NEW Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Big Fashion DOLL DIY Slime Clothes and Boots! Sisters Pretend Play

NEW Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Big Fashion DOLL DIY Slime Clothes and Boots! Sisters Pretend Play

hey guys welcome to our channel sisters play say thanks to you subscribing and wanting our channel we've got the first youtube revert it's a beautiful YouTube silver button and it says sisters play on it we will be working even harder to get our golden button ow it's great yeah it's great but today we will open a new poopsie rainbow dong which one should we open this one or this one I want this doll sure let's open it the package by itself is really awesome guys comment down below which doll will we get to make pixie rose or rainbow dream I know Melanie really wants rainbow dream but they're all really pretty that's Alpini we need to start right here the very first surprise have Stockton's died the second one has a bottle the third one has a very cute jacket let's move on this one has shoes ah this is a drawing of pic zeros ah this one is a cute purse guys look at these cute little hearts and the moon and a rainbow what will we get now oh this is actual slime this is the dollar rainbow this is the shimmer for our slime the last surprise is definitely a brush guys look at how my surprises are in here guys look at this beautiful math unicorn on the packaging I want to see a doll okay okay you'll see it right now one two oh em gee look at how cute she is I love her rainbow hair same as in the unicorn surprise there is a measuring cup and a spoon and there's even makeup for the doll and for us we have a bunch of dolls with hair but we've never seen and felt this soft hair guys just look at how colorful her hair is there's blue green orange pink purple just every single color and you can see that it's really high-quality doll hair she has just incredible I makeup and lip gloss guys in one of our videos we will make the same makeup as these poopsy dolls and the surprises for her first are the sock look how cute they are let's put them on this is how they look on the dog let's open her bottle Oh is so cute and match her tattoos it's such a cute little jacket I wish I had this outfit let's see her purse oh and gee this is a smaller version of the Jasmine rainbow slime kit we will open it soon next is the brush let's make slime and put it in her clothes let's check the slime oh it feels let's put some stuff in it to make it even more bigger we will put some unicorn magic look at this golden baby pink it's matching my sweatshirt let's put some glitter to make it sparkly Wow now let's add some slime to her clothes boots jacket and skirt now I will pull a little bit in the bottom part of her boots this is what the boots look like here's the jacket and the skirt let's try everything on here's how everything looks together isn't she stylish guys go check out our other video we will be opening this doll it will be this one or this one comment down below which one we will get blue or purple don't forget to subscribe and we together will get a new golden button bye

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  2. Ого! Поздравляем с кнопочкой!😉👍👍👍 теперь до миллиона!!!

  3. Каждое видио я буду писать снимите видио по русски ото отпишусь

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