21 Replies to “NEW NHL Adidas Jersey vs NHL Reebok Jersey – In-Depth Review”

  1. We know about Authentic Reebok and Authentic Adidas Jerseys. But what about pre Reebok jerseys? CCM had replica jerseys available to the public; but were the Authentic CCM jerseys available. If I recall, prior to Reebok, only replica jerseys were available to the general public; CCM.

  2. Help! If I wear a size M on an adidas SOCCER jersey, what size of Adidas NHL jersey should I use? Just for everyday wear

  3. I am looking to get a Kuch Jersey. It is my first nhl jersey and I saw you have a 46 and was wondering what your height is?

  4. Do these run slim/smaller? I bought a 52 but usually wear XL in jerseys, so I'm not sure if I should change my order to a 54.

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