“New Avengers Game” | Designs Finally Updated | Alternate Costumes & More!

“New Avengers Game” | Designs Finally Updated | Alternate Costumes & More!

(Epic Music) What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you another Marvel’s Avengers update. And this 1 is more of a recap of the things that were revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. It’s gonna be a busy week for Marvel because they currently have the floor for a lot of reveals at Hall H. And when it comes to these kinds of things it means you absolutely have to be there to see what they have planned for future projects. A lot of you guys were upset about Crystal Dynamics choosing to once again show a behind closed doors demonstration of the 1st mission in Marvel’s Avengers. But thankfully we were able to get some info via tweets so we’re gonna talk about it today. But before we dive into that I gotta give a shout out to today’s sponsor Raid Shadow Legends. Raid Shadow Legends is an awesome game that you can play on the go via iOS & Android phones. It’s a turned based RPG title that has been absolutely killing it in the mobile gaming industry. Boasting almost 10 million users who’ve downloaded the game in just 3 months. And why are so many gamers going crazy over this title you ask? How about the fact that it has some of the best graphics you’re gonna find on a mobile device? Or the strategic gameplay you’re gonna need to conquer those huge boss battles? And I can’t forget about the amazing story line and over 400 champions waiting to be collected and customized by you. My favorite champion is the Dark Elf, Kael, because he has a sick design and magical moves that can inflict poison as well as deal critical damage to enemies. I can see why the game is growing super-fast with all it’s highly anticipated live updates. There’s a new, awesome, loyalty/rewarding program for new players. And you get daily login rewards for the first 90 days of playing. And you wanna know the best thing about this game? It’s absolutely free to play. So what are you waiting for? Go to the description on this video, click on the special links and you will get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the “New Player Program” to start your journey. Good luck and I’ll see you on the battlefield. So as you all know Marvel Entertainment held a secret behind closed doors panel for Marvel’s Avengers. And we weren’t quite sure exactly what new things they would be unveiling besides the footage we already got at E3. It just so turns out that it was more than we had initially thought. Because we actually got an extended version of the E3 demo. And this demo pretty much confirmed mostly all of the rumors we got in that reddit leak a month ago. Things like the helicarrier serving as your main hub and a cutscene consisting of a girl that looks to be Kamala Khan validated everything that was mentioned in the leak. 1 of the most noticeable things would be the updated faces for the characters. If you remember last month the creative director Shaun Escayg said that there weren’t any plans to change the character designs. And that they were pretty committed to the design choices. This news didn’t quite sit well with a majority of the fans. Either the designs didn’t really sell how epic they game would be or they didn’t mirror their MCU counterparts. So fans were really up in arms about this. Some of you stated that you just didn’t like the character faces. And admittedly I was 1 of those fans who shared those complaints. There’s no reason that Tony Stark should look like Angry Joe on a keto diet. There was obviously an uncanny valley of realistic and downright wonky looking faces. But if you go back to that interview Shaun Escayg said something that I don’t think fans picked up on. “The level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve as we get closer to launch” Meaning that they were absolutely gonna give the character’s face lifts somewhere down the line. And as you can see by this before and after photo of the Black Widow they did that and then some. 1 of the biggest issues fans had with her model was that her chin was a little abnormal. And admittedly I didn’t notice this at first but after getting repetitive comments saying she looked like Farqaad from Shrek I kinda saw where they were coming from. Her chin was definitely pronounced. But as you can see in the updated photo not only does her face look more proportioned and attractive. Her hair seems to have also been given an update. Which is dope because it seemed like the facial and head hair for the characters was another 1 of those things that made them jarring to look at. Case & point Thor. This guy got a ton of backlash for how bad his beard looked. The hair just moves awkward and the facial hair looks like it doesn’t belong on his face. But it looks like Crystal has since fixed that issue as well. I know I mentioned in my previous video that they were working with a more modified version of their in house graphics software the Foundation Engine. So things are still getting tweaked. I posted this update on my community tab and there were a lot of you saying that you didn’t understand why they bothered updated the looks in the first place. And that they were fine. And I understand that some of you didn’t have a problem with the original faces. But there was a good majority of you who were flip flopping. I noticed some of you complaining at first so I find it funny that you wanna turn around and say they were fine in the first place. I’m just saying. But moving on the next thing that was revealed were in-game alternate costumes for the Avengers members. And this was absolutely needed to pat out the fires of complaints they were getting from fans regarding the new costumes. But I was fairly optimistic that we would be getting other cosmetic upgrade and costumes from some of the other lore like the comics and movies. And 1 of the 1st costumes they showed was the classic Joe Fixit costume for the Hulk. And I had a feeling they’d add this 1 because it’s been added in some of the older Hulk games like Ultimate Destruction. In the comics Bruce would transform into Joe Fixit or the Grey Hulk due to Bruce Banner’s dissociative identity disorder. Unlike the Savage Green Hulk, Joe Fixit is a more cunning and morally ambiguous. He can gain more strength as he gets angrier except it’s a lot slower compared to the normal Hulk. Not sure if the suit will just be for aesthetics but I’m hoping it has all the abilities as well as his weaknesses from the comics. But anyways the next costume they showcased was the Mark 42 Sin Iron Man armor. This is 1 of those suits that’s made using multiple repulsor cores like the 1 on Tony Stark’s chest. Unlike other Iron Man armors who’s pieces have to be assembled from the same exact model. The Mark 42 can basically adapt utilizing parts from different suits. All of it is powered by the Stark Omniversal Multitasking Software which Tony got from Rocket Raccoon when he teamed up with the Guardians. Like he could activate the suit to handle certain threats while he was off world. And it could also deploy whips. But moving on the other suits we got are the classic Captain America scale male armor Viking Thor and a bearded Hulk that looks like he could be from the House of M comics. Hopefully we get to unlock em. There’s also a 12 inch statue of Cap created by Gentle Giants Studios and apparently this’ll be part of the Collector’s Edition. It’s basically a colored version of the memorial statue we saw from the A-Day trailer. 1 thing I’ll say about this is that for some reason this version of Captain America looks a lot better than the in game model. Like he looks a lot bulkier and fills out his suit unlike the in-game model that looks like his super soldier physique is buried under all that armor. I’m hoping they’ve beefed him up in the actual game because I don’t necessarily mind their take on his costume. It just looks a little too boxy for a character like Cap who’s known for his heroic physique. But moving on the creative director says that there’ll be “certain missions designed for specific heroes” to fit with the story line and single player aspects, but many can be played using any hero in your roster. After the A-Day prologue the world opens up for you. And your base will be a reclaimed Helicarrier from which you can launch “single-player and co-op missions in hot spots around the globe”. They also announced that the A-Day demo prologue will be released online after Gamescom in August! Stating that it’s an extended and updated look at the events of that fateful day. So if you pre-ordered the game for the PS4 you can look forward to getting a taste of what the game has to offer in next month’s demo. But that’s all the news I have for you guys today. We got more news than expected and it’s awesome that they’ve already announced some of the alternate costumes. I guess I can kinda let Crystal off the hook for hosting another behind closed doors demo for Marvel’s Avengers. Because as I mentioned this was a Comic-Con event and most of the things shown there tend to be kept under wraps. But what are your thoughts on all this news? Do you think the game is headed in the right direction with some of the facial updates? And do you think Square should reveal more of the game to the public eye? Lemme know down in the comments below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up. It can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

