NEW Rainbow Surprise Big Dress Up Fashion Make DIY Slime Style Clothing + Shoes Blind Bag Video

NEW Rainbow Surprise Big Dress Up Fashion Make DIY Slime Style Clothing + Shoes Blind Bag Video

cookies world cookie pants guess who's getting a new friend pig zeros because mga was so SuperDuper sweet to send me a brand new friend for her it's another one of these rainbow surprise Girl dolls and look at look at how beautiful dolls are and guess what you guys we can totally make yes some slime outfits for her to wear well first of all she's wearing her socks that I totally forgot to put on her last time so she looks super duper cool with them on but mostly look at her awesome slimy outfit guys her outfit is actually made of slime see how I'm pushing her outfit just like that that is slime squishing around inside of her dress and inside of her jacket right here oh yeah and we can't forget about her shoes as well there's also slime right inside that you can easily do just remove her Oh see look at she's whose food is sticking to her shoe so hanging out right inside of the roller skate we've got some Sonam but you can easily just put it right back in there and nobody would ever know she's just that cool so now she's gonna have a brand new friend let's start opening right now and just start peeling away whoa oh no whoop here we go here we go start peeling start peeling we can start to peel to reveal oh right here right here I see it there's a surprise boy bag so here's some sucks oh we got another surprise well open keep on going keep on going oh there's another one says this right here is gonna be hurt jacket hopefully we'll be able to fill it with some slime oh there's another surprise right there this is your shoes look there's one of the girls faces they're so pretty and another surprise blind bag keep going keep going oh we've revealed the Unicorn there is a beautiful black unicorn well actually it's an alicorn that's right here I hope you guys can see it cuz it's beautiful oh yeah now we're starting to get into our little slime surprise packets well got them right here it just all bundled up keep on going next surprise is that all the surprises we thought of all I think we go wait wait wait right here right here one more we got the rainbow sparkle shimmer can I'm at the very very bottom of this little packaging what we have anything else on the back oh yeah right here another surprise there we go so this one is her comb all right so we got all of the surprises take that whoa and which one is hiding inside a new best friend let me open this way right here one two three okay let's see let's see put this together let's see line it up and this one is amethyst ray oMG she's just so beautiful how do you guys like this new big size I think these are so cool here she is compared to my American Girl doll and a Barbie so she's like an in-between size of them both so so cruel alright let's get her out so she's free come on out careful careful careful whoa yeah we'll release her hair well look at her hair look at all those different colors of purple well there we go shake it loose shake it loose whoo I still cannot get over how beautiful these dolls are they're so pretty look at her face she's so gorgeous she's got a little beauty mark on her face she's got these really pretty bangs look at their eyebrows they have like the most detailed eyebrows I have ever seen her outfit is all shimmery and look at this you guys she actually has like with coolest decals on her arms ever look is that a unicorn in a watermelon just let us help you actually both of her arms are all inked so at that I love the little bitch she's got a lipstick you guys she is so cool and so unique she's awesome and what's gonna be even more awesome about her not only is her outfit super sparkly but look at her skirt yep you see this it's got a little plastic coating right over it right here because this is where we are going to transform her skirt into a slime skirt so you can actually make a little slime outfit for her so we've got some of these slime accessories things here like a little cup whoa to measure out the slime we've got some rainbow highlighter but this is real makeup like this is like real makeup for me to wear or for me to put right on amethyst ray just cut it open it is a real highlighter look at this a little bit on my finger just like that and I can actually put this on my cheeks or I can put it on her cheeks too I can share with her as well she is as magical as a unicorn just put a little on her cheeks bare and her nose beautiful and of course we can share with her friend to put some right on pixie Rose's face there we go and we are all going to shine bright like a unicorn tonight there we go so pretty so pretty hey your slime outfit is amazing oh thanks can I touch this line sure go ahead woah that's cool well aim at this rate you can have slime in your outfit too so that's exactly what we're gonna do yeah our little slime packets here for us easily make some slime for her it's like so super duper easy even though it's so easy I always find a way to mess it up but not this time we are gonna totally do this so for us to start making some slime we're gonna need some of these super eyes to line bags here open up this one oh we've got her little drinky cup here Odin goop grape flavored are we gonna make creepy slime oh wow so first thing I'm gonna do is pop this open take my little measuring cup and fill it all the way up with some water just like that pour it into the cup two times all right rainbow surprise come on time open this up and pour it it put the drinky cup lid right back on shake it up real good for one minute and then I'm gonna let it sit for 10-15 minutes to create our slime drinky all right it's time it's time it's been ten minutes and let's open up this drink oh yeah bet it's great goop grape flavored slime slime now of course it's not real grape