*NEW* ESO: Outfit System, Finally look EXACTLY the way you want!

*NEW* ESO: Outfit System, Finally look EXACTLY the way you want!

what's going on guys to trusten today we're gonna be looking at the brand new outfit system in the Elder Scrolls online I've tried to record this like 17 times now so we're just gonna put straight through it with no issues whatsoever I'm gonna tell you guys exactly what the outfit system is how to customise your outfit where to find an alpha station basically everything you need to know about the brand new outfit station system in the Elder Scrolls online it's free to everybody it did come out with the dragon bones DLC which launched two days ago on February 12th so it is a brand new thing to the other scrolls online you can do some really cool stuff with it so we're gonna jump right into the nitty-gritty details you got some notes over here right now so I'm gonna keep you know anyway guys if you see this symbol up on screen I'll put it right about here if you see this symbol that is a brand-new outfit station basically in the world they replaced all the die stations with outfit stations and what an outfit station does is allows you to customize your own costume so I assume basically everybody watching this video probably has some sort of costume because there's a lot of them you can unlock the various things anyway the costume covers all of your current armor makes you look like something totally different even if you're wearing light armor if your costume looks like heavy armor it looks like you're wearing heavy armor and the outfit system is the exact same thing except it uses your knowledge of styles so if you're not a crafting you don't know any styles then when you go to the Alpha station the only style you're going to be able to create an outfit out of is going to be a racist style since when you create a character your race already knows their own races style that makes sense right yeah so if you know a whole bunch of different styles you're gonna have a whole bunch of customization options to customize your out-out fit width and it doesn't matter if you're wearing light armor medium armor heavy armor it doesn't matter what type of armor is you can make it if you're a white armor guy you can make it look like you're wearing all heavy armor if your heavy armor guy you can make it look like you're wearing all light armor it's a very flexible system hopefully everything I'm going through so far makes sense if you look on screen right you're actually go through the outfit station you I I guess you would call it and kind of tell you guys and show you guys a little bit like this so you guys are familiar with it when you get into the game so the first thing you're going to do you go over the left side and you're going to choose outfit one you can unlock the ability to have new outfits or to have multiple outfits but even if you just have one outfit you can continue to change and customize that outfit and it's one outfit per character so the create an outfit on one character you will not have that same outfit on a second character I created and I confirm this through I created a outfit on my brand new Nightblade which the build may be dropping pretty soon for the brand new dragon's bone DLC so if you guys are inside drop a subscription below I don't even know how I was talking about anyway you're gonna choose outfit one and this is going to be the outfit for your character it does cost some gold every time you make an outfit and we'll kind of talk about how much gold and stuff like that in a second well basically you go to armor styles and all the armor styles you know account to wide so if you have one guy that's a crafter and he knows like all 235 styles then you will have access to all 235 styles on every single one of your characters so like if you're like me I have one guy that crafts but as you can see she obviously doesn't craft them but anyway all your Styles will be unlocked across all your characters except if you have your crafter make sure to jump on your craft or first all you got to do is login to him and then you can log back out and hop on your second guy or hop on your main guy and that will make sure all the styles are unlocked in the outfits station if you just go on your main guy and he doesn't know any styles and you walk over to the outfits station and you open up this menu it's just gonna have the styles that that character knows until you log into your crafter and then it will push all the styles that that character knows to all of your other accounts or all your other characters so hopefully that makes sense that was kind of a mouthful anyway now we're gonna be talking about the well you know move bench and weapon Styles you can change the way your weapon looks which is absolutely awesome you can actually dye your weapon as well which is is really really cool it's probably one of the best things about the outfit system in my opinion I mean you can make like a lightning staff look like a healing staff or a healing staff make it look like a lightening staff just kind of whatever your personal preference preference is you can do it so the Alpha station is awesome in that way but is really really crappy in another way and that way is that you it cost gold as you can see this outfit I put together here is made out made up of order our style and then I have a Breton hat on everything else's order our style I guess my weapon is red guard then you can switch to your other weapon and this one's order our style cuts 6900 gold to dye everything and to have all that armor and it costs I think mm of that 2050 to be exact is how much it costs just to dye your armor any color so instead of being on the diorama for free now and like mix it up whenever you want to and now cost 2k gold which a lot of new players are just not gonna really have access to and not going to be able to do so that's what sucks about the optin system I think they should have still made it free to dye stuff except for now that I think of it you can still die your regular armor that your character is wearing and I do not think that cost in gold but to dye the outfit itself it does cost gold or you can buy an outfit change token from the crown store I'll put up how much that costs right there so you guys can check that out so you guys can see how much or how many crowns it costs to do that so I'm not exactly sure at this moment how much it costs but anyway 6900 is a cheap outfit like some of the pieces I was talking to some guys and they were using like the TEL vani style or like the assassins brotherhood style or whatever and some of their outfits cost above 20 thousand gold one guy said his was near 30000 gold for one single outfit and that's kind of ridiculous it's kind of crazy they probably should have made it a little bit cheaper to do this but then again if you're a veteran player and you're at like the end game and you are like wanting to customize your character and stuff it probably isn't that big of a deal I think I just have one last thing to say and then I'm gonna wrap up the video and that is if you had the morag tong style which i do or the imperial style that came with the dlc and then morag tong style converter came the Morrowind enhanced edition or Morrowind deluxe edition I think is what it's called so is now incorporated into the outfit system which basically means if you had the converter before you couldn't convert armor pieces and everything you wanted whenever you wanted into a more Achtung style piece and that was really cool especially as lower levels when you get really just crappy noob looking armor I would always go through and just convert it all to morag tong style or if somebody was crafting the armor maroc tongs looked pretty cool so instead of paying extra for some cool style I just be able to craft it or I'd be able to convert it over to more on tongue but now you it is incorporated 100% into the outfit system so if you want to look like morag tong you now have to pay for it and setting instead of it being a free converter like it was before which isn't that cool that should be free I think you know that's just my personal opinion anyway guys that I'm actually going to wrap up the video now hopefully you guys enjoyed if you stayed to the end thank you definitely means a lot drop a like on the video if you guys enjoyed the video go ahead subscribe to the channel I have six days to hit 1000 subscribers I'm going to be kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program it's gonna be a pain in the butt to get back into that thing so let's go ahead smash the subscribe button right now go down there I'll wait I'll wait for you to hit hit it oh no yep yep yep thank you very much written that subscribe button definitely means so much to me we're gonna hit 1000 subscribers by the 20th I believe in it we're probably gonna do a livestream before the 20th at some point as well like a road to 1000 subscribers livestream I'm gonna be running through the Elder Scrolls online dragon bones dungeon scale caller peak and faith Fang lair whatever the thing layer something I'm gonna run through both those dungeons I'm gonna have a brand new night play PvP dragon bones update night blade stamina knife wait am you coming out with I'm gonna be coming out with a bomb blade a magic of LOM bomb bomb blade build because they took off the AoE damage cap so basically you can fly into a big Zerg and so we destroy everybody with a GIM bomb it's gonna be amazing so if you guys want to see any of that stuff subscribe to the channel drop a like if you enjoyed the video if you stay to the end thank you so much and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. If you had the Morag Tong and/or the Imperial style converters you can apply them for free through the outfit system, but if you bought the motifs it'd cost. So it's still free.

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