New Knitting Tutorial – Harvest Cardigan -Prep video

New Knitting Tutorial – Harvest Cardigan -Prep video

hello welcome to our craft room my name is Tina I hope you're having a lovely day I'm very excited today because we are going to start preparing today the harvest cardigan it along yay I'm sorry it's a little bit late but we shall be started they have this cardigan but in Chemnitz on the Friday the 21st of July so start gathering your yarn and everything in preparation for that so today I just wanted to run through the pattern what you'll be needing and where to get the patterns where you can be all prepared needles at the ready for when we start if you don't want to start now that's fine you can wait until further on in the year all these videos will be on a playlist so you can just watch them whenever you're ready perhaps you want to wait until it's weather's cooler so the link for the pattern will be below if you just click on that that will take you to the sink on its website so you can download your own pattern for free so this pattern goes from naught to extra extra extra large just like the other one did so if you want to do a little cardigan just like some people did the little flax they were so cute rather than doing a bigger one for yourself then you can do that so it's for any member of the family you don't have to do an adult size I shall be doing the size small medium which is a chest of 35 the leaner the model apparently has got a 36 inch chest so they recommends the size she went for is 35 so it's got negative days then that's the way I like my cardigans to be so it's a bit more fitted but if you wanted to go for a looser look then if you just look at the chart on the side then you can go for this and this the one depends on where you want it to be so just measure something you're comfortable with in your wardrobe to see how big that is and go for that the table that the sizes on the table are for the finished size so don't go for what your birth size is look at what the finished size is so if you want it looser then go for one that's a couple of inches bigger if you want it like I do fitted then you can go for it smaller but it's entirely up to you how you want the fit to be so the yarn that's used in this is a worsted Aran weight yarn so that's a thick yarn it's the same weight yarn as were used for the flax if you didn't it the flax tempest so it's a chunky in it I did the last flax jumper in a cotton to make it cooler so I can use it for cool evenings in the summer but this time I'm going for a 75 percent wool 25 percent nylon blend this one is fusions by West Yorkshire spinners so that's the one I shall be using so it's nice variegated and it is called autumn because it's all the autumn colors and that's what I'm thinking that I won't be using it now but I will be using it come September when I just want a cardigan to pull on when it's that in-between whether there could be a nip in the air so I'm thinking that being nice cardigan for the autumn so it's knit from the top down in the round so we start at the neck and then come down so it should that sort of yarn should give sort of variegated quite stripy look to it which I think would be interesting so you can go for any type of yarn you want as long as it's the right gauge so the gauge is under where it says yarn on your pattern there is the gauge and here it says 18 stitches and 26 rows for 4 inches and when you look when you're buying your yarn or on line you will see that there is a box or it will tell you in description what if yours comes out as so mine comes out as 18 stitches but so 2 or 24 rows so what that means is it's going to take more rows to get it right but I'm not worried about the rows are more about the width the stitches is the width so because things like the length and the sleeves I shall be measuring myself and doing it to what I want it to be rather than the set what it is in the pattern and also the length because I won't want it to stop at the wrong point where it all goes a bit pear-shaped so I'm not going to want it cut me off at the wrong place so I should choose where I want the cars going to stop so that doesn't worry me but I suggest you do a tension square which is just do a square that's bigger than the 4 inches so I did about 30 stitches Square and then you can use a ruler and then you just count how many stitches in the 4 inches and that's all the tension square is just little row purl a row so that will give you the stocking stitch which is the same as you'll be doing when you knit in the round so we just miss doing it but it comes out the same so then you'll know what your snips are and then just give it a little soak and dry it just pin it out a little late flat and dry it and then just count just to make sure your stitch counts okay this turned out fine so I should be using the recommended needles if it turns out slip different then what you need to do is either go up or down the size of needle to correct the gauge because if it's not the right gauge it's going to turn out a totally different size so this is going to be a fit issue for you I would give clear instruction down below so you can see if you have more stitches if you go up a size or down the size just to clarify it so once you've got your gauge swatch you also need your needles if you did the flax then you're all sets because it's the same needles if you've got the right gauge so you'll be using the 4 millimeter needles or and the 5 millimeter needles so you're gonna need those on a long cable they're suggesting a 32 centimeter for the adult size as I recommend you use DPN for the sleeves but I recommend you use a shorter circular one so you can just go round and round without messing about with the DP ends so these are 10 inch so I should write that down below as well so all instructions are so saying everything's below are for all different all the information down below so you know but yeah I'll be doing mine on these so literally you can just do it like the body going round and round about a stop in you can do that for the sleeves without using DP ends because I think it just makes it more complicated I've also noticed on this pattern there's a provincial crochet cast done so I will link a video below so you can see cuz I'm not a pro share of dabbled in a bit of crochet but I'm not crazy yet so you will need a crochet needle and I was just gonna show you just in case you do not come across crochet before is it that means I can't do it no it doesn't because a crochet chain is all you need to do and that's easy and the only thing I found hard when I was learning to crochet about this was the tension but you're not going to need to worry too much about the tension because you're taking it out so you don't need to have good tension for this so I should just show you just simply how you do a crochet chain so you can see so literally a crochet chain you have a loop on your hook and then you just hook the yarn take it through the hole and you've made a chain and that is all you'll be doing so don't please don't be put off thinking is crochet I can't do it because this is then taken out you use that to do your listing on and then you take this off and so you've got a free edge to then do the band and the neck so please let me put off with the crochet food not crochet yeah so I'm going to link a video below so you can have a little practice as that before we start but once you pick it up as I say it's easy if you can do knitting you can make a crochet chain so please don't worry about that so that will be down below as well so that is who your chain to get started so that's it so you need your yard you need your needles you need to do a square to make sure it's going to be the right size you would also need some stitch markers and a darling needle to selling your ends and that's it oh I forgot to say this yarn that you're doing you're the crochet cast um that you'll be doing you need to have a set for a different yarn because you need to see this yarn is different and that part of the cardigan so that's why I've chosen the flax bit of one that I use from the flax because it's an hour and weight as well so you need a similar way it's yarn for this so but just to scrap so if you haven't got any leftover then if you try if you know a knitter just get a scrap because all you're doing is a little bit so you don't need a ball you just need a scrap of yarn just to do a little bit for the back of the neck that's all you're doing so that is it we're all set I'm excited I hope you had say so this is going to be a week on Friday so you've got time to do your ordering or go into the shops and shoot some love the yarn as I say if you don't want to start it now then if you want to put this subscribe if you're not subscribed so you can just put it on watch later or a watchlist or whatever so you can come back to in it and it will be there as I say I'm going to do a playlist so if you wanted to look it up later you can but if you wanted to just have it for yourself so you don't forget about it later you can put it there for yourself and store it on your own channel so thank you for joining me I hope you join me in the knit alone because we always have such fun and I love to see what you've made so I'll see you again soon bye for now

