I am so comfortable right now. I’m gonna pretend that these lights aren’t gonna make it super hot And I’m just me sweating by the end of this video, but look it has hearts on it Rach loves rachhloves Get it? you get it. I don’t know why I’m pointing at you. You’re not Rach I mean, maybe you are are you also a Rachel? That’s cool. Hello everyone. I am here today to share with you guys some new five-star rated products that just launched I feel like every time January rolls around I always get thrown off guard by how many new products launched It’s just like great Christmas is over everyone spent all their money and now we’re going into January. Oh, what’s that 17 new foundations? Cool. So today we’re going to be trying out some new stuff from Sephora that has some 5 stars I want to see if it’s worth the 5 star rating. We’re gonna do a full wear test full wear test Meaningful day, full day wear test. We’re just gonna see what’s up with all these products So make sure you subscribe So you don’t miss out on new videos every Thursday and also on Sunday. If you have not already, if you’re new here welcome! I tested a lot of products and I drink a lot of coffee sometimes I talk too fast click that thumbs up button and leave me a comment down below if there are any other products that You want me to test out coming up next Maybe we’ll do some drugstore stuff next so stay tuned for that. And without further ado. Let’s get into this I’m just gonna put on a little eyeprimer because we’re gonna start with the eyeballs and we’re gonna be testing out the Natasha Denona Mini nude palette. Honestly as much as I like the bigger palettes, the mini ones Haven’t been great for me, but this one’s really highly rated. So maybe they did something differently with this one. I haven’t opened it So let’s test it. Oh my nail is chipped bummer. So these are the shades right here, which are Gorgeous, nothing too warm or cool just like a nice nudes neutral palette Obviously, so let’s put some of this on our eyes. I’m going to start. Woah, there’s names of the back I didn’t even know that. Oh, I can’t pronounce this one Q-U-O-I-N let me know how to pronounce that I don’t know. I don’t even know what it means. So we’re gonna tap our brush into this one And sweep it on the eyeballs like the color so far really pretty Good color payoff not as patchy as my uh my last experience with the minis palette. Not the nude one a different one Alright, let’s blend this out. Shall we? I feel like I need like a bit of a transition color because my lids are like white It’s really hard to blend brown into way without some sort of like a beige transition But this should make it a little bit easier the product the color is like nice though This is just like a skin tone thing. Okay? now let’s go in with this like darker shade and will like smudge that on the outer edge and Like a little bit into the crease and then we’ll get into some of these glitter shades. You need a crease brush Crease brush where are you I kind of sound like my kids there looking for their toys I guess makeup is kind of a toy for me diffuse crease That sounds good. Actually, I need a little bit of a shader brush first shader brush and then into the crease Ooh, this is pigmented. It’s like not too brown It’s not too like burgundy, but it has a little hint of burgundy which makes it kind of different than the crease color I like it Ooh I’m into this so far? Well, that’s exciting Will it cover up that spot of skin that never wants to be covered will soon find out. Oh love this color Look how dark that it. Like I haven’t used it. Obviously now, this is done. We’re good. Okay, let’s go on but like thus far Mmm, that is a nice color. Lets blend it because like blending can change things. Sometimes fingers crosses works though I need I need a new like travel palette. I need something that’s like light and bright keeping it simple So far so good. I feel good about this. Okay, let’s go on to some metallic shades Shall we I want to swatch these first. I need to know what undertone I want to do Ooh they are Creamy. Oh pretty Another why I just watch it on the palm of my hand. Okay I think I want to do a little of this and blend it into this. We’ll see how that goes Oh, now I need to know which shade was which okay, hold on. Okay, I think it was this one. Okay, okay We got this. Okay, we’re gonna take the darker shade first. I want to see how that like blends into the dark shade I went a little aggressive with the dark shade was fine. Looks like not super glittery Not super glittery, why aren’t you super glittery show me more glitter let’s try it with my finger. Sometimes that works better Oh that works better. Okay, cool. All right, that’s fine. I’m not like wowed by it But it’s fine. Okay, let’s try dampening a brush that like really really like light frosty shade chow chow Why does this brush not feel wet? I think I sprayed it a lot Get it oh, there we go. That’s what okay, try that again, okay Okay That’s pretty Okay, we like that. It’s not super well blended, but that’s okay I feel like this will be a good inner corner color, too, you know like nice frosty Keeping it light and bright. Okay, cool. Let’s try that with like the darker shade. Can I do that? Can I do the same brush? It’s fine. We’re gonna use the same brush. I just want more of that glitter to pop, you know Just make it more Metallic looking. Oh, that’s the only thing this palette that I don’t love the shine Not so shiny but the mats are like super pretty okay Now that we have mascara on my eyes are like most of the way done Most of the way, let’s go on to the face. So I’m going to start with a little primer We’re going to use the Farsali skin tune. You’re gonna get some of that on the face smooth it all in There we go. And now it’s going to a new foundation. This is by Laura Mercier. It’s their flawless radiant Perfecting foundation and like all of the products are gonna be testing out today. It has a super super high rating It says here medium to full coverage feel like second skin very luminous feeling and 15 hours of moisturization Well, not sixteen though. Your skin will be really bone dry at 16 hours and I have here the shade Vanille Which hopeful is my shade 1N2 just a heads up. So let’s put some of that on our hand and test it out Oh, this is the other product I want to test out it is the flawless finish makeup sponge also by Laura Mercier It is an S shaped sponge to hug the contours of the face. Also. It’s supposed to ensure minimal product absorption So that’s also kind of cool. This is a lot smaller than it looked like online though. I’m gonna be honest with you I thought it was gonna be much bigger. Oh, that is a okay. Hold on This is an interesting shape and it like tapers the end. I guess that’s for holding it like this So let’s try