NEVER TRUST A GIRL WHO ALWAYS WEARS THE SAME DRESS – Reading Creepy Stories Ft. Boyoung’s World

NEVER TRUST A GIRL WHO ALWAYS WEARS THE SAME DRESS – Reading Creepy Stories Ft. Boyoung’s World

What’s going on guys, welcome back to another scary story video today guys i am pleased to let you know we have a special guest with us today today, we have Boyoung’s World! How are you? I’m good. It’s been awhile since actually, Boyoung’s been featured in any of my videos and I’ve been in any of her videos but Guys, relax we’re still hanging out we’re still friends, we still see each other almost everyday Because we work together. Since you guys seem to enjoy when I have guests appear in my scary Story videos I thought it might be fun for you guys to see how Boyoung would react to seeing one of these scary stories herself so Are you ready, oh? Yeah, and before we begin so what’s your uh, what’s your channel about? My channel is about… Boyoung It’s Boyoung’s World. I do comedy, beauty, vlog. Sometimes *can’t decipher* and more, so if you guys Want to check out Boyoung’s channel and you definitely should, I’m gonna leave all of her links down below in the description and without further Ado let’s get started today We are gonna be reading a story called eye and black dress now of course it was translated from korean to english So i’m not sure if that title exactly translates the right way, by bori chung, aka Chung, boy depending on where you are okay so i skimmed through the story just really quickly to look at the characters to see Who, we would be playing she’s gonna be playing this girl, who? Wears this black dress hence the title and i’m gonna be playing her friend are You ready, yeah, okay here we go and going on a trip to eat alii wow Why, italy all of a sudden so it seems to girls are talking at A cafe the girl on the left, is me the girl on the right is played, by bo young And she’s wearing a lot of black i become a travel addict Now, i want to go and really enjoy, my youth, well there’s no cure for addiction but Where are you getting the money for the trip Hahaha, that wasn’t even funny, but, okay i’m using the money i made from tutoring plus My parents credit cards using your parents, man what the heck this is my friend cherien, help, hey Don’t help that’s a really rare last name chuck mm-hmm, why cuz it sounds chucky Was that cheesy, nobody got that all right when are you leaving in three days everything cherien Owns from her clothes to her accessories and her belongings is black her, lips, nails and even her Hair i’ll bring you back a souvenir Even her favorite drinks are coffee or coke coca-cola mind you dang so why, do you, like, black so much clothes i’m black Have fun watch out for pickpockets, while, you’re there she only eats black beans And black rice her favorite foods are garlic. Black bean sauce noodles and dry, fish with black beans Holy, black dude this girl eats nothing but black stuff, yeah, these are a couple of outfits i guess you, born blacking it up Okay, i don’t know. How, she can, be so crazy, about the color black for 365 days a year, oh man look at. You even when it’s like getting cold out Your jackets your winter accessories everything is just black black black Oh, yeah, look at her face guys, boom, boom, same face and ready you ready ready ready, boom, same face again, even the way We first met you john your pupils are so black huh it looks like we’ve come to a flashback back When the two girls first met it looks like, they’re still in school wearing school uniforms so obviously They, are still in school that was redundant, well my Pupils are red i’m jealous most people’s eyes have at least a bit of brown in them but yours are Completely black, oh yeah, look, my pupils are completely black, dude what’s wrong with Me i want your eyeballs cuz, they’re so black Oh, okay, i think she’s still in character when boyoung reads scary Stories she goes in character man wanna be friends with me huh, was like this well Shedding is definitely an unusual girl but i don’t mind what black foods are you, going to eat in italy i found a restaurant Where the squid ink pasta is supposed to be good it’s not like she forces me to like black too I’ll have to guess a leak or ice candy and jelly to lick her rice liquid rice liquor rice, jelly, that pitch black Stuff i hear a lot of people don’t like it and it’s fun being together she continues telling us about her friend and how they met ladies and gentlemen welcome to i Black dress by, barry chong Okay, well i mean so far there’s nothing wrong with liking black i mean unless she’s like a demon or something till we flare tell you john Her black loving friend, waves at her as she departs evil it was a blast never mind she didn’t depart she’s returning shedding Came back from her trip here’s your present i bought you a bracelet from ali their market in florence wow Thanks, they said it wasn’t me, oh, and made well then it’s gotta be quality, hey, italian, guys are something else they blow Your kisses right in the street Hahaha, wow so that’s true? Huh, but Why are you wearing a dress today you’ve never liked dresses before i didn’t used to but i felt drawn to it in an antique Shop in italy so i bought it oh, why, so long the chef/owner told me a long time Ago, there was a lot of tea, who wanted to make a Fair break like nothing else in this world so he peeled up people’s skin, and crowned it up Do you know, what you just read doesn’t that like surprised, you a little bit nah it seals. Oh she’s still in character Guys, still in character and this is the thrust, that he made That’s ridiculous, why, would someone put skin in a dress he must have just been trying to scare you Yeah, probably or it was an urban legend, oh? Guys, the sky is back, we all know what that means just then? Still after hearing the story the fabric really does feel like a little kids game Oh, oh, my, goodness okay, so what do, we have here boyoung just her sari, boyoung’s character just came Back from italy wearing a New dress and she doesn’t even like dresses and she said that the maker of the dress took People’s skin to make it and the girl literally just said it feels like, a, kid’s skin, what’s wrong with her Isn’t it better than old old old? Really really, old old old male scheme okay if it’s bad old anything is better than that it feels like it’s alive Breathing, not just fabric if that’s my body so well that i want to just keep wearing it Okay, a little too in character thank you though, huh My character shivers as she doesn’t even know, what to make