New Fabrics Handwork Cutdana Bridal Dress | 2020 Designs | With Prices

New Fabrics Handwork Cutdana Bridal Dress | 2020 Designs | With Prices

Saeed Cloth House As you can see Saeed Bhai’s brought new designs As I told you in my previous video that I am getting more latest designs on 5th December InshaALLAH, you can see this We have alot of latest designs right here Its for frocks, sarees, for maxi dresses For Shararas & for brides as well All the designs are beautiful So let’s start the video then I’ll show you guys new designs Zubair Bhai, make styles of it then show This is heavy for brides Our customers demanded this very much This is heavy dress for sharara & dupatta You can make sharara of it with dupatta Alhamdulilah, I will open alot of designs for you guys You can get more colours in this & more fabrics as well, I will show all of their designs today I will show designs one by one with prices I will share another WhatsApp number I will tell you about it at end Where are more designs ? This ferozi is in which style ? This is different style We start from there In which we get one design for saree We will show that design first Take out this OFF-White Saeed Bhai I will show you this colour too This is navy blue, Its full heavy For brides like Saree It would be really beautiful This is two side style up border Its with 3D Flowers & Its work is very beautiful One of our USA client demanded Saying ‘Saeed Bhai Whenever you make video show sarees designs You can see their colours, This is navy blue colour This is OFF-White colour of them & I’ll show you their maroon colour as well Maroon is also good colour Their prices are Rs.3500 per YARD This is maroon colour MashaALLAH, all of their colours are awesome See its work’s detail It is organza 3D Flower style Organza with Tessle Moothi & full heavy work Look at this This is peach pink colour Peach Pink Colour MashaALLAH, its full heavy work Alhamdulilah, In every video you will see new designs So Watch this video till end I’ll open all designs and show you You can take screenshot here and send it to me on WhatsApp As you saw this saree material I have one another material Show their colours first, Chaman Bhai This is Lilac Colour This green colour, tea pink colour Maroon Colour, Navy blue & Golden I will show green colour You will see one colour of it first openely & rest you can tell me over WhatsApp Give me its lining Not this green colour ? You can see this like that You can make sharara of it Peplum Frock, Maxi You can have any style in this MashaALALH its work is really beautiful It will cost you Rs.2800 per YARD As you saw colours of this One another design Its for short peplum frock, maxi, sharara Any style you want If you want heavy dupattas for brides You’ll get heavy dupattas too Which colour ? Shall I show black? Show black’s asthar Thank god, we got many clients They purchases alot from us You have to watch this video till end We will show you alot of designs Just check black’s beauty You can have any style in this Zubair Bhai, which styles are possible in this ? It is for maxi, sharara Like today’s trending is short frock peplum style Its look will be awesome Its colours are also beautiful Its work is really beautiful You can see its colours Their colours, This is maroon colour This is tea pink colour, golden colour Light Pista Green, Smokey Grey Navy Blue & Grey Colour in this It is also Rs.2800 per YARD InshaALLAH, you can avail further discount in this & I have one heavy thing for brides I’ll show you that then I will show you these designs. Show that zubair bhai First show their golden colour ‘Fone Asthar Raka’ Like Tahir Bhai used to do with us, ‘fone asthar raka’ InshaALLAH, you’ll must these designs Alhamdulilah, The fabric & designs we got are gorgeous & latest designs Watch the video till end InshaAllah I’ll show you beautiful designs This is full heavy work with cheque style border Lighter Jhaal at top This is for valima like lights colour are used & heavy dupatta with it This all the colours so those who orders faster gets it first MashaALLAH You’ll get alot of beautiful designs at Saeed Cloth House As you are watching this We are making this for our channel Alhamdulilah, All the designs are latest & unique We have one more colour of this I’ll show you that colour Lets show their colours first, Saeed Bhai I’ll show their colours right with prices This is light ferozi colour Navy Blue Colour, Light Pista Green Silver Grey, Golden Colour Their prices will be Rs.3500 per YARD & their dupatta material will be Rs.2500 per YARD Its full heavy with matha patti style Its full heavy work You can have designs in this like sharara style So we keep changing designs in it Let’s add one more design Nowadays peoples are using short frock peplum style on sharara Zubair Bhai… Give me lining This is brand new at Saeed Cloth House InshaALLAH, I hope that you’ll like this InshaALLAH, zubair bhai will show you their designs today MashaALLAH, its heavy border Its sharara will give an amazing look So Its sharara will be beautiful Whoever wants to make heavy dress for bride It’ll be full sharara & Short Frock style on sharara Today, we will show you beautiful designs in this video Where is dupatta fabric ? I will show its dupatta fabric Give me its dupatta fabric, Enayat Khan It’ll will be there Its here, found it You can see their designs Its full heavy dupatta with it, matha patti You must approach a good master for this kind of designs designs are awesome with cheap prices So we are doing this for our channel and shop publicity So We have international clients & pakistani clietns Alhamdulilah, alot of my