NEW OUTFIT, NEW SHOW – Unmasked Vlog (#18)

NEW OUTFIT, NEW SHOW – Unmasked Vlog (#18)

I've been drinking five energy drinks Is that Viivi Im spotting right there? Yes! Hey! Are you guys ready? Yes! I need to have the hoodie underneath it Can you tell us a little bit about what Russ is? Russ is basically, you get drunk, you don't care about studying and then you live your life for a month or something And what is that? This is kind of like the same type of overalls that they usually wear during the time period Red, blue, green, and black? And black, yes So, what's the difference? Red is general studies And then blue is for economic studies Black is the vocational education program What is green? Farmer, haha! I guess I'm the farmer then Yes! I got Riks TV (National TV) in here And then NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) over here And then I'm working on getting Tv2 and Viaplay Wait, I'm getting some news that.. No, no it was false Fake news Are you going to play in that? Should I? We have the logo on the back Could you? It would be different Just need the hoodie underneath Is this a new show? Sort of a little bit new, its some new tracks. Some new visuals as well We are just testing some stuff for the summer Today is pretty much all in with everything We have tons of co2, pyro, confetti, streamers and yeah its going to be insane today You are afraid of the D-vitamin today? There is no sun, you are playing inside You are playing inside bro And its dark Where is my beer? Do you want a Russ-card? Yes, please You have one? Not that one! I got back light Okay, now we just got finished with the sound check, and it sounds good Its the waiting game until showtime This is basically our customized Russ-cards It just says your name, or you can actually have whatever I had the same photo, I had the name Alan Skywalker And the quote was actually the same one "may the force be with you" So this photo is actually a photo where I photoshopped my self into it And it used to be my profile picture on facebook Lets go for the show! It has low battery Its supposed to be another one down there Okay, we find a new bike! Okay, up there! Today is the final day of preparations and everything and we have been spending a lot of time preparing everything its going to be awesome, the new show is amazing the live show, the visuals, everything is kinda like more working together Playing at Lollapallooza later today Closing the day Here we got a new scooter, can we take it? Are you using this? Trying, do you want to take it? No, no, you take it! Everybody is looking for one Its day 24, all the scooters are already in use Look, they are even two people on one.. Three! I did'nt see the third one Its a mystery! they are parking, this might be our chance! Are they leaving it? No.. yes.. Struggling a little bit whit parking You know that's two of them right? We have to run, get your ass ready Im on "Tier" Im on "Voi" Waiting for it to appear on my map No.. she is leaving but its still on No, just the lights are on No its still on This one though! yey, this works! I can sit on with you This is not going to go well We are going up there, bro! Are we going up here? Yeah Too bad I'm too lazy A little break maybe? You're tired? Yeah, that was a though walk, I had to get of Perfect! Perfect, thank you Are you not allowed to talk? Yes I'm allowed to Yess! but not move? no, not move Alright, so we got the picture with the guard And now its time to head over to the festival So, insert amazing transition Not another mirror This is a high quality mirror, so you can't do anything Do you see how they placed the mirror backwards because they knew about you? They knew I was coming What are you wearing? A new outfit Are you playing with that one today? Its the first time we have added colours Why do you want to change it? To brighten up my life! Turn around What do you guys think? Okay, we got eight points from Alan Walker to… Camilla! And ten points goes to.. Oda! Why are you giving out points? And twelve points goes to… Viivi and mom! You have to share Zero points goes to.. Mohammed! You are the best! Yeah, the ones with the lowest points are the best I also had zero so Why are you giving out points anyways? I don't know, it was Eurovision inspired You look.. Amazing Thank you Exactly what I was going to say! You look very worried No, no, absolutely not Its just the first time that I see this Why are you worried? I'm not worried, not at all, I think its cool! Which one? that one or that one? I think both of them, its just different "Its just different" We haven't seen you in a long time, you've grown beard We forgot him on a long lost island for a while Until we randomly found him Alright people, that was the brand new show Whats really cool and interesting about this is that we actually have been focusing on creating three different parts So we basically tell a story and we use the music videos, pretty much all of the Walker story line and everything I like how the music and the videos have evolved throughout time I think they quite liked it, it was by far one of my best shows Yeah, it was super fun! Thank you guys so much for tuning in, its been a really cool journey to see the evolvement of the show since Stavanger to today So, if you are ever going to see me on tour within the next couple of months you are going to see this show I am really really excited to show it and play it for you guys and I cant wait to see you guys out there So, make sure you subscribe, leave a comment and drop a massive like and I'll see you guys in the next one! Happy birthday Viivi!

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  2. in Sweden
    you then saw Pewds
    riding his scooter

  3. Hi Alan, I am a little girl but I am your big, big and bigest fan… (O this my brothers picture..I am a little girl. Ok..) Please come to Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩
    I want to see you for the first time😌

  4. For me can come to Alan Walker show is just only a dream..
    Dream never come true..
    Make me cry..
    Thanxz Youtube can see Alans show even a little bit of time..

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