100 Replies to ““New Avengers Game” | Designs Finally Updated | Alternate Costumes & More!”

  1. Shout out to RandomBlackGamer calling out the flip-floppers on the faces lolol MAD flip-flopping was going on instead of giving Crystal Dynamics props for listening to criticism. Next time fans get ignored by development teams they should only blame themselves.

  2. Humans can be sooo stupid. How you gonna complain about the faces then after they update the face, turn around and say the faces were fine. Smh humans goin out sad fr

  3. They MUST make Thor look like a realistic version of Thor from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order

  4. The people want for MCU visuals but forget It is not based in the movies , anway this games looks to se a garbage

  5. The Idea is fantastic. The game in like a mix of Character switching with a long story at it. But the gameplay really has to be good then

  6. I think that the captain america design is fitting because he's a soldier and thats how i think this games gonna be good

  7. I swear the game still unfinished so of course the trailer and the characters are gonna look off so why is everyone flipping

  8. Ngl, Black Widow looked like one of those movie reviewers on youtube. I forget her name but the face reminds me of her.

  9. Thank God they updated the designs. Widow was lookin like a tranny. I was half expecting her to unzip and pull out a schlong.

  10. People cry about images of characters then protest when the gameplay lacks greatness because they had to remove stuff to please video game model judges

  11. Bro youre legally retarded. Caps suit is the worst thing ive ever seen in my whole life. What is it riot gear? RIP

  12. Bro youre legally retarded. Caps suit is the worst thing ive ever seen in my whole life. What is it riot gear? RIP

  13. Bro youre legally retarded. Caps suit is the worst thing ive ever seen in my whole life. What is it riot gear? RIP

  14. People with nothing going on complaining about a chin in a videogame. HAHAHA. The comedy has reached full circle.

  15. I'm holding off on buying this game until more gameplay is shown (so early 2020) and they announce Spider-Man as playable.

    Yeah, sure they made the game look nicer, but gameplay before anything else. Also pre order bad

  16. I find it really funny how people were talking shit when it first showed up but as soon as they changed some faces and mad people look a lil slimmer everyone acts like they were on board day one

  17. Black widow looks so much better. It wasn’t that she was unattractive, just that she didn’t have the essence of the character. None of them did tbh. But making the eyes bigger on her specifically, as well as making the face more narrow, makes her look more intimidating and almost like she can’t be completely trusted. That has always been one of the most fun things about her character tbh

  18. I honestly didn’t see what everyone was whining about costumes were totally fine but it proved gamers now a days will hitch about nothing make it seem like something so they can feel like someone for two minutes

  19. You guys are hypocrites because you said you hated the design and then you guys said they didn’t need to change it, you fucking assholes

  20. This game looks promising as far as I'm concerned. I hope it's a classic like Spider-Man ps4 already is. Let's hope for the best everyone.

  21. Why does Black Widow looks like Prince Charming from Shrek? Put their faces side by side and tell me you don’t see it.

  22. they looked fine cause they were based on the comics not the films ffs the mcu isn't the be and end all

  23. Ok to be honest I really want a mark 85 armor for Tony, Infinity War Thor, and Endgame Cap where his special ability could be to summon Mjolnir which would be badass. If not then I am completely cool with the suits they made here, which I am.

  24. This guy really dedicated an entire fucking minute to raid: shadow legends. All youre doing is talking on a mic and putting background footage you dont even own, you dont NEED sponsors okay if youre gonna have a sponsor dont fucking drop that shit smack in the middle of your video without even apologizing and go on for like a minute and a half, instant dislike

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