hi guys welcome back to my channel today as a super special video to me because I am going to be showing you guys some of the process behind my wedding dress so I dead vlog the whole experience it's funny trying to vlog something over that much time and being so excited when there's parents that I messed out so I am talking to you guys like this and we've got loads of footage that we're gonna kind of sneaky on and so the first thing to tell you guys is I got my dress from eleganza eleganza suppose is a bridal boutique in Glasgow they are amazing you'll see in the video I don't need to give them too much please rate maybe she's see throughout the whole thing how excited I am how happy I am the first thing that I did was go in to eleganza so I booked an appointment and I went in with my girdles my spare blades mate and the way it works is that you send over a cane a mood board of what can addresses you late so we dip their hands up the goals that are carried out Karen so actually did it for every because they're normally very them owner myself we had gone in we had the nicest experience we sat down and we had Prosecco and the redress has pulled for me already just a trial so it was so easy it was the most fun I don't know if I knew that I was gonna love it as much as I did I knew it was gonna be so much fun but I absolutely loved the process of getting my wedding dress it was the most fun thing ever I'm just obsessed so I've been then I tried to stuff on I also went until the guys have to get my measurement stage Ken and we had a real chat about poor I want in a wedding dress we decided after trying on some wedding dresses that I was gonna go for a custom gown Anna who is the order of eleganza amazing Anna drew up some sketches for me to look at my wedding dress and she also made me outfits for the day before the way then and after the way through here we had other lives taking place so I had my measurements already taken we also decided that eleganza we're gonna do the bridesmaids dresses as well these are also custom this was all kind of decided before I started vlogging first piece of footage that you're gonna see is the first time that I got to try on my this dress is not finished it doesn't affect me and exactly it's not the great length but it's based off my measurements I had lost a little bit of weight by this point so it doesn't fit me perfect but this was to get an idea of what my dress is going to be like we're sorted the braids mousse traces are getting paper on which is good at canada's getting me glass because obviously she just had a baby so i I'm here I'm trying on my dress for first time this is the start start start point so this isn't the actual finished dress it in but this is the first time that I'm trying on anything yeah so I did my makeup this morning and I actually did a video and this is a possible rail makeup but my wings ended up wound out of control and doctors make them vaguer and vaguer and vaguer so we'll see we'll see what happens to the makeup but I just wanted to do [Laughter] the next thing I had a eleganza was to try on the dress again every time that I went and for the fitting I was always trying on my wedding dress and I was also trying on my other outfits so this is the first time that I saw my piece of paradise which I was so obsessed with it was perfect I actually think some of you guys thought that that was my waiting game when I first heard it on Instagram and I was just so obsessed with it so we tried that one for the first time I got to try on my wedding dress again and I had more beading and more least attached to it and I also got to try it on with my shoes and then wear heels on my wedding day in my dress obviously came past my feet so you can really see my feet anyway but the shoes are waiting for it where I really gorgeous can a duel and baelish sandal from the brand Musa I got the magnetic or tape not the cheapest but not the most expensive shoe I got them tried them on and I totally fell in love I also have quite large feet so these shoes are just perfect for me that they not make my feet look big they make them look nice and dainty and that's all I wanted you can see that in the next clip my dresses they'll pendants and videos a lot of the lease and the embellishment is kind of lead onto the dress rather than it been sewn on quite yet and this is the first thing they've got to try oh the train so the Train on my dress was super long it was amazing it was like so dramatic and I'm airing I feel like a queen but we had done it in such a way eleganza had created s zip so the train zips on and off so for the ceremony and for the photos I had my really long train on and then you see it zips off to reveal a kinda puffy chill under skirt which is also so gorgeous so you'll see that next hello today is another effect hang but I'm also trying on a couple of other things because eleganza has made me dress for the pizza party which is going to be the day before the wedding and then a kimono for the pill part is Regina stuff one today and I am so excited but nervous again and also it's probably not plain plain for me to be trying stuff on because I'm on deed or my body as nothing bone shows intern getting braces if I'm also a little bit Saturday no hype man the shoes ah Wow Wow that's a reason [Laughter] watch your dance but see the nice oh that is a new for the next betting I got to try on my kimono which was for it the pill party I absolutely love a kimono rain I learned a kimono but we wanted something that had that gorgeous drape and effect we wanted to make it wife we wanted to make a rich wife Maggie the rich husband just like up chefs guess brave Queen okay so completely that that she made me the most amazing kimono ever it's actually hanging up in my spare bedroom is so stunning you'll also see that the piece of priority Jay's got a little bit altered it got ascension in a little bit and we also added lease over the boobs and the bum just to cover me up a little bit you'll see that the dress is that kind of full naked look so it looks like I'm naked you can kind of see my legs through the gyration can I see my you kind of see my body but all that important parts are covered so it's kind of like a a thick naked dress and I just honestly it loved it so much and then again we tied on the wedding dress which is getting more and more perfect it's threatened me more the more embellishments are on there laws of stuff's been added to it I mean you also can see that I had it was–they on the day so waspey it's beautifully like a corset but it only can I go up me right in the middle it's the same kind of idea you get sauna in not sauna in but there's Lisa's to tie up the waspey and century right and before the dress goes on and that just gave even more of a kind of a row glass look to the dress which is exactly what I wanted Anna knew that with my wedding dress I wanted to be curvy booty the connect boob part of the dress you'll notice you think it's not overly booby I have big boobs anyway but the dress the way it fitted me accentuating but it didn't mean my boobs look big at all it was actually super flattened in here it made me look like I've got a slightly