My first halloween in my life I am… So am I a tin woodcutter? You’re a tin woodcutter This is not kimbap What kind of kimbap is this? Is it kimbap? or a tin woodcutter? What am I? A priest I’m a conductor I’m Belle ~ I decided to do L from ‘Death Note’ I’m the brainy smurf I’ve prepared a pose for you In this pose When I use my phone Hello? I’ll be painted blue later On my face Will you be wearing a hat? But it’s really not bad! You look good Starting now, I’m not going to look into the mirror until I wash it off It’s like a highlighter Nah, it’s okay How can I be like this? I hope the smurfs are friends I’m embarrassed Today I’m Tom Cruise from ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Today I’m Tom Cruise from ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Kimbap! I feel strange But it suits you Just tie it up here You’ve eaten so much that your belly ballooned. My belly swelled out while I wore a dress. I’m managing myself now, Self care ~ Belle~! Do you know Belle? Belle, my Queen In ‘Beauty and the Beast’, I’m in charge of Beauty Beauty ~

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  1. I liked their 2018 version more hahahhahaha but Taeil was slayin here almost as pretty as Jungrose in 2018 version HAHAHHAHAHA FUCKETTE

  2. 0:23 The role of the L Death Note is perfect for Yuta. He has a handsome and smart.

    Chenle: "i'm the brainy smurf .."

    Me: I love Smurfs. even though it's small but he can defeat the enemy. By the way why does it look like Mark?

  3. 재현아.. 너 타키했었어..? 나 왜 이제 알았지..? 늦게 입덕한 나레기야… 너의이름은 진짜 개사랄해ㅠㅠㅠㅜ

  4. Chenle: I’m not going to look in the mirror when I’m blue
    Also chenle: 1:24 (look in the back)

  5. I love how haechan is teasing mark for not knowing what his costume is but he doesn’t even know he’s dressed as jack skelington not a conductor

  6. No one PEEPED chenle said he wasn't going to look at himself after he took he took it all off…But then at 1:20 boi went to the mirror to look im-

  7. The cruelest joke is that I’ve still never seen Jack Frost TY in motion and came here to check this video footage only to be left empty handed. This is irrefutable proof that God has abandoned us.

  8. chenle: i’m not going to look in the mirror until i take this off
    also chenle, two minutes later: looks in mirror

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