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  1. So its a very overpriced microfiber towel car detailing clothes be better they seem to be thicker tagless and cheeper

  2. Dude! If you’re going to do a comparative test, apply the same method with all three products. You used the dry Nono towel after the wet one but not with the other products.

  3. nano cloth my ass totally looks like even the fuzz on it like a car detailing microfiber clothes at a 50pack on ebay for 19 dollars…

  4. Just moved into a new apartment an found that the doors are covered with what looks to be years or maybe months of oil and cooking build up where the previous tenants did not clean them. I have tried many things but without results. Any ideas?

  5. https://www.fakespot.com/product/nano-towels-the-1-best-selling-eco-friendly-chemical-free-cleaner-as-seen-on-tv-the-breakthrough-new-fabric-technology-that-cleans-with-only-water-replaces-expensive-paper-towels-sponges-cleaning-cloths-wipes-microfiber-cloth-and-toxic-chemical-cleaners-and-can-help-you-save-hundreds-of-dollars-per-year-while-making-your-home-safer-healthier-and-greener-for-kids-and-babies-use-as-bath-towels-kitchen-towels-and-dish-towels-all-surface-and-all-purpose-cleaner-on-tile-wood-glass-and-stainless-14×14-4-ct

  6. First time I saw them advertised I thought it was just another typical "nano fiber cloth", which is a joke. The nano fiber towels I bought a number of years ago repelled water. As for cleaning they were worse than worthless, they were counterproductive. The mess only got bigger. It was no better than trying to use a plastic grocery bag.
    I'm going to buy a bag of these NanoTowels and hope they are as good as it appears they are.

  7. I'd like to see a follow-up video to see how these towels hold up after being washed 30 times or so. Micro fiber towels lose their absorbance after just a few washings.

  8. Dude, did you see how dirty your door was to the laundry room. Clean it with the Nano towel and water. I use ecloth. You will be amazed.

  9. I know i'm late but good God that into was hilarious 😂
    Edit: every scene with bailey is awesome too!

  10. they definitly should use that intro
    send em' a tape and just write on a post-it "I want 51%"
    Swear to god if they use it they're billionaires

  11. I love my nano towels! They don’t clean everything but they do a good job on most things. Grease is always going to need soap/ degreaser. And as you point out, there is no antibacterial effects of water, so some things around food need more than water. Kitchen tasks should probably include soap or cleaner.

    Namotowels are thick and soft. Microfiber can feel really icky in your hand (maybe I have tactile aversion OCD, it’s possible. I have owned my nanotowels for about three years, I don’t do anything special in terms of care – except keep them out of bleach and hard cleaners like that and they look and feel and function as well as they did the first day I used them. They are a little pricey, but they last so long you save in the long run. This is a great product.

  12. Im really curious about the "feel" of these Nano Towels? So my hands tend to get stuck on microfiber towels… & the feel of microfiber makes me cringe kind of similar to how people feel about nails on a chalk board… So before I buy these I was just wondering if these Nano Towels feel similar to microfiber towels & if you wash them with other towels do strings & debris get stuck on the nano towels? You are one of my favorite review guys!! Thank you for all your great videos

  13. I love your joke about "is Water a Chemical" damn…. you've just created a… PARADOX !

  14. This is another great review. I have to admit I got a little nervous when you wrote on the floor with a crayon.

  15. I can’t decide if watching you or the actual infomercials is better. I think you since obviously I am binge watching your show and not infomercials!

    I hope that you talk about what the fabric feels like because I hate the feel of the cheap “microfiber” cloths.

    Also, you could easily use the towels with just water for sanitizing if you use boiling water (carefully). I love using boiling water to clean up stove tops and greasy messes in other places or germy areas like cutting boards after raw chicken.

  16. was anyone else wondering if he was walking through the parking lot and cleaned some random persons car? =P

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