smaller chase but everything was just in proportion I was just so delighted with it so cue the film oh it's perfect oh yes perfect look at that little waist how's it feel on so what we're doing right now is tweaks nice the dress is pretty much finished look can see this now I feel like I'm literally all the secrets it makes me scared the Train on my dress as you can tell as large as the bathe so after the ceremony we're gonna be having dinner and then there's obviously at the party they've trained zips off the guys knew that obviously it would be better to not have a huge chain or knee because people stand on it'll make it Rick so between actually completely zipped off it's genius so what's happening as we're putting poor pros on the under layer onto the train so it's these gorgeous without having to get fixed all the time because underneath you'll see the all the chill the bag children that are alia and then see the other chair so the wonderful layer of leaves with all the embellishments of and then you're left bare a bride we've got all the weekly materials we've got embellishments we've got some beads we've got some sparkles character we've got eyelashes eyelashes you guys know I love a lash the next part you're gonna see is the second last time that I went into eleganza it was so great we walked into this room and all three of my outfits where on mannequins in the middle of the room and it was saw XA and because this was quite close to phone really before the word and I was already so excited the dressed parrot of Kenna waiting plate for me was not sure whatsoever I knew that what Anna was gonna create for me was gonna be perfect she knew me really well by this point I spent so much time any organza for fittings she'd also make me another outfit for an event that I absolutely loved yeah I just had complete faith in her so when I saw all my outfits together it was really special and overwhelming I got to try them all on again just to make sure that everything was perfect their pizza party dress and the pill particle model or completely finished at this point which is perfect and then my dress I think I was trying on for the last time just to make sure that everything was perfect we're gonna have one more try on but yeah this was really near the end of my experience and this is when I felt I was too excited hello great so this is do you know how many times I've been n know this is this my final fitting no nearly okay so we've just came to eleganza again we oh my god here we just walked in and look at this look at this these are my three outfits obviously the piece de resistance look at this is literally the way I did enjoy yourself my dreams I can't cope I cannot believe it great so this is my wage Andreas this is my pizza party dress look how beautiful it is we've got I feel like it's almost like a wee bit Tweenies flapper ghetto but you know make it make it bride so we've got a little train we've got these eyelashes on the material super low back it's just so gorgeous and then red I don't even know what save it right there so the effect and this is my kimono that oh my god look at how gorgeous that is this is going to go over a bikini and that's what I'm gonna wear at the pool it's literally the most beautiful thing ever oh my goodness so excited so excited oh and that leads us on to the last fitting so we went and me Charlotte and Kara went and just as we could kind of learn how to put me in my dress because I was getting married abroad I didn't have an ax on the day so we can I taught the girls how to get me in and out of the dress and we had a little shot of espresso to celebrate it was really nice actually because I we got married in Italy obviously and eleganza Sforza Anna is Italian so she was really excited to be medicated I kinda Italian wedding dress and it was I'm pretty sure I can see that it's quite an Italian wedding dress there's a lot of lace it's super classy like it was just I can't even I cannot believe that in a certain part of the vlog footage coming up as well you'll see that I've got the most gorgeous here it's a city that sits on top of my veal was very important to me feels were the most fun part well not the most fun part by absolutely loved it a little heel accessory that sits on top of my veil was actually made for me as a gift by Cara and Charlotte's mom Shawna and I absolutely loved that it was perfect I've actually got it sitting again because we are having a really big wedding party next month if I get too weird it all again but it's actually I can I just see I highly recommend having some kind of occasion after your wedding so you can read your dress again because if that was me finished with my dress there is my life I would be so sad that last part I've logged quite a lot you'll see the last time that I made my wedding dress apart for my wedding day and you can I get to see the whole finished look so I'm gonna let the old me take over and yet I hope you guys love it hello today is Thursday the 4th of July we can manage a wheat today and today I am going to pick up my wedding dress and I'm so excited I'm picking up all the dresses today so I've got my wedding dress I've got pizza party dress and I've got the pool party it fit as well so I'm picking them up today I am taking a card out and Charlotte because I think they need to learn how to get me in my dress so we're gonna do that today and then I'm coming home to pack so I'm so excited my wedding dress I have actually phoned in British Airways I'm able to carry it on the plane so that's great and if you're getting married abroad please double check that you're able to do that the other outfits I'm gonna pack in my suitcase so I can finish packing today and yet we leave on Sunday this is a piece of party outfit look Oh perfect and then this is the pool party kimono and then we go over here and we have my dress this is the skirt that what do you call this – train train this is the train that zips on and off so I can this is party tan dress and then we put this on for walking down the aisle and for pictures and then look at the veil oh my goodness the veal is just better than anything I could have ever imagined never have it guys I'm home and with the dress it's gonna stay safely here until we leave I'm just so happy it's perfect I can't imagine a more perfect dress ana and everyone elegance I've just done such a good job I can't believe it it's like the dress of my dreams so yeah I hope you enjoyed this little vlog it's been a pretty chaotic I'm sure you guys all know if you've been married or if you plan to weigh in before you'll know it's quick it's quick easy time but it's been one of the most fun things there I am would you really mess going for my friends and try and dress as honest I've watched me a primality just put my dress on to send the coach I'm serious with it so yeah I hope you guys really like that and now it's time to get married goodbye Hoshi losing engines and Resthaven imagine it's cameras in here I mean you'll just want to win the whole thing big papa I can see you like a record of shipping nails getting is that we in my life are you Winky


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