drink so you cannot eat the slime don't ever eat slime oh but this is so soft I just love how it feels especially like that first time you make it that slime is just so super duper fresh and soft and the way that it just kind of pulls and stretches is amazing so I can either keep this line like this and make this really cool purpley slime or we can mix in some magic which is always always fun let's see what do we have here we've got some rainbow shimmer rainbow sparkle and rainbow magic whoo let's add in the rainbow sparkle cut it open check out our mom okay get it ready I'm just gonna sprinkle it right off okay just push him right into the slime Oh squeeze oh it's so soft it's so soft who's anyone here my dog she's totally playing with one of her toys so if you hear any background noises it's just her he'd got toy like to get that toy eat the toy all right I think this slime is pretty mixed up and looking at stretch it out you guys I love it I love the little hologram hearts I love it very very very pretty it's beautiful it just adds just that perfect like unicorn magic to it no we can add this slime to her dress get out this little unicorn spoon whoop right on her skirt here we turned her around she has this little area right here that kinda looks like a little ziplock baggie if we open that up and you can actually fit the slime inside it kind of opens up this little slime pack it might be easier if I just hold the skirt like this take the slime and now put it on in oh he's a little unicorn spoon to kind of help bushel it in there this is so cute this is so so so fun we put the slime right in there and you can close up the little skirt piece there and now I can easily just take my fingers and help push the slime around in place and now I could just take over a whole entire skirt with this beautiful purple grape slime here we go just squeeze it around squeeze it around look at that she actually has a slime outfit that actually filled up a whole entire skirt really really nice look at the skirt on her she looks so cute she looks so so so cute so there it is there is her little slime skirt let's look at more of these surprise blind bags and see what else we can add slime to oh it looks like she actually has a vest here that we can fill with some slime we've got these two little clear pockets right on the side here next to the little buckle so same thing I'm gonna mix these come up and make Muslim scoop it there it is there's a big blob of grape slime oh I still can't get over how soft it is no I can take my slime you might as well have her jacket match her skirt add in more of those hologram hearts might as well take it mix it it shouldn't squeeze it all right there we go now we got the slime open up the little Ziploc baggie now we just need a pinch cuz this little pocket is not as big as her skirt piece so take it and just put it in put it all the way in there there you go close up the little Ziploc look at that and now she actually has a little pocket do the other side a little bit of some slime mmm put it on in this pocket is definitely small come on get in there oh it kind of like is pulling it out as I'm like putting it in all right maybe you can only handle like that much go in ah there we go I did it there's a little bit of slime close it up I think I have too much air trapped in there so like won't fill all the way up but there we go that is it she's got her little slime jacket now we'll just put it on her there we go now she's going to so now it actually matches with her skirt piece that is so cute that is so cute seriously it looks like hidden slime like somebody would not even know that there is slime inside of her outfit I would know if so showed me this I just really wow her Ralph it just looks so cool all right now we're just missing a few other pieces like her shoes she definitely needs her shoes let's see what else do we have does her shoes oh we've got we've got her purse we've got a little purple soda can't we put this on her here what about this this her shoes oh we've got her little purple comb we have oh we've got her socks look at that they're all black and then they've got like a little purples flying drippy at the top those socks are really cool all right this is the last surprise blind bag left so hopefully her shoes are inside of here jelly shoes Oh spikey on the top these are amazing so you just opened them up whoa easy like that and now we can fill up this whole entire sole chamber here with slime so we might as well just take our the leftover piece of slimes take a little peaceful slime youth stretchy stretchy put it in the shoe look at that and you fill it up with slime and just put this piece back on just like that now just go slime shoe even though I think they look really cool just all like transparent and clear either way you cannot go wrong they're just fabulous okay put some more in close it up we've got five shoes have her step on into these all right check how cool she is but this was so much fun making these adorable like little slime help it's for her I love this slime with the little hearts in it it's so cute it's just as cute if this one has these little hologram stars Wow all right I cannot wait to find the two other girls that are part of this rainbow surprise slime series thank you so much Angie a sharing this with me I'm so happy she has on your friend are you guys ready for more adventures with them oh I am I am I am thank you for hanging out with me you guys can watch anything you want on YouTube and you guys are hanging out with me yeah thank you so much that's so awesome I love that you're here hanging out with me so much I will see you guys in my next video bye fans oh wait a minute we've got slime right here we can't just leave this out might as well just add it into her soda can purse now she could take her slime on the go with her

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