this out. Shall we? If it comes up, there we go So in terms of thickness a fairly thick consistency, this is a weird sponge. I have to get used to it It does definitely like hug the contours of the face like you can see that but it’s like a lot firmer than I’m used to I’m used to using the I don’t even know what this is. The StansOut one, which is more like memory foam like look how squishy it is this one feels like a rock at comparison. It’s not it’s very soft but still. I’m into this to this so far into it Okay. Now we have to get Around the brows. Why do I always do my brows first? There’s always a problem so far from a first impression standpoint I am digging This formula it is so freaking pretty it is making my skin look a little bit radiant Nothing too crazy, but a little bit and it just looks flawless like it legitimately looks Flawless. Oh my gosh I’ll be so happy if it stays like this all day This is amazing. Okay now on to a concealer Which I’m stoked about and this is by Makeup Forever it is their light capturing self Setting concealer self setting concealer why it took so long for brand to come up with this. I will never know We also do this for foundation, please that would be great. This is a 12 hour self setting concealer Meaning that I don’t need to set it with powder, which is great. It is pearly pigments in it so It’s going to diffuse light. It’s going to minimize the look of fine lines It’s going to cover up dark circles and it’s gonna stay nice and smooth and moisturize and luminous for the entire 12 hours Oh, I’m into this I got the shade 21, but I also got a sample of 11 Which is super light and this is like more my skin tone because I didn’t know how much it was going to oxidize on my skin like sometimes I’ll put stuff on and I’m like This is a great match and then like 40 seconds later. I’m like, oh, so let’s give this a whirl see what we’re working with Yeah, no, that’s gonna be a little dark for me. Like I like it I just want like a little bit of the lighter shade in it as well Boop just like that then I’ll just use my little Laura Mercier brush to kind of like pat it all in This is definitely more on the medium side of coverage I’m trying not to like overdo it because I feel like the more That I put on the more likely it’ll be that it creases by the end of the day looks good, though. Yeah looks good Okay, let’s do the same thing to the other side so far I’m going in with like a positive mindset for this concealer because I really want something I don’t have to set I Really wanted to work real bad. Honestly so far. It looks really good. I gotta finish up under the eyes We’ll go on to the next product Okay eyes are done and a little bit of bronzer now on to a new blush this came in from Buxom and it is their wanderlust Primer infused blush. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a blush infused with primer. I don’t know What’s that supposed to do so it has hyaluronic acid in it as a base to the formula So everything blends really really seamlessly and the color remains a vibrant for I think 12 hours Yeah 12 hours The color I got is Mykonos Which is just a really pretty kind of a peachy tones. Let us dust this on the cheeks dropping everything ever. That’s a lot one Start more towards the back Bring it Forward oh, look at that blush. Oh, that is real nice. Really nice my gosh five star ratings coming through today. Often times I find with new products There’ll be really really good rains at the beginning people are excited about it. They swatch really well They’re excited about getting the product and they leave a review I don’t know but over time as people get to test it out for longer periods of time the ratings tend to like slide Downwards so I like to speed up the process test out everything and just see if it’s actually worth the rating But today it seems like it is just a little bit on the nose Basically all over and now onto the lips. This is by Bobbi Brown It is their crushed liquid lip and this is supposed to have the look of a liquid lip the Comfort of a bomb and the plumped sheen of a gloss like all in one I got two different colors today one is red. And then one is nude but I think with like what I’m wearing and like the overall kind of just very Soft nude palette that I have going on. I think I want to do this one. This is lychee, baby Oh, the applicator is interesting. It’s very stumpy. So it’s got a flat edge here almost sloping like this So we’ll see what this like when I apply Oh, the color is pretty it actually kind of matches My shirt has a little bit of a peachy vibe to it, but not too much. It’s a little on the light side But I like it. Now I’m just gonna spray it with setting spray We’re gonna go about my day and I will check it with you guys tonight. We’ll see how everything is wearing We’ll see if I still like the products as much as I do right now at the end a day So be right back Okay, guys, it is now at the end of the day and this is what the makeup is now looking like. So let’s discuss, so first of all, I Reapplied at the lip product a couple of hours ago and it’s held up pretty well It fades nicely which I do like so I would definitely wear it again. I love the color. That’s awesome The blush is really pretty the eyeshadow is nice the metallics. I’m not a huge fan of They’re just not popping as much as I want them to but I do like the palette I would use it again And then the foundation has held up really well It’s still holding up strong. It looks really good my foundation just like my skin looks really good right now The only thing about the concealer, I really liked how it looked all day it held up. Really Well, it looked really good. It was not creasing at all I’m using a lot of hand motions here, but you can see like right under here My mascara is like catching a couple of like the flakes of my mascara underneath my eyes So that’s the one thing it was creasing like a teeny tiny bit here But like I mean, that’s kind of like human skin. I’m not a statue what I use again. Yes, absolutely I love the fact that I didn’t have to set it and it’s held up like this and it doesn’t look like a Crazy mess under my eyes right now. I would just probably use like a different mascara on my lower lashes But like that’s about it, but I want to know have you tried any of these products before? Do you like them? Did you leave any of these 5 star reviews? Leave me a comment down below and make sure to check out the videos on the side if you have missed any. Thank you So much for watching and make sure you’re subscribed. If you aren’t already for new videos every Thursday and Sunday and that is everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome week and I’ll see you guys all in my next video. Love you all. Muah!


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