New Jersey Devil Documentary: Looking for a Legend

New Jersey Devil Documentary: Looking for a Legend

it is New Jersey's oldest legend I'm hearing even before the 13 colonies the New Jersey Devil has dwelled in the Pine Barrens for over 100 years many have claimed that he is as real as you and I so I believe there's something down here and many claim that it's just a hoax I am NOT a believer Legere Stella either way it sparked the interest of many research teams and enthusiasts alike we dive into the legend that is the New Jersey Devil and find out what exactly it is you grim Sun Goes Down and the air hits steel and the Hulk all of the wave wave sends chills up your spine in wet it's time for the pine barrens and it makes you look around and a sacred place somewhere inside way from what could be that's a mystery still here in pine there the Pine Barrens a beautiful but fake swampy forest that covers 22% of New Jersey it's primarily the setting of the legend Bryan Johnson the owner of urban legends store full of spiritual and new-age merchandise and as Bryan describes it a socially conscious boutique our premise is that it's people before profits so we like bumper stickers like we have on walls here that are very socially conscious minded only when the last tree has died the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught we realized that we cannot eat money therefore money cannot be the bottom line for any business if you're really thinking about things in a wise way Bryan has been outspoken in his beliefs for the preservation of the area pine barrens need to be preserved and as pristinely as possible we should be able to live within that pine barrens system in a symbiotic way it is a quiet and peaceful forest a place to enjoy nature and all of its beauty has to offer however there's a darker side to this tranquil piece of land the story goes that over a hundred years ago a pregnant woman known as mother Leeds was about to birth her 13th child she exclaimed let it be the devil while in labor the child was born normal at first with blonde hair and blue eyes but a few minutes after birth began to morph into a ghastly creature he devoured most of the people in his mother's bedroom before he escapes through the chimney and into the pines where he has lived to this day over the years this creature gained a reputation around New Jersey many speculate he still exists somewhere deep in the pines he has had many sightings dating even further back than the settlement of the colonists however there are many that are skeptical about the Jersey Devil Christmas has frequented the Pine Barrens many times before he has completed several survival courses in the wild Pine Barrens where nothing but his bare hands and wits so on the subject of the Jersey Devil I am NOT a believer in the Jersey Devil I think it's really cool the legends the myth it just adds to the mystique of the Pine Barrens to the – to its mystery we would find some evidence of him and there is none there are no kills we're assuming he's a maneater not a manager but a but a carnivore or on the war there are no there no there no kills there are no tracks every animal that touches the ground is going to leave a track too many there's an explanation as to what the New Jersey Devil can actually be Mike is the owner of the store underground in Smithville the store specializes in punk rock clothing and accessories but Mike also happens to sell plenty of Jersey Devil merchandise his personal beliefs however disagree with the products he sells I mean we've seen weird stuff I mean we saw we were walking the dog one day and saw a very large owl larger than any Apple should be it had a wingspan of I don't know probably look like six feet or so still there have been so many reported sightings of the New Jersey Devil for well over a hundred years and despite the span of time the New Jersey Devil legend has lasted there are many that still strongly believe in the creature in fact there are still many reported sightings felled him today chris Roky is a college student in the area he has spent a lot of his time in the Pine Barrens and other things like Chris has never actually seen the Jersey Devil himself but like many of the students in the area he keeps up with all the latest sightings it wasn't article in the newspaper I think it was within the last four months and people were talking about it and it was like a zoomed in blurry picture and I know there was particle about it many would find this latest sighting to be a hoax however there are many that truly believe in the creature and have in fact seen it Paul Patterson is a published author of the book legendary Pine Barrens he has also written many songs about this mysterious place but it was his encounter with the New Jersey Devil that caught his attention and attracted him even further into the pines ever since I was a fireman in Lakeland and we had two ladies thrown off their horses by what they reported to be the Jersey Devil so it's officially reported in the Camden County Fire Marshal's Office that the Jersey Devil through these it was a lady and her daughter and they were riding her horses up on the other side of the fire station and we heard the commotion and went back to see what happened and there they were on the ground rushing themselves off and we said what happened why'd you know why'd your horses throw yet well this thing came out of the woods and scared the horses and the horses reared up and and off we went so that's that was from that time on I became very interested in the journey devil I've had the experience with him with the in the fire station I had something in my cellar one time when I was babysitting my sister and that was I went through that one monsters and mysteries in America they did an episode of it I had experience with my stepson that was chased up my street by something that was stalking him and here recently I was doing a book in this area and we were going up route 561 and my publisher and we saw something cross the road I don't know what it is and he doesn't either he won't admit to it but we both just looked at each other when did you see that yeah we saw that night the New Jersey Devil seems as if he still roams the pines to this day even some of his bloodline still live in a time Baron author Bill Sprouse is a descendant of mother Leeds my grandmother was a leaves from port was a little did she had a sense of humor she told us that we were all distantly related to daredevil bill isn't interested in finding out if the New Jersey Devil is real or not rather he spends his time looking at how this myth has intertwined itself with history and it goes into the possible origins of the story with Daniel Leeds and some of the fights that he was in with Quakers some of the fights that of his children with Franklin it's also a history of the story and traces the way the story has evolved over the years when I was starting out Galloway Township where we are there was a an initiative to to begin to name the town via the hometown of the Jersey Devil so it's sort of a symbol of original identity pride but sightings of old NJ still flood the archives of a very well-known magazine in New Jersey weird NJ Mark Marin and I'm more experiment or the other way and we're going to talk about the infamous Jersey now you know what the magazine we get a lot of stories up until the present day about people in the pine barrens camping at night hearing some strange sounds and sights and unearthly yeah so it's still it's still prevalent today I mean is it imagined is real I tend to think there is something out there there is something that just camping in the Pine Barrens in the dead of night and you hear something you always think it's something supernatural so I tend to believe that it's supernatural I it is the church again I don't you know I don't put a lot of credence in those newspaper articles like from the 1909 incident because it seemed like a mass hysteria thing where people were feeding on other people's stories and adding to it I put more credence in the letters that we get from our readers New Jersey residents which are extremely vivid and believable and these people have no reason to lie to us so and they're there I just want to tell Ajith Amit people you know and they they tell these stories that some of the cops we've had people who worked on military bases like McGuire or Fort Dix and they'll tell you you know well you know I got off my shift at 2:00 in the morning and I was going to drive it home and I this this creature in the middle in the middle of Route 70 or something things said it had this bigwig this is possible again as big wings just crawled out onto the side of the road and just like took off so he doesn't really have any reason to get me esos you're not paying anywhere for them the stories haven't stopped coming in mark and Mark a weird and Jay are right in saying what reason do these people have to make up stories seeing things like this change a person for life one recent sighting changed this young man forever so it was actually Halloween I was driving down the road with my friends and we were driving down leads point when all of a sudden awesome young boys and I sell bat wings like glittering butling I was like it is that no can we still we wonder if the Jersey Devil is really out there now if you google dimorphic Don you will see a creature that was a prehistoric creature that looks exactly like what people are describing now so who knows it's a carryover you know from from ages gone by if there was anything for something like that to survive after all this time it would be in the Pine Barrens we'll have told some stories and have sung some songs mostly bad places where I don't belong I think we have a treasure knowing that it's so close to us as I go around it was all what we call mother equipment installed big mom scoots out doing some of her power and strength someone has smelled some of her of how earth feel hunting breed you know these things you need to get expect without those last home let me sing you a story with my lines on the pine from the pygmy pine Highlands to the swamps near the shore Jersey Devil lore is actually a lot of fun the Leeds family story is just really interesting and a lot of fun and though the old Jersey Devil they scream in the dark and I've heard it comes when you hear it you'll never forget it my knees keep making our our we might not have a definitive answer on the existence of the oldie Jersey Devil however his legend lives on in the Pine Barrens let me sing you a story with my lines on the pine let me sing you my story with my lines on the pines you you

