New Jersey Devils 2019-20 Expectations

New Jersey Devils 2019-20 Expectations

the New Jersey Devils had a very busy offseason and they should be significantly better next season and in today's video I'm going to be giving you guys my 2019 2020 expectations for the New Jersey Devils this is a team that I'm pretty intrigued by they obviously drafted Jackie's number one overall which is like franchise altering if he does come in and live up to the hype heading into next NHL season they also acquired PK Subban via trade and if he can have a bounce-back year that is another very solid blue liner on a blue line that is already pretty decent with guys like Andy Green who is a solid shutdown guy Damon Severson will butcher Sam Eve adnan the one question mark for me and this team is in goal and how can McKenzie Blackwood and Cory Schneider do as a tandem and can they goaltend a team into the playoffs that's the one question I have about the New Jersey Devils but now let's get into looking at how they fared last season after making the playoffs in the 2017-18 season the New Jersey Devils had hopes of you know building off of that and continuing to be a solid playoff team heading into this season but it was much of the opposite Taylor Hall being injured definitely didn't help Jesper brat was injured a lot Cory Schneider still couldn't find his game but I think it honestly could have been a blessing in disguise because now with Jack Hughes and some of the other acquisitions they made this offseason with guys like Wayne Simmons and PK Subban coming in they are a much better team now than that team that did end up making the playoffs in the 2017-18 season so I think that is a good thing that they had one down year and you know kind of traded that in for getting Jack Hughes this past season finished with a record of 31 41 and 10 eighth in the metro last in the division and Palmieri leading them in goals with 27 goals and leading points for with 50 as well but that is just because Taylor Hall was injured but if Hall was healthy he most definitely would have been the leading scorer of the Devils but now let's shift our focus to next season and Ken this New Jersey team get back into the playoffs in my opinion they definitely have the talent to do so but they're in a tough division I think the metro is gonna you know make a name for itself as one of the better divisions in the league next year because you could honestly make a case that all eight teams in that division could potentially finish in the top three and I think that's going to make for some very very exciting games towards the end of the season and New Jersey is kind of on the bubble for me I want to say they're gonna make the playoffs but then again there are many other teams in the metro that I might trust a little bit more than New Jersey going from one of the worst teams you know a top team in the division just after one year so it's definitely going to be interesting to see how it plays out and that is a big reason why I'm so excited for this next NHL season and definitely excited to see especially how the Metro Division plays out and what teams really end up coming out of that division and making the playoffs my opinion one of the big determining factors is going to be how good Jack Hughes will be right away because if he can come in and you know get some instant chemistry with Taylor Hall and maybe finished the year with 70 to 80 points the NIST New Jersey team is going to be scary because then you most likely have a first line Center of Jack Hughes and then that bumps Niko he sure down to the second line which is a role I think he would thrive in a little bit more than we know being relied upon as a number one guy and then you have Travis Sajak as your third line center and then maybe Pavel Zaca as your fourth line guy that is a very very good center group and like I said I think a lot of next season relies on Jack Hughes I know that's kind of putting a lot of pressure on him right away but that is why he was drafted number one overall another big factor and if I think they can make the playoffs next season is Kent pique Subban bounce-back now with a fresh start it wasn't the greatest year for him this past season didn't say healthy you know didn't really have a great year defensively and just wasn't the player that were used to seeing I know a lot of people call him overrated but he still is a very very good defenseman and I think now with a fresh start most likely getting that power play quarterback time and you know he didn't really get that in Nashville because there was so many other good defenseman there but now he's probably going to be relied upon most get the most ice time out of all defenseman if I had to guess and I think if Subban bounces back it just makes this team that much more deadly now getting into my player stats predictions for the New Jersey Devils and I'm going to continue to say this in every episode this is hypothetical this is just if they do all stay healthy for the full season I know there's gonna be injuries and stuff but this is just kind of like their points per 82 games you could call it leading the way I obviously have Taylor Hall 95 points I think if he's on the ice for the full season he can get back to that MVP form then I have Niko he sure taking the next step and scoring 70 points I think that would be huge for this New Jersey team because Niko he sure is a pretty reliable defensive center man as well and then I have Jack used with 59 points but I would not be surprised if that's up there around 60 to 70 points because I just don't want to put too too high hopes on him heading into the season because then you know I'll be disappointed if he only scores like 45 50 points or 60 or something like that so I still think 59 points for him would be very good and then have Kyle Palmieri 53 points a lot of people forget about him but he is still very good and can be a guy that kind of flies under the radar and being an important player on this team then I have Jesper brat 58 points he was you know headed towards a breakout season if he didn't get injured this past year and then I have PK Subin with 53 points if he does play all 82 most likely because I think he's going to be the power play quarterback and when you're back there you know passing the puck to guys like Jack Hughes Taylor Hall Niko he sure or you have an amazing playmaker like Jack Hughes setting you up for that big one