My Winter Coat Collection & Reccomendations – Lily Melrose

My Winter Coat Collection & Reccomendations – Lily Melrose

– Hi, guys, I hope all is well. For today’s video, I thought
I would do a little rundown of my current collection of winter coats. I will preface this by
saying coats are my thing. Coats and jackets are literally
my favorite thing to buy. I don’t know why, I’m just
a big big fan of coats and jackets and anything warm and I don’t know, I just like it. And if you’re not into coats, I’d probably recommend unsubscribing because I feel like this
will be a common theme over the next couple of months on my blog because obviously winter is here. Didn’t say winter is coming. I was going to but then I
was like no, that’s too lame. Winter is almost here and
I thought I would show you some of the ones I have so far. So hopefully this video will
serve as a bit of inspiration and ideas of coats you could buy yourself or you might see a coat that
I have that you might like and you wanna get yourself
so yeah, let’s begin. So first I have this leopard print coat. This is from Pull and Bear. I bought this last year I think and I’ve barely taken it off. I think leopard print
goes with everything. I know that is probably debatable. But as you can see, I’ve worn it so much that the lining has actually ripped. I’m not gonna get rid of
it ’cause I still love it and I still wear it all the time. It’s still incredibly soft. I find sometimes when
you have faux fur coats, the longer you wear them, they kind of get like a little bit of a dry kind of feeling to them and this hasn’t on that over time. It’s also a very light fur. I wouldn’t go so far as saying
this is my favorite coat but it is definitely my most worn which is kind of weird
considering it is kind of loud but I feel like I reach for this more than any of my other ones. Definitely one of those coats
that I can’t live without. Next is this black Mac coat which I got from Primark of all places. I got this in the sale
in the summertime maybe. I think it was originally 25 pounds but I think I paid 10 for it. I’ve only actually
recently started wearing it but it’s kind of like a military style trench coat type thing. Everyone needs a black
coat in their wardrobe but I feel like they’re
the hardest coats to find. This one is just a linen
material so it is quite thin and obviously it’s not
like a winter winter coat. If you can find this in stores, I would really recommend picking it up. It’s a really lovely coat. Really nice fit. Obviously, it’s a little
bit on the thinner side so if you want something a bit warmer then I would not recommend
this but it’s very cool. Next up is this jacket which I showed you in
my Westfield Autumn Hall and I am obsessed with this coat. It’s so soft. Love it, I know it’s very
loud, very over the top but I feel like it fits very well with my own personal style. I love the camo. I think it’s really
individual and really unique. This one is pretty
expensive, it’s 160 pounds. The brand, I think it’s
called Jakke, Jakke. It’s on Urban Outfitters but I think it’s also
a London based store. I did have a look a their Instagram. They actually have some amazing coats. There was this one that was
pink with black star prints and I was like, I wish
that was still in stock ’cause I need that on me ASAP. They are sold in Urban Outfitters. This particular coat isn’t
actually online anymore. It was but I have seen it in stores. This is a nice addition to my coat family and this is from Mango. I actually saw my friend,
Hannah Gale, wearing it. I feel like I buy a lot of
stuff that I see her wearing but she has amazing style. Animal print kind of, what style of jacket is
this, like a motor jacket? I think that’s what they’re called. Nice coat that you can maybe wear out or you can wear during the
day ’cause it’s pretty casual and it can be worn with dresses or with trousers or whatever. I love the print, I think
it’s really statement. I never really bought anything from Mango until I bought this and
I have actually seen quite a lot of stuff in there
that I really really like. This is definitely the hero for me. I love it, it’s really nice,
it’s very nice and weighty. I haven’t actually worn this
yet but I’m so excited to. It only came a couple of days ago ’cause I had a lot of
issues with the delivery ’cause they got my address wrong. I love this style of jacket as well. It’s a good casual jacket style. Next coat is this coat and this
is my favorite coat I think. It’s my favorite coat at
the moment definitely. It’s one of those coats
that I always reach for. It’s a huge orange which is very loud. It’s like a fox color
and it’s so rich and deep and it’s a huge oversized
60s, 70s kind of coat and it’s so warm and so snuggly. The fur is absolutely unreal. It’s so incredible soft. All the ASOS faux fur coats
that I’ve tried this year are all really really
soft, really lovely quality ’cause I think sometimes with faux fur, it can go really wrong but every time I wear this,
I’m just like snuggling in it because it’s just so comfy and so cozy. When I got this, I
didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I ordered two coats, one
was a green faux fur coat from ASOS and then the
other one was this one and I expected to like the green one but then this one came
and I was just like, yeah, that’s the one. That is the one for me. I think it’s incredible. It’s so soft and so cozy and it just, I want to put it on now
’cause it’s just so nice. This next coat is a new edition
and this is from Boohoo. I don’t know why I actually got this. Considering I got this orange coat, I don’t know why I bought
this caramel biscuit color but it’s kind of like
a teddy bear material. I think it’s actually a Teddy coat. And I bought the one in
black and then this one in this color and I love this one. I don’t know why I’m
so drawn to this color. I just think it’s really really nice. I think it adds a really nice touch to an autumn, winter palette. Pretty neutral so it’s very easy to wear. You can really wrap up into it. It’s not very thick, I would say. It’s definitely on the thinner side so it’s one of those coats that you maybe have to wear layers underneath or it’s not like for super cold weather. I would recommend if it is super cold, to wear a faux fur coat but it’s a great everyday kind
of like chuck on and go coat. The color goes with a
lot of different things and I find myself thinking
this would probably just be a bit nicer in my wardrobe than just having the plain black one but the plain black one is nice but there’s something about this one. I think it’s the color. I must have a thing about
oranges and browns at the moment ’cause look how many coats I have in that kind of color palette. The next jacket actually
is this faux leather one with all these amazing embroidery patches. This is from Boohoo. They actually sent me this as
part of a sponsored Instagram but I actually wanted it any way so I was like, that’s perfect. My old leather jacket has
really seen better days. I need a new good plain one. Just having this kind of
jacket in your wardrobe is an essential but I really do like this highly decorated one. I think it’s really fun. It saves the effort of
decorating it yourself and the patches themselves
are actually pretty cool and this lollipop patch is
probably my favorite patch. Boohoo actually have a
lot of stuff like this so if you’re kind of CBA and you just want it already done for you so definitely check that out. Next, I have my parka. I actually bought this towards
the end of last year maybe or maybe I bought it this year. I can’t remember but basically, it’s a huge, super thick, fur lined parka. It’s the kind of coat
that I generally wear to go on walks down the seafront. It also reminds me of Mods and stuff and Quadrophenia is set in Brighton so it makes me want to get a moped but honestly, this is
just like the nicest, warmest, snuggliest coat. It’s one of those coats
that I would normally wear if it’s cold and I can’t
afford to get dressed properly and I just want something to hide whatever ugly outfit that I’ve
pulled off my bedroom floor. I will just cover myself up with this. It’s a very heavy coat, very heavy duty but it does its job so well
like so so warm and so snuggly. I’m pretty sure this leopard print innard actually does come out but
I’ve never taken it out. That fur is so nice. Not so much with this hair color but my old hair color, this
actually just looked like my extra hair and it just looked like I got a crazy 80s hairdo. This is super warm and I think that it’s
definitely one of those coats that everyone should own. It’s a good dog walking coat. Just a good kind of lazy coat. So there we go, that is
my coat collection so far. Maybe I should have made
this a bit later in the year. Maybe I’ll do a coat collection or coat update part two
maybe later in the year because like I said, I
do really enjoy coats. Some of you like shoes,
some of you like bags. I really like coats and I don’t know if that’s
the lamest thing ever but I just do. I saw a coat earlier at ASOS
that I just need in my life. It’s dalmatian print with a burgundy trim. I hope you guys enjoyed
watching this video. Please give it a big thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. Please subscribe to my
channel if you’re not already. I’ll speak to you guy in my next video. I love you guys so much and
I’ll speak to you soon, bye.

