so yeah and I’m having fun I’m
really having fun with it so let’s just sort of see what this looks like
there you go Bill do I have the tag sticking out or anything, does it look
good? Hmm all right, thank you that’s my
husband behind the camera, and let’s lift this up and take a look of how that just
sort of changes the look of the outfit with a scarf so let’s do one more presto
change-o with the leather jacket. All right so I have an infinity scarf here
and it’s kind of sparkly so I want to go for a little bit more of a casual look
so I’m just gonna put this on here and I’m getting kind of a casual look and
also what I want to do is put on this fun little cap and I’m ready to go for a
walk or enjoy a nice date with Bill. So my fourth outfit, slash coat ,slash jacket,
get yourself a parka, oh my gosh they’re so warm and it’s really getting cold out
right now so I need this parka. I just got this parka and I tried on all
different colors I tried on purple and red I even tried on a winter white but I
thought I was gonna get it dirty too fast so scratch that and somebody else
who’s wearing a nice little jacket here is our little Hurricane he’s all decked
out for the winter as well but let me just show you this outfit that I’m
wearing here I have an infinity wool scarf on which I absolutely love I want
to keep my neck warm although it also has a hood but a lot of times the hood kind
of goes like this so I’m going to show you something in a minute and how I sort
of look after that situation. I’ve got sort of a white stretchy top, I put my
purse, my little mini purse underneath the jacket and it’s a great idea because
you don’t need to worry and especially if you’re going on a little bit of a
hike or you know you’re walking around and you don’t want to be constantly
thinking about your… sorry about that Hurricane, you don’t want to be
always thinking about your purse so there it is it’s tucked in nicely there
but I also have a pair of leather brown boots here and a
pair of boyfriend jeans which are kind of nice and stretchy and I’m gonna put a
link in for those jeans as well because a lot of you like them in my slimming
video so I’ll do something similar like that for that but let me just show you
another idea I have with this parka look, okay so a great addition to this look
would be because it is getting cold out here, a little Tam or you know maybe
a toque or something like that. So I have that, I also have these great,
well I’m going to call them gloves… oh just before I get into this I got to
show you something… these are the jeans that everybody really loves Bill I don’t
know if you can get a close-up of this but it has a faux fly and it also keeps
you really tucked in here so a lot of you love these in the slimming video so I
just wanted to point that out and get a little bit of a close-up for it.
So also let’s get back to the gloves, these are gloves that you can use when
you’re texting, don’t text in the car, but whether you’re texting or whatever
checking out videos but they turn into little mitts so I just really love them
then, that kind of reminds me of lamb chop if you remember that puppet, no, maybe
you’re too young to remember that. So let’s just put these on here and take a
look at that great look with this and also the other thing that I like about
this I’m just going to take this off to show you is the parka really falls down
around my face as far as the hood is concerned but if I have a little hat on
it just tends to sort of secures it there and it stays put it doesn’t fall down
and amongst my eyes and everything else. So there you go. So my number 5
fall and winter outfit I’m going to show you this trench coat and I’ve chosen it
in black and I’ll tell you in a minute why I chose the black color also I chose
it a little bit longer ,now I’m very tall but if you’re more petite you might want
it a little bit more on the shorter side, this is really kind of a business look
that I have here I have it tied in the front but truth be told usually what I
do is I tie the belt in the back so I don’t lose the belt and
you probably know what I mean by that… now underneath I have a very nice kind
of business look and I actually did this business look in my spring and summer
video for this, the styles there so you might want to take a look at that I’ll
put it up there but I also find that this really works with opaque hose and
also take a look at these booties… I absolutely love them so that’s kind of a
nice style to sort of you know complete the look but let’s just complete the
look a little bit more since we’re driving I gotta have my sunglasses on
and also remember I told you that I chose black for a reason I’m going to
show you why in just a second. “Okay Heather why did you choose a black
trench coat instead of those beautiful camel colors or other colors that are
available?” Well I’ll tell you why, because this is a great full length coat for
when you’re going to a party and Bill if you can just back up a little bit you
can see that really it would sort of cover a nice long dress that I might be
wearing but I don’t want to wear it, this is a little bit boring like this so what
am I holding here, I have a scarf, it’s a it’s faux fur but look at how realistic,
it is is absolutely gorgeous and I’m kind of going for, why I am going for
faux furs these days, so if I add that to the look as you can see it makes it very
very nice for you know ,some some event that you’re going to wear, you’re really
putting on a party dress but check this out there’s a little bit of a loop here
and I can put it through like that and you have a very nice looking, Bill if you
could just back up a little bit I want to show you one other little thing that
I would add to this look and I might just add this little furry hat and well
that trench coat really took on a different kind of look
and talking about things that are great, oh my gosh you, my subscribers, you are
just amazing and just love you guys and we’re getting into suggestions for me
now and you’re talking amongst yourself and, and really helping each other out
and that’s the whole idea between behind awesome over 50. So thank you for that
and hey if you want to join the group there’s a button down there that you can
join us with so yeah come on down! Anyway, thank you so much for everything and
until next time keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join
us on our videos

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