Nerve (2016) – Try On This Dress

Nerve (2016) – Try On This Dress

We have three more steps, if you keep up the exercises, you’re gonna get really strong on that Excellent. Thanks, miss. Somebody’s sending V money. Scoffs* White people problems. What is she doing? Have your receipt so thank you so much for shopping at burgers, have a wonderful day. Excuse me, um sorry uh.. dohhh you know where I can find this dress? Your mom’s calliiiing. Shit.. That’s very expensive.. Couture, 4th floor. thanks u ok please don’t undress the mannequin sorry would you like to try this on hmm… let me see if I have it in your size thank you you could hurry up i’m i’m a little bit late for for a party cute okay right this way if you need anything else just let me know what you thank you ok ok dressed hello ok Oh everything is great thank you what’s your real number a mirror what’s your info to be oh hey hi you look very pretty thanks to you I mean you look you know top right-hand summer do you know what we’re supposed to know the Watchers would like me to complete your own cyber that was though neither is an option alright how about my firstborn son to ya what are you doing d how much are they sir that’ll be nine hundred dollars mam well in that case I’ll take 21 for the city and one for the hand excellent choice man was the movie although she does there’s a chapter excuse me miss did you put my clothes in there of course not did you take my stuff in my wallet my clothes everything’s going all my stuff is gone to know ok now bachmann make a run for come on let’s go let’s go come on don’t want to waste ok technically it just says we have to leave the store right can’t ok probably the kind of our ideas stolen receipt you get to keep yours you can I get the check who paid for these probably one of the Watchers with daddy’s credit card but look on the dollar bill yeah I’m sorry was that a wu-tang reference Staten Island represent all

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  1. When i first saw this movie, at first glance i swear i thought emma was piper perri like holy shit piper actually got an actual movie

  2. anyone else thinking about that they're not getting their old clothes back? like wtf it's really damn hard to find some jeans that fit and THAT JACKET OF HERS

  3. Am I the only one who wanted to see her take off those sneakers? To see whether or not she was wearing socks? (She could've been wearing no show socks, but as she takes off her pants, you can see her bare feet).

  4. I like that she changes from her sneakers to high heels. High heels look so much better with that green dress she's wearing. Emma Roberts has an amazing slender body, nice legs, thighs.

  5. I wrote a review about this film, if you are intrested please check out.

  6. I can’t find Vee’s dress anywhere in real life ughhh, not like I’m planning to buy it anyways 🙁

  7. Nerve is one of my faves its one of the best Blu Rays they've ever made its at the top with bunch of others but Nerve is one of those epic classics that never get old

  8. I would literally run around nearly naked with a friend in a fancy store but i probobly might get the cops called on XD

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