karachi clients came here. & they liked our fabric As you saw this design I will show you colours of its dupatta part You can see colours I’ll show you their colours Like This is sky blue colour This is mauve colour This one is ferozi green Tea Pink Colour is also nice colour & last one is black colour If you want it for short frock, peplum Their peplums will be beautiful Peplum Frock & One is very heavy work style Today’s video will be abit longer because Today we will work hard InshaALLAH, I hope that you’ll the following designs & fabrics with reasonable prices This is light jhaal style with double border step & cutwork at bottom There is cutwork border at bottom & lighter jhaal at top Like, Sharara, Short Peplum Frock OR Gharara You can make any style in this Its maxi look would be incredible sharara, gharara because it is heavy dress Their prices will be 3500 per YARD I’ll show your their colours 8-9 colours right You can see colours This one is purple colour Purple right… Light Peach Pink Colour This one is Lilac Colour Tea Pink Colour, Black Colour This one is green colour, skin colour & navy blue colour MashaALLAH, all of their colours are good So you’ll like these designs & fabrics Its Rs.3500 per YARD You can take screenshot from here and place your order & This one is full heavy jhaal its another style of previous one Its look is fancy Give me its lining If you make maxi of it, Its look will be awesome As I told you that at Saeed Cloth House you’ll get branded dress Alhamdulilah, This is our shop’s designs You’ll like them Its full all-over style I’ll show this with lining I will show their designs & colours one by one You can make long dress, maxi, sharara Peplum Frock OR the long tail one we’ve stitched recently That style is also possible in this right I’ll show their colours Its not a big deal, if you want heavy dupattas for brides, Its also available We will show you colours All the colours are english colours This is pink colour of it Pink Colour is also nice colour & This one is ferozi colour This one is navy blue colour Yes this is navy blue You can place your orders as soon as possible By taking a screenshot.. This is mint green Chaman Bhai, Show all of their colours from upside So Its Rs.3500 per YARD & This is silver colour & MashaALLAH, all the designs are beautiful Its the same design but its a bit different style I will show this silver with lining Zubair Bhai, I want a friendly advice from you If anyone wants to make saree for bride Yes, Its saree would be good-looking Because Its abit light & its border look is good Today, all items gonna fall down (hahahah) InshaALLAH InshaALLAH Its very good work its different work I will show you more colours We have golden colour in this You can see this golden colour This is ferozi colour MashaALLAH, all the varieties are awesome InshaAllah, you’ll like it & This is navy blue colour, look at this Its price is also the same Show all of their colours from upside & This is sky blue Sky blue..MashaALLAH We got all the items in full heavy work Its best option for brides You can make a good maxi & a good saree & sharara & Its tail style would be awesome too because its border is light you can also do oraib cut. Zubair Bhai, I picked this three times you didnt even gave me a single chance. No No Show it Throw it there zubair bhai, MashaALLAH If you make a sharara of such flary then how its look would be ? We previously made one dress of it for bride It was for our london’s aunty Look at its beauty with lining As I am showing you only you just one sample You can get more colours in it If you want heavy dress for bride you can get it too Its price will be Rs.2500 per YARD Rs.2500 per YARD right… Just see its beauty & designs, MashaALLAH, its really beautiful designs Their colours are also good Like, Long Maxi, Short Peplum Frock, Gharara You can have any style in this What colours do we have in this ? Navy Blue colour in this Navy Blue, look at this & This is rose gold colour of it Rose Gold Colour, I am showing you all the colours style wise This one is mint green Mint Green with Silver Combination & This is coffee colour Look at the coffee colour, chaman bhai This is dark green Look at this, Peacock Colour it is Cap style is also possible right.. Its look would be beautiful in saree & sharara Saree, sharara, peplum frock All the styles would look good in this Because Its price is lower & is very beautiful You can purchase this as soon as possible & this heavy pattern of that one It is really good work As you can see this flowers MashaALLAH, designs are awesome This is Saeed Bhai Shop’s designs InshaALLAH, you’ll like this MashaALLAH, you can see its beauty Saeed Bhai tell its price. Its Rs.2700 per YARD You can get 6-7 colours in this Show their colours You can see their colours Saeed Bhai is working hard today.. This is tea pink colour & This is smoke grey colour & One is light ferozi green colour Light Ferozi Green Colour We showed you rest of the colours with dupattas You can get more colours in this Like Dark Maroon Colour Black Colour you can see On our baaji (sister) demanded black said ‘that whenever you get black colour with lines make good of it’ So Black Colour is here You can make front open style in this Look at this style You can make front open style Yes you can design further Consider this as a gift from Saeed Bhai So MashaALLAH, its really good work Its border is heavy, its lines is also heavy You can see its peach pink colour Its also beautiful Peach Pink colour is good This is silver grey colour Silver Grey is also good colour Show the ferozi dress zubair bhai MashaALLAH, its work is