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  1. well as someone who grew up in New Jersey I have never heard it referred to as the "New Jersey" Devil.. It's simply The Jersey Devil….

  2. If, you people want to look for the Jersey devil, go for it, but don't be disappointed if you don't see him. And if you are wounding why, because it's not real! The Jersey devil is a myth!

  3. Get your facts straight. The Jersey Devil was born in the 1700s and it's well over 200 years old not 100, the pinebarrens comprises more than 22% of the state and the Jersey Devil is well documented with a lot of research and evidence behind it including sightings and foot tracks seen over the years.

  4. Commented on Where We GO After Death? Mind Blow (National Geographic)

    when I was 10 yrs @t 4th grade. I had a horrible encounter of paranormal proportions.not on any meds of any kind or any drugs. I was a little kid. and at 3 am the devil came to me. He woke me by levitating as a big black cat outside my window.and even though I was sound asleep. He made me aware of his presence. He appeared through my window into my bedroom. I was fken terrified. This big black cat was laying on top of my chest staring into my eyes. and even though I had them closed tight. he made me see his eyes right through my eyelids. I could not talk or scream. My older brother was sleeping in his bed in the same room and was sleeping and not aware of what was happening to me. The devil hurts you psychologically. He makes you see and hear things. He made bodies of the dead float around my room. I saw pain and misery and when I saw him the devil in his own form he was dancing in the stove in our kitchen with the fire on the stove on high. My bedroom was right next to the kitchen. I was shown all this horrible stuff and at that very minute before I saw the devil on the stove I was able to scream god help me loud. My brother heard me flicked the lights on .everything disappeared WHEN I RAN OUT into THE KITCHEN THE DEVIL WAS LAUGHING ON THE STOVE THEN VANISHED. I told my parents everything. we were roman catholic. had our house exorcized and blessed by the church and our own family priest. I TALKED TO MY Family priest to please ask God to heal my mind and after attending mass and truly praying or asking God to heal me from those horrific aberrations that transpired in my bedroom when I was 10. After a few months, I was able to sleep back in my own bed. I slept with my parents for months. As I was scared shit that would happen to me again But it never did. Thank you, Lord I know you are there as I have seen the other one the mean nasty red one with horns. he is fken evil and pissed off. Other than my immediate family I only told my best friend from 4th grade. And my priest. He asked me 30 yrs later remember the cat in your room. I sure the fuck do. And that why I have a pitbull named rocky.The most important thing I learned from having that experience was. The devil wants people to think he is not real. LET ME TELL YOU. He is fken real and really fken terrifying. I grew up in a little town called South Plainfield N.J.

  5. I thought I saw the jersey devil. Turns out it was just Hillary Clinton wondering the pine barons looking for pizza!

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