New Jersey Drive (1995) Full Movie

New Jersey Drive (1995) Full Movie

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  1. What's with the grainy video production. It's like he recorded at off of VHS and I know for a fact that there were DVDs when this movie was made. Why not get good video quality when you're uploading on YouTube? At huge thumbs down. Have some pride in your work next time.

  2. Shit thise mudafuker was getting rewinded ready to watch with my fam shit classic im 30 still watching thise bitch

  3. I like how they play “all about my $fetti” when they was having the lil sideshow. Real respect to The Bay!!

  4. Thanks For The Movie One Of My Favorites. This When Life Was Real 💯 But Cold❄ Ain't Nothing Like The 90s.

  5. Shamar baby charlie silver suffer beamon March 26 1985 Sox Newark Bergen st Lennox ave abg ebk wvgc gaine Green wave unit crenshaw boys

  6. All this dudes uploads is bogus…. cant even see the whole screen….. just put click bait on the title

  7. This movie had so many bloopers…how you go from an accord to a Camry back to in accord all in the same shot…and how dude went from a Pathfinder to a Cherokee in the same shot…at least use the same vehicles lol….I still liked the movie tho…. gritty East coast look…

  8. This movie is a badazz movie paid in full it was ok but menace2society Boyz in the hood gangsta!!!!!

  9. Who would win a fight between today's Chicago black people vs black people from NINETEEN NINETY FIVE???!!!

  10. Before Instagram texting memes the overuse of the word Thot and facts Gucci gang and all that other corny shit ..good times

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