timer then I think PK Subban could definitely put up a lot of points next season but to me it's just a matter of how his overall game is with the Devils now getting into my lineup predictions for the Devils heading into next season and I know a lot of these are going to be wrong this is kind of just putting guys in places but a lot of it is you know interchangeable and just looking at this New Jersey Devils lineup I think it's very intriguing and there is a lot of different things that you could try in my opinion I have the first line being Taylor Hall Jack Hughes and Wayne Simmons and a lot of people might be saying oh why would you have just for Brad or Kyle Palmieri up there I think having a big guy like Wayne Simmons who can bring that same paper and grit out there with you know a rookie and Jack Hughes who's a little bit smaller in size and maybe can't protect himself then I think that's a pretty smart move and he could definitely have it bounce back here as well and put up a decent number of points playing with Hall and Hughes then I have Palmieri he sure and brat that is a very solid second line you can even consider it like a 1 a 1 B type thing with the first two lines in New Jersey and then on the third line I have paddle Zeca move to the wing and then travis ajax centering him and blake coleman now Travis Sajak as your third line Center I think that is very very good and that's why I just think this lineup intrigues me so much because there is depth if Paulo Sokka can finally break out and be somewhat of the player they drafted him to be that just makes it this team that much better and I'm a big fan of Blake Coleman I think he's a very very good role player and then of the fourth line I have Myles wood with McLeod and Hayden now McLeod and Hayden definitely might not make the tea depending on if some other guys you know maybe a guy like Jesper bovis is ready to come over and play you're seeing his highlights on the screen right now but overall just looking at this New Jersey Devils Ford group I think they're going to be a very good offensive team and if everyone stays healthy they definitely shouldn't have any problem creating some offense next season now taking a look at my projected D pairings heading into next season for the Devils I have Sammy batten in with PK Subin and I think that could be a pretty solid top pairing especially when you have a line behind you of Andy green and Damon Severson I think Severson is pretty underrated and we all know how steady and reliable Andy green is and then on the third pairing I have will butcher with Connor Carrick and I think if you have will butcher on your final d pairing then you're doing just fine in terms of your defensive depth well like I mentioned at the start of the video the one thing that scares me about this New Jersey Devils team and the one thing that makes me not so confident that they're just gonna make that jump right back into the playoffs is the goaltending of Cory Schneider and McKenzie Blackwood I mean there was a point in time where Cory Schneider did not win a game in a calendar year and that is definitely not something that they can rely on but if McKenzie Blackwood could come out and maybe have like a breakout season I honestly think he could steal that starting spot from Cory Schneider you know maybe even after the first couple of weeks I think Schneider probably starts opening night but like I said I will not be surprised if McKenzie Blackwood comes out and does well to start the season and just takes that number one spot right away from Cory Schneider and I think if that happens and New Jersey can get some consistent and good reliable goaltending throughout the season they most definitely will be a playoff team and I think they could really do some damage when they get there and now finishing off the video giving you guys my final expectations for the New Jersey Devils next season I have them finishing fifth in the Metro Division I've said this in previous episodes I'm not going to try to exactly predict the record anymore I think that's a little bit dumb and I'm never actually gonna get them right so yeah I have New Jersey finishing fifth and a lot of people might you know think they should be higher but for me I just think that goaltending is such a big question wreck that I can't put them ahead of some other teams that I think are more ready to win now then this New Jersey team is you know maybe they could go out there at the trade deadline or you know a little bit into the season and try to make a move to really improve their goaltending situation but you know is there really any options out there that could make them that much better and put them over the edge there's just so many other good teams in this division you look at the team like the Washington Capitals who are my pick to finish first for their alert for when that video comes out and then you know Philadelphia who's always a good team even though they were last year I think they are capable of you know coming back and being a playoff team the Pittsburgh Penguins as long as I have Crosby and Malkin they're going to be dangerous Carolina just made the Conference Finals and then you have teams like the New York Islanders who were fantastic last season Columbus who even though they did lose out on a lot of players in free agency they still have a decent team and could surprise some people so that's the only reason why I have New Jersey fifth I'm not saying they're gonna be a bad team I just think they're gonna play in a very very tough division and like I said multiple times in the video I'm just really nervous to see how that goaltending situation plays out next season but that is going to wrap up today's video I really hope you guys did enjoy and make sure to let me know down in the comments section especially if you are a fan of the New Jersey Devils what are your expectations for this team heading into next season they made a lot of moves to soft season and then definitely should be a pretty exciting team to watch and also let me know down in the comments section what teams you want me to do these type of videos on next and once again if you guys want me to do them on all 31 teams heading into next NHL season and with that being said I hope you guys all enjoyed today's video if you did please make sure to drop a like on it and subscribe to the channel for daily NHL content and I will see you guys all in the next video

