21 Replies to “New Jersey Agrees to $15 Minimum Wage”

  1. People have to ask themselves this question: what is the difference between working 40 hrs at $10 and working 28 hrs at $15? The only difference is the hours worked; your not taking home more money! Companies will offset the labor cost by cutting your hours and raising prices; especially small businesses. Ya'll are letting these liberals play ya'll for fools

  2. Thank you Bernie Thank you Bernie now all we need to do is FIX Trump’s new tax plan to reward the rich and punish the poor.

  3. Raising the minimum wage only means the prices of everyday items are going to increase or less jobs so companies dont have to pay as much

  4. Hey Bernie you ever gonna talk to news about Seth Rich, the firing of a staffer with 4 involved accessing Hillary camp infos?
    How about NGP VAN dropping firewalls intentionally between the campaigns opening access to all camps infos from October 2015 up thru the 2016 primaries?

    Nothing but Cspan infomercial for months after only talking at us, then nothing but kid glove news channels? You owe some answer buddy!

  5. Minimum wage. Lowest base gain a bump, prices adjust accordingly passing the buck back to us in price hikes, putting the minimum wage gain right back under water..
    The Median household gain nothing but higher cost due to companies passing their bill's plus desirable profits incorporated in all companies survival structure to keep from going under closing their doors!!!
    Thus minimum wage raises are a true enemy of the middle class!!!

    Bernie is a liar setting Wall street up for new profit levels!

  6. Think about it. Bernie isn't even president but has done AT LEAST 5 times what Trump has done. Bernie is the president we need!

  7. Bernie you could have been a maverick but you let Debbie Wasserman take you out to the wood shed. And you just fell in line like the crony you are. You are a fake & a spineless coward. You let Hillary take your lunch $. You are a shill.

  8. What about the people who work for tips. In NJ they can pay you $2.25ph if you get tips. Is that going to increase as well?

  9. I was worried that Murphy was going to turn out to be a Corzine 2.0 but I'm impressed with his accomplishments so far!

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