80 Replies to “My Winter Coat Collection & Reccomendations – Lily Melrose”

  1. I'm the same, coats and jackets are my fave! I think because we live in the U.K. A lot of time is spent covering up outfits with coats so it makes sense to have a few! Fab video x

  2. I love a basic black trench coat, they're great for layering over jumpers in the colder months πŸ™‚ And they go with everything! Great picks x

  3. the patch you said you liked on the biker jacket seems oddly familiar… isn't it another rip-off of Tuesday Bassen's patches?

  4. loved this video! coats are my favourite clothing item to buy and wear, I am just so drawn to them! Yesterday I bought a gorgeous leopard print coat from Primark which I am in love with x

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous in this video, I love your hair & makeup! I have an orange faux fur coat from Zara that is almost identical to yours and its def my fave ever coat, so autumnal x

  6. You don't believe how much I am on Sundays looking forward on your videos. And if there are only 10 seconds, I think, too bad I would look immediately another one.
    Definitely the best video for the Sunday πŸ€—.
    The Orange coat is probably your trademark and I love him too about you 😍

  7. The thing I hate the most about winter is the drabness of everyone walking around in black/grey coats in the drab grey British weather, so it's lovely seeing your bright patterned coats πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. An interesting Collection of coats I liked your pho black leather jacket with the cartoon patches! πŸ˜‡πŸ’œ

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    I love coats too but it's almost November and I'm still wearing t-shirts outside! Really like the leopard print one you have. I've been getting into leopard print recently but I'm shy to wear it! Also, the orange one!! IN LOVE.

  11. You're looking very girly in this video Lily! I think it's the wavey hair combined with the pretty filled shirt.
    This winter I'm on the hunt for a new faux fur coat. I got a beautiful dark brown one from Miss Selfrdige many years ago but unfortunately it's not too small for me :'( I hope I can find one as nice! I'm definitley keeping an eye on ASOS for one πŸ™‚

  12. I can totally relate…I love coats and jackets but I live in Southern California where it's always warm so I feel like they're a waste of money but I just love them so much haha.

  13. What are your feelings on real fur? I personally am fine with it but it seems so taboo these days that people insist on only wearing faux even if they own the real thing which seems strange… Anyway I love coats and your collection is so nice!

  14. As an Australian who has never owned and will never need to own a coat. This makes my heart hurt.

    Maybe I could turn my aircon up and sit in the pretty coats.

  15. I bought that leopard print coat from Pull&Bear last year too, lol! Got it in the sale which was amazing. I know I'll wear it lots this winter season as well. Lovely video as always! Xo

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    I'm looking forward to see your new videos!

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