New Life to Old Clothes DIY, No Sewing of Clothing from Thrift Shops, Your Wardrobe, Awesome over 50

New Life to Old Clothes DIY, No Sewing of Clothing from Thrift Shops, Your Wardrobe, Awesome over 50

Hey awesome ones Heather here. You know
what? My life has definitely changed since I've become a youtuber. I
absolutely love you guys my awesome ones and you know here's how it's changed.
Every time I kind of discover something new or you know I find a new fashion
it's kinda like I gotta share that with everybody. And the other day I was going
through some clothes thinking of donating them and I went…you know maybe
I could fix this up a little bit and change it up and whoa I can do a video
on that. So this is called, what is it called…New life to old clothes and the
best part of it is there's no sewing. So let's get into it…….
it all starts in just a few seconds. Now some of you might remember the video
that I did on you know looking at your wardrobe organizing your wardrobe
keeping donating or throwing out some clothes and I'm going to put the link up
there for you so you can take a look at that video if you haven't seen it
already. But there was some clothes where I just I couldn't throw them out. I
couldn't even donate them but they still, I don't know, I couldn't wear them either
because they were out of style, they made me look matronly or even dowdy. So I
started…I had this one top and I'm gonna show it to you in just a second and I
started kind of playing with it you know a little tuck here a little roll up on
the sleeves there and I actually made it look from drab to fab. Now I know that
one revamped cardigan or shirt doesn't a whole video make so I started really
going through not only my clothes that I had kept but also some of my accessories,
some of my shoes and I came up with a video. So let's get going on it.
So let's talk about that top that I revamped and here it is here and as you
can see in this top it has beautiful colors in it. No wonder I
didn't want to throw it out it also has a nice sheer material to it but this was
in those dowdy, frumpy days where I was just trying to hide my body and if you
saw the video I did on dresses I'm gonna put it up there because it's a stage
that I went through but anyway I just I couldn't wear it sheer and I still
probably couldn't. So I put a camisole underneath and I seemed to be happy but
it wasn't very pretty looking. It wasn't very stylish but now that I'm an awesome
over fiftier………. look what I'm doing with this top. I
decided that I would just sort of give myself a few more curves again. So I tied
a knot in the front of it and that still didn't quite do the style I wanted to
have so what I did was rolled up the sleeves and believe it or not there's
even little ties on this so it worked out perfectly. But as you can see it
completely changed the look and also I unbuttoned a couple buttons there.
You know it's okay if we show a little bit of cleavage at our age it really is
and so I just think it looks stylish and a little bit sexier. What do you think?
Let's take a look at the before and afters here and yeah you know like I
called it…the dress is kind of frump city on the before and then on the after I
have gained ten years without trying to look like a 20 year old in
this with just the new style. So my number two fix-up of clothing is still a
little naughty…… …..get it? Knot…naughty….anyway let's take
a look at an oversized t-shirt over here that I was definitely hiding my body and
and yeah that t-shirt it's a nice t-shirt too but it's just a little too
big. So the idea is I was hiding my tummy which you know at a certain age you
want to do that…for most of us anyway. But what I wanted to do was have a
little ruching in front and that's where the knot came in so what I did with this
is I just kind of pulled it to the side. I put in a little knot there and kind of
wrinkled the material in front of me to do the ruching. So let's take a look at
the before and after on this one and as you can see it's it's the difference
between night and day. I've got a little bit of more shape.
And I still have that confidence wearing a white t-shirt. And now for something
completely different for number three. And you're gonna think I'm crazy about
this one but anyway I'm gonna share it with you anyway. And if you kind of like
these videos don't forget to click on the sponsor or the subscriber below if
you haven't subscribed already and click on the bell and that way you're notified
of these videos. But let's take a look at what I have here. I found this top this
purple top in my closet and I used to wear this with you know business outfits
it was it's a cotton top it was very nice-looking it had all of
its color but over the years of washing it it's really faded it's become old but
I didn't want to throw it out. I love purple so you won't believe what I did
with this one. So for this idea I got it from this top that I got in the
Caribbean and if you notice it's kind of got a rough edge around the neck.
So I thought well all I need is a pattern. I want to do this kind of like a
v-neck and let's go with short sleeves and then I'll have a great kind of
t-shirt for the summer. And what I needed to do is have a pattern. So I'm choosing
this other t-shirt as my pattern and I just got a pencil crayon, you can sort of
get that white crayon at any fabric store but I marked off the sleeves and
the v-neck with the pencil crayon and then I carefully cut with sharp scissors.
They say sharp scissors so nobody else who borrows them in the house, will you
know…have an accident with them, but anyway and so I made sure also when I
was cutting the neck that I didn't cut into any seams. I didn't want this to
sort of really start unraveling. So let's slowly do this and anywhere else where I
see I made kind of a rough cut I'll just sort of clean that up a little
bit but…let's try it on and see how it looks. So check it out!
Wow I got a great little summer shirt and I got a whole bunch of these kind of
tops that I can certainly do some cutting that are kind of faded you know
the ones I mean. So let's take a look at the before and after of these two…you
know all I did was to have a pair of scissors and a pencil crayon and the
difference that it makes and I have washed that Caribbean shirt many many
times so as long as you're using maybe a cotton it shouldn't unravel but if you
have any you know any qualms about it then just hand wash them. Now I'm just
pulling these clothes from my own closet and I hope you have fun doing that and
there's lots more to come by the way in this video. You could also go to a
secondhand store or maybe even a thrift shop and start looking at those dowdy
clothes, you know that you you you like the material, you like a lot of the
colors and look at them in a whole different way. So let's keep going with
number four and this is the case of the low-cut top. And I don't know maybe
you've seen a low-cut top in the mall and you don't want to get it or a thrift
shop or maybe you just washed it and it came out going a lot lower than you expected.