35 Replies to “New Jersey Devils 2019-20 Expectations”

  1. I like this series. While doing all 31 would be great, I'd probably not watch all 31. Might, but, maybe not. Hit all my favorites, and I'll be happy. Several of which, you've already done. Keep up the good work.

  2. My expectations as a Devils fan is that this team has the pieces to certainly compete for a playoff spot. What concerns me more than anything is whether or not John Hynes will get in the way of this team reaching it's highest potential. His defensive, conservative system forces talented players to pass the puck more than they should and not take more chances offensively. It has this team lose gams 2-1, 1-0, 3-2. This team and the sport itself is not like the late 90's early 2000's where the Devils had the great players like Stevens, Daneyko, Niedermayer, and Marty. Hynes is a development coach, more suitable for AHL and NCAA, not for the NHL. If he starts shoving the system down the team's throats, this team will underachieve AGAIN!

  3. Hughes isnt going to make that big of a diffirence to the devils cause he isnt that good yet. He is max 50 point guy this season and propably for some time. Also subban is little bit overrated so that isnt going to get them to playoffs

  4. Simmonds is not a top line winger 2nd at best swapping with palmeiri. Also think McLeod likely not making roster with Boqvist and his greasy speed and TY Smith will absolutely make team

  5. We're a borderline playoff team. I still think we need at least one of a top 4 LD preferably Gardiner and top 6 forward preferably Gusev. If we get one of those I think we're a playoff team and with both it's a definite playoff team. If Cory is finally fully healthy then I don't think goaltending is a question mark

    We were so insanely injured last year. 2nd most in the league. We were nowhere near as bad as our record last year and also weren't as good as our record in 17-18

  6. I would love it if you made a video just like what Rob talks hockey made, on the Canucks but with Detroit. It would be "what would the Red Wings look like in 3 to 5 years.."

  7. I think this will be Zachas last season to prove that he was not a bust but i hope he finally has his breakout season and may even be put in the second line.

  8. 4:20 All these players have higher assists than goals, they are mostly on the same lines, those numbers are mostly impossible.
    Bratt will breakout big time this year.
    🚨 Coleman 🚨 had 23 goals last season!
    Gota let Seattle take Schneider

  9. Columbus and Pittsburgh won’t be as good as last season. The islanders are going to take a step back also, as well as Philly. So that leaves the Devils with the Rag$, Canes and Caps.

  10. That division is going to be the toughest division to win next year that involves the Evils they are very much improved but it is going to be a very tough division ..

  11. I think the lines will be
    Hall – Hischier – Palmieri
    Bratt – Hughes – Simmonds
    Zacha – Zajac – Coleman
    Wood – Mcleod – Boqvist

    And defence will be
    Greene – Subban
    Vatanen – Severson
    Butcher – Carrick

    And goalies will split the season

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