22 Replies to “New Knitting Tutorial – Harvest Cardigan -Prep video”

  1. So excited you’ve done another tutorial-a cardigan! I’ll definitely be making this one with you later this summer. It gives us confidence to see you do it & have the help understanding the pattern. Thanks very much for making these videos! I plan to see all your tutorials!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! I followed along with you for the Flax sweater and it was awesome. Now I'm getting ready to do the Harvest sweater watching you but was wondering how I can change the pattern so I can use chunky yarn? I'd love for this to be more of a chunky cardigan. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Tina, I am about to start making this harvest cardigan and I am using the same wool as you. I have done my gauge but have 20 stitches to the 4" so I will have to go up a needle size. The only thing that is causing me some confusion (and believe me it doesn't take much to confuse me:)) Is this cardigan knitted all in one size needle 4mm or 5mm?
    Never knitted a cardigan on circular needles before and I am use to doing the ribs on the smaller needle size and the body on the bigger size needle. Sorry if all this seems a bit daft but I just want to make sure I am going in the right direction.

  4. Hi, again thank you for getting back to me on previous comments. Could I just ask, I am fairly good at knitting and purling on straight needles. However I have never knitted on circular needles is it just as easy? I am just hoping I can do it – as you can guess I am not feeling very confident. Thanks again for your lovely videos.

  5. Hi, when doing the gauge can I do it on normal straight needles or do I have to do it on the circular needles? Thank you for all the help and tips πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Tina I was wondering how hard it would be to make the whole collar and plackets down the front so it would bend over and have a shawl collar. If it's at all complicated let me know because this is my first sweater. I already watched all the tutorials and they were so good I feel prepared to do it for real now with your tutorials. But I will stick to the exact pattern if there is a chance I will get confused. Thanks Gale

  7. Hi Tina, I'm going to make this cardigan for my great niece – I'm going to buy some yarn this weekend at Berlin Knits:) I'm excited to be able to follow along another one of your tutorials.

  8. I'm so excited about doing this cardigan. Won't be able to start for a few weeks, but love all of your tutorials. Working on socks, and the flax right now.

  9. perfect !! I had a Madewell on the needles that wasn't going that well (pun) it's hibernated about 6 months and I had planned to pull it out and the Harvest was on my list of possible new cast ons . You helped me thru the flax with your tutorial so I am looking forward to this one.

  10. Hi Tina. My name is Maria and I'm from Michigan in the U.S. I'm a retired 8th grade English teacher and I now work part time in a lovely little knit shop. I want to thank you so much for your wonderful knitting videos. I am really enjoying them. I had gotten away from knitting socks because the dpns were really a bother for me. I watched your video on knitting socks on 9 inch circulars and tried it. I absolutely love it. I'm on my third pair of knitted socks now on those wonderful little circular needles. Thank you so much. I'm having a great time knitting socks again due to your videos. They really are fabulous. I'm also enjoying your book reviews, sewing and cross stitch videos as well. Thanks again for taking the time to put out such informative and entertaining videos.

  11. I am going to try to do this knit along with you. It would be fun to knit along with you. Thank you for these great tutorials.

  12. Yeah, I'm all ready to go, nearly finished my Rose City Rollers, got the yearn , looking forward to starting & learning the new cast on method, thanks Tina

  13. This is amazing! I am nearly finished knitting the Worsted Boxy (my very first sweater) and I have the yarn and the pattern all set to do the Harvest cardigan next. How did you know?? πŸ™‚

  14. I'm excited about this one! Is there anyway you could demonstrate magic loop for the sleeve. I have a 16" circular needle that I'd like to use as opposed to buying another set. Looking forward to this, thank you!

  15. Thank you for doing these tutorials. I will be finishing the second sleeve on the flax and should be ready to start next week. Looking forward to starting the next project.

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