Well never fear Heather's here with a cami. So all I did was I added a white
cami underneath. You don't even have to see it it's just kind of there for
protection and it also…because it's such a lightweight cami this is one of the
Jockey cami's you don't even know you're wearing them and it also brings you in.
It's almost like a little bit of shapewear it brings you in a little bit
but I don't need to worry now, because if by any chance…I don't know, the wind grabs
me a certain way… I'll lean over the wrong way…I know I'm
protected with this cami and I have camis in…let me just show you
here for a second. I have camis in all different colors and whatever I need to
wear if that little tops a little bit low I got a cami to back me up. Oh and
by the way we're so excited because amazon has chosen us as influencers to
have our own page at Amazon and it's I've got my fit…got the jockey camisoles there, shapewear there. I have
my favorite makeup there. Also even some household items and some of my self-
care items that I love to to have as well. So don't forget to check that out
and you don't pay any more than what Amazon usually charges but we do make a
little bit of commission and it really helps us to keep on putting these videos
out and a big thank you to all of you who have been helping with that.
Thanks so much. So for my next presto change-o you know those beautiful
cardigans you know you're seeing them right now. I'm gonna call it a cardigan
but they're like these long flowing chiffon or silk they're kind of an over
top that goes over a cami or you know a little tank top. Well a lot of us have
these big scarfs and you know a lot of them are sitting in our closet doing
nothing and this particular one that I'm showing here I actually bought it when I
was on vacation. Now truth be told I think I bought this for over a bathing
suit. I never even wore it once. So let's see what I can do with this. All I need
to do…it's a big scarf…all I need to do is fold it together and then I tie a
knot right at the end. And voila…I have myself one of those flowing tops and
take a look at this. It's…it's…it's absolutely incredible. So I've got lots
of other scarves that I can do this with and I'm sure you do too or again check
them out at the thrift shops. I'm just putting this over a black top here
and if I had a sleeveless top it would look absolutely beautiful and it'll be nice and cool
for the summer time and very flowy so you know the best part about this too? Is
as soon as you un-knot it you have your scarf back. So let's keep
going and look at accessories. Do you have a jewelry drawer like this. I mean
mine just became a mishmash of bangles and jewelry. Well let's just take a
moment to put a few things together for my sixth tip. Now let me just put them
together a bit here…now this together… now wouldn't this really look nice for
the summer weather. If I added a pair of turquoise earrings, I have kind of a
Southwestern summer look going on here and all I have to do for future
reference is maybe just grab this little elastic here and tie it together. So
there's all kinds of things you can do mixing and matching your your bangles
and it's really in fashion right now. So let's take a look at shoes and why don't
you guys take a look at your shoes too. You probably recognize these shoes these
are my favorite shoes they are beautifully worn in. I mean I could even
wear these these shoes and walk a mile but they're kind of plain you know
they're they're good for kind of every day but what if I was going to a gala or
something like that. And I'm like, oh my gosh I'm gonna be on my feet for eight
hours. Can I do it? I guess I'm gonna have to wear a new pair of shoes.
No…what you can do is you can go to a lot of different…I'll just show this to
you in the camera here…these were twenty dollars but you can go to a lot of
accessories stores…… you can go to you know even shoe stores
or maybe those shoe repair places. And these are just little. They're kind
of brooches for your shoes. So they've got a little a little clamp here on the
back and you tie them…you just attach them rather…to your shoes and they do
stay on there pretty solid. So let's take a look and see what happens when I jazz
them up with these brooches. So take a look!
It really glammed up these shoes. Now of course you also have to make sure that
you've got a good shine on your shoes and you know there's a lot of products
out there that you can buy to do this and I did this just before the video but
it's it's really put a different kind of life to these shoes. Almost looks like a
brand new pair of shoes. So I think a wardrobe is just like anything else. Like
sometimes you outgrow the clothing or they become a little drab or a little
worn out as we saw with some of those shirts that I had but what you can
do is you could go to the mall and you could buy yourself a new v-neck
short-sleeved t-shirt. You could buy one of those chiffon tops or a new pair of
shoes but sometimes when you get creative it's really really rewarding
and you feel kind of good afterwards because you're like hey I did that. I
created that and you're not spending any money which…go out to dinner and spend
the money that you could have really you know bought the new shoes or whatever.
But it's kind of like I don't know, if you do this but I do it for the
different seasons I just change up my liver living room a little bit. I
don't go out and buy myself a new sofa. I just get creative and that's kind of
the whole point of this video. So I'm so excited to bring you these videos and in
a few seconds I'm going to tell you some of the new videos that
I have in mind. And hey you know if you've got some creative ways that you
jazz up your wardrobe or some clothing let us know in the comments. I'd love to
get a few pointers myself and I'm sure everybody else would too.
So here he is our little Hurricane and he's here to remind me to talk to you
about the upcoming videos. And hey if you're wondering what happened to the
Tuesday videos, you know the ones we would do on food and fun and travel. Well
they're not gone. They're just on our second channel now. And that's at awesome over 50…sorry… So go on over there
after this video and don't forget to subscribe. We've got lots of great and
ring the bell. Like click on the bell as well so you're notified when they come
out because we've got a lot of good stuff there already. And more to come.
Lots more to come. And of course on this channel on the beauty and fashion
Channel I'm working on a new video right now. As you know I've got those mature
eyes and I've come up with some ideas I really want to share with you on how to
kind of give them a little bit more of a lift and make them bigger. So I'm working
on that and of course I'm always on the lookout for new fashion and new makeup
to share with you. So until we meet again …you know get creative and revamp a few
things in your wardrobe and keep it awesome.

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