of her best friend Who, had just come back from a trip to italy it seems that she’s completely changed you’re going, overboard with. This thing Chetty ins vintage black dress that i touched for a moment was so cold to the touch that it made my hand shiver Even on that hot day it felt strangely, soft like it was sticking to my. Hand that’s when chetan started changing Changing man she already been changing later that day or later another, day, we’re back in school step-step chetan Doesn’t it seem like that chetan girl has gotten even freakier, she Wears the same clothes for a month doesn’t she wash it that’s so nasty, oh? Geez i’m not even whispering, maybe she bought a few of the same dresses Like, hell she did she bragged, about buying that one dress in italy plus lately she’s been so grumpy It was creepy enough that she only wore that black dress before but now She’s gone nuts She’s lost so much weight has she gotten oversensitive from dieting don’t be ridiculous Dieting doesn’t justify her being so grumpy with, other people Okay, i just noticed that the whole bunch of people talking our girls and i’ve just been doing Like the douche bag voice but you know, what it’s okay? You know, what it works cuz. You know that, we have lady douchebags Okay, they’re, scary, so that’s just three that justifies is the douchebag voice there, we go see all good, okay? My character seems to be behind this crowd seeing and noticing that people are talking negatively About her friends changes i don’t even have anything to say, my character just stands there in silence chadian Hey, i need, to talk to you, tap-tap she makes her way towards her friend look i know You, like that dress but you must be sweating from the hot summer weather and you should really Wash it so why, don’t you change into something else and are you sick you’ve been getting really thin lately mind your Own business, what does mara do? What happened to you you just went to italy people loved italy i’m never going italy now. This person mom it’s me Okay, i believe you i don’t doubt that This is my vegetarian? Shiver hmm, my character gasps at the sight of her friend and the sudden outburst, that she wasn’t expecting She huff’s, and huff’s away leaving, me and my character in awe since chedda And put on that dress she started getting very irritable and lost tons of weight almost daily Oh, man yeah dude look at her she has gotten really thin, but that black dress always fit her Body just perfectly, so she’s getting thinner, but the dress still fits, her, like all the time, yeah because i watched it 100 times Phew, maybe jayden really is sick it’s not just her personality that changed her body, is getting so thin Ah the girl sits. By herself later that night wondering, about her lost friend, oh? It’s jillian, she’s calling me hello, jillian. You adam help me jay down, what is it what’s? Wrong the dress? me uh-huh Why are you laughing Okay, what cuz, we’re on the phone all right fine you know, what let’s put our phones away he’s a little overdramatic? Okay, help, me i’m scared It hurts it hurts it hurts Oh, my gosh i knew there was something up with that dress dude it’s freaking that’s, why, she’s getting skinnier it’s eating her Yujeong, rushes over to chetan’s apartment the place is trashed cherry on chedi on hey cherry on she runs over looking for her Best friend and just then she finds her leaning down on the floor are you all right what’s going on? ujong, oh Oh, geez that sound effect, oh? My, gosh dude you are hideous, ah ah You, jump gasps in horror, and what’s become of her friend? It feels like i’m cutting, my, own body whenever i tried to cut it with scissors Manthan, don’t cut. It huh you jump gasps and plops back on the floor Oh, man dude she reaches out her really skinny now a hand and it’s like cracking ah Okay, easy on the hands the dress is literally eating her alive Guys, that sound can you stop You, jump sweats pro furiously as her friend continues reaching out for but just then. Huh Thud she passes out on the ground. A little bit later, oh my, god young lady nice Flash, huh, oh you’re, awake are you, okay i heard a strange sound, and rushed over here but the Door was open, and you’re all long here on the floor, oh? What the hell happened, oh chet ian just then you jump remembers her friend what Is that blood Did someone get hurt a trail of blood lurks around the floor and it seems to be leading out the window Cherien, oh, my, gosh dude what the heck, outside the building, geez what the hell, what’s wrong, hey, isn’t that a Parsi, hanging up there in that tree two, men outside, who are smoking look, up and see something in the tree a person Man you’re such a, wussy that’s not a person it’s just, some clothes There’s a dress hanging on the tree that looks like a person late So i sorry wrong i was sure he was a ghost or something He puts out his cigarette enough with the ghost crab, let’s just get in the car And go the two, men get in their car, and drive off However in the tree it was actually, oh? My, gosh, oh, my, gosh dude she josh she’s still alive how, did she get in the tree, oh she jumped out the window And landed in the tree but the dress is still eating her Oh, and then she falls out of the tree And oh man dude and that is the end of the story wow wow wow what did you think? Exactly my thoughts – oh, man i’m just Like wondering if like her friend like if she hadn’t have passed out like if she still would have lived even though the black dress Dragged her out the window And she fell into a tree i mean she was still alive but of course she fell out of a tree and probably fell to Her death so you’re dead i’m sorry, you’re probably dead but i liz i’m skinny Guys, let me know What you think about this story down below in the Comments i really liked it it was a little bit longer than normal but You know what i think it was well worth it is that ending, what you expected? Did you expect the dress to be eating her Oh, yeah cuz i already ready, oh yeah dude you already read it is it different than how You remembered it especially reading it in english first when you read it in korean that’s the same i really like the part Where i got skinny guys if you, want to check out Boyoung’s channel i’m gonna, leave her link down below definitely go check her out if you have time, also let me know What you guys think? About this story down below in the comments as always thank you guys so much for watching and until next time We’ll see you guys in the next video bye toast

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