gorgeous Its very heavy work Its full heavy work Like Sharara Dress & Maxi MashaALLAH, its beauty is outstanding Its price will be Rs.3500 per YARD Its full heavy work Like Short Peplum, Lehenga & Skirt Any kind of style is possible in this The stock in this video would be available for around 20-25 days. Alhamdulilah, we got this stock in much quantity InshaALLAH, you’ll like this I will show your colours in this One golden colour in this This is golden colour MashaALLAH, all the colours are good This is navy blue colour Show all the colours together at last You can take screenshot from here and place your oder I’ll share my another WhatsApp number as well, (mentioned in description) My telenor number right. You can also contact me through that number See this grey colour, pista green colour Golden, navy blue colour & This is full heavy work You can make heavy dress for brides These are the designs for brides The work we are showing, you can make for brides in this easily MashaALLAH, desigs and fabrics are really good-looking InshaALLAH, you’ll like this Alhamdulilah, all of our designs are beautiful InshaALLAH, you have to watch this video till end You’ll see beautiful designs & I have one another fabric Its for sarees & its heavy border & its work is awesome Open this purple colour & show it Give me purple’s lining Akbar Bhai Its best option for saree You can have any style in this Short Peplum Frock, Sharara, Gharara Any style you want I will show it lining Colours are also beautiful InshaALLAH, you will love it This time all of our designs are gorgeous Show every single cutdana closer Show the stone in the flower Its complete handwork Look here Its all handwork cutdana’s work MashaALLAH, its very beautiful & small flowers at top of it Its with stone work You can get 6 colours in this Its colours are really awesome You will get this sky blue colour in this This is very beautiful colour Zubair Bhai, Open all the colours for me This is tea pink colour MashALLAH, I sold many today Alhamdulilah, all the designs are awesome Like I used to open video the design in tahir bhai I liked the most Look at this Enayat Khan, put dark purple on it You can buy any colour you liked I will show you more colours too Enayat Khan is holding dark purple colour Zubair Khan is holding peach Saeed Khan is holding sky blue colour Sky Blue colour… you are showing rest of the colours ? Yes show all the colours InshaALLAH, you will like this You will get it in discounted price Show their colours I’ll tell you their prices, Its Rs.3500 per YARD You can get it in any quantity I have this in enough quantity This light skin colour in this Skin Colour… Its very beautiful Show its complete look Alhamdulilah, you can make bridal dresses in this & also party & for weddings heavy light design you want You can get it in YARDS You can buy how many yards you want I will give you This is grey colour Purplish Grey Colour with silver shine & this one is mint green MashaALLAH, all of its colours are beautiful Colours and designs MashaALLAH Its work is made of light cutdana InshaALLAH, you’ll like the following varieties & items at last I’ll show you one design Its really beautiful design Alhamdulilah today we are making this video to show all the designs to our clients so they could purchase easily You can place your order quickly This is full heavy work Its dresses would be super gorgeous Its pattern Its totally a different look Alhamdulilah, all of our designs & fabrics are awesome Its totally with light jhaal Its for long maxi, sharara Peplum Frock, all styles would look awesome in this Like if someone wants for heavy saree It is also possible in this Maxi look would be very beautiful in this Its little bit expensive But its work style is too much It is Rs.4500 per YARD You can see this flowers the work is done with cutdana pulse sequence MashaALLAH, all of its colours are awesome You can see this design, It is Rs.4500 per YARD See coffee colour here Coffee is delightful colour Coffee is out of stock, Zubair Bhai You can just feel pleasure only by seeing it This is OFF-White colour in this All of its colours are good-looking Zubair Bhai, like we showed in the first video the dubai’s one Yes this another style of it This is also in heavy Zubair Bhai is giving you Rs.500 discount in this Rs.4500 right This one is mauve colour of it Mauve colour is also good colour Put lining with mauve colour As you watched today’s video You can comment below to tell us if you liked this video InshaALLAH we will come up with even more beautiful designs for you guys I will share that designs on my channel too Zubair Bhai, enough for today This is a special video for today thats why it took abit longer Today we are too late Like that we have more varieties for you guys We are late so InshaALLAH, we want permission from our clients / friends Like & SHARE & SUBSCRIBE So that whenever I upload a new video so you will get it easily We are showing you our shop location Our shop is located at Bahadurabad, Karachi Pakistan Chaar Minaar Chowrangi then Qurtuaba Market Saeed Bhai tell your new WhatsApp number too My new number is +923452528290 Its my secondary WhatsApp number You can also contact through this number I will try to reply you as quickly as i can Because we gets alot of messages so that some of our customers get upset from us saying ‘saeed bhai you dont reply’ We gets alot of messages on one number We reply for sure but it takes little time If you want best varieites then contact saeed bhai InshaALLAH I will take your orders quickly Enough for today ALLAH Hafiz !

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