39 Replies to “New Clothing and New Showdown Mode in Red Dead Online”

  1. I cant activate 2step verification for the gta and red dead money it says authentificaton error pls help

  2. Ive been here since 2k until now . The one thing that hasn't changed is mrboss copying your vidd

  3. How to piss some one off kill people with a carbine reapter when someone does a mission destroy the caravan in showdown mode kill people with a varmint rifle and act stupid because it's all ready patched

  4. im really hoping they add Mexico. I wanna head to El Presidio from RDR 1. It'd be a great showdown area

  5. Hey single player how did u do it o is easy i just need to hunt and buy them

    Hey online player how did you get it.

    I buy it

  6. so it seems as if sometime soon, hopefully next week, we will have the ability to recustomize our characters using new tools, and I can't wait for that. Of course, because it's rockstar games, we have to pay for it, but our first character reset is free.

  7. One of the best rdr2 youtubers.

    I love how you don’t forget single player and still uplod videos of it,

  8. Every time I see u r On. I want to say "Hi" but I know u r making some great videos. And I don't want to ruin it.

    I hope we can play one day, amigo.

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