Guys I’m so excited I just bought a new phone , and it’s like transferred all my stuff over it’s like ready to use and I’m too scared to use it. Is anyone else like that when you have something new and you don’t want to change especially like A phone where it’s something that I use all day long and getting used to a new phone is such a Process, and I’m like no. I need more time and even though I’m excited I bought the phone and it’s ready. I still haven’t used it because Because change. I just have to bite the bullet. I go by this video by the time this video is up I will be on my new phone Enough, enough. You don’t – go away. Hello everyone I’m here today to share with you guys a new a buy or bye, and this is on a new a product that launched on the Sephora website And I saw it when I was kind of looking through some new products and new launches And I saw it and I was like oh well that looks interesting and it’s by a brand I’ve never actually tested out before so I’m really excited about that too, and it’s supposed to be a no transfer Gloss like a high pigment gloss and it’s supposed to stay on your lips all day And I was like that would be amazing the brand is called black up I bought two different shades here, so we’ll just swatch them and just see I hope hopefully comes off in a swatch It is the no transfer glossy lip color, and it’s supposed to do just that it’s supposed to be transfer proof It’s gonna last on your lips all day, but it’s gonna have a nice glossy finish And I’ve never tried something like that before and it actually live up to the expectation so today We’re going to put it on. I’m going to go about my entire day We’re gonna do a full day wear test and we’re gonna see what it’s actually like at the end of the day and if it Is actually as transfer proof as they say it is I mean it isn’t the title of the product? So here’s hoping so first for the emoji for those of you that don’t know for my buy or byes I always do an emoji rating system out of 5 emojis, and I asked you guys on Twitter What emoji I should do I was stumped on this one you guys have a lot of good ideas So I think my favorite one the one that I’m gonna go with is from Aneesa or a little toadstool on Twitter Oh, my god that’s such a cute name, and she suggested the burger emoji, which makes sense if I can eat a ton of burgers Burger right now then five burgers out of five would mean that it’s really transfer proof But it’s gonna stay put. It’s not going to be on my burger I’m not gonna be eating lipgloss and Burgers at the same time and then one burger out of five would mean that the product just transfers everywhere I’m getting it on my burger. I am eating a lipgloss burger, and that’s just really not what I’m looking for here today I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up if you do And if you enjoy a buyer by type videos leave a comment down below if you have any requests for future ones that you guys Want to see on this channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday and look further ado Let’s get into this so let’s talk about what this product actually is so it says it is a new glossy liquid lipstick that has the intensity of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss without any Transfer which to be honest. I feel like every gloss should be but anyway It says it’s going to be intense really really pigmented And then you don’t have to choose between lasting hold comfort and shine and the two colors that I got I got Strawberry pink which looks super vibrant on the website like a really bright But deeper pink and then a bright red because you know it’s almost spring or basically when it’s March. It’s spring This is more like a deep berry color, and I get it It’s a strawberry pink but strawberry always think of like a brighter color. You know so this is our color here It is very pretty, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting so we’ll see how pigmented this is Which is not very I guess this needs to be like built up a lot like a lot of layers What does it say on the website apply a generous amount of product to the lips for maximum coverage, okay? So this is something that needs to be built up a lot to get the color you want So hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be streaky, but that is the color there with about three coats on it It’s a little bit on the streaky side, but it is very shiny and on to shade number five which is a bright red Same thing very like watery um For like a first coat. Oooh I really like that color It’s very pretty almost like an orangey- red which I’m really into so that’s probably the shade I’m gonna go with today. If it’s gonna last, and I just have to build up a couple of layers I’m okay with that, so let’s zoom in and actually apply this to the lips I’m going to just take off the lip gloss on my lips Make em nice and dry also a ton of foundation apparently and now let’s put this to the test Okay, that is way more pigmented on my lips in one coat than it is on my hand in terms of the formula it almost feels like a bit of a stain like the formulas not as Gloss like as I was expecting it to be it’s much thinner But it does give a nice Sheen so that’s one coat right there It’s not too shabby in terms of Overall coverage and what it looks like on the lips like I’m gonna do another coat just because I’m kind of curious how much I Can build it up and it still be transfer proof? But I like that so far. It doesn’t feel like Thick on the lips at all. It’s not tacky at all Oh, I’m excited about this so that is two coats on the lips right there, and I like that That’s a good amount of coverage the color is really pretty and saturated It has a nice glossy Sheen, so I’m gonna like let this dry a little bit And then we’re gonna test it is this actively as transfer proof as it is pretty okay, so it’s been a couple of minutes now and Like it still feels nice on the lips like it feels like a really nice. Gloss, but it’s not like Transferring to my teeth at all or anything like it’s awesome It feels so comfortable, so I’m really hoping this is gonna be transfer proof and I thought the best way to do that would be to take one of these little like filmy things and See see the proof right here, so let’s see what we’re working with here Whoa Literally nothing you guys saw my smushed lips against that that did that did nothing like it’s just a little bit greasy Because it’s a gloss but no colors transferred all Oh I’m Excited well now that I’m thoroughly impressed with this so far like it feels really good on the lips. It doesn’t seem to transfer I’m gonna go about my day We’ll see what the wear is like when I’m eating food and stuff, and I will check in with you guys tonight And we’ll see what’s happening okay, so now it is the end of the day And yes looking a little bit patchy by this point it’s like eight Something I think and it was throughout the like end of the day It was starting to get a little bit crumbly along the Cupid’s bow like a smidge, but like for the most part it stayed put pretty well and I think the reason is because it’s a Glossy liquid lipstick and not a matte one because and that ones tend to like Cling on to your lips like cement and anytime you have any dryness Or you want to move your lips at all sometimes They can get crumbly this one the the formulas almost a little bit malleable I want to say So when you like smooth your lips daily like it like moves around just a hair It’s almost serumey in terms of the the consistency in terms of their whole like no transfer claim yes There was a little bit of transfer when I was eating I would notice like a tiny bit on the food. I was eating But nothing so significant that I was like oh this is terrible And I think right now what I want to do is I want to put another layer of this on because I want to see Because I wanted you guys to see what it actually looks like with no touch-ups But if I put another layer on right now will it go back to being that bullet proof formula that it was when I first put it on because obviously as you wear through the days you like your lips as You eat food the formula’s gonna wear down a little bit But I want to see if this builds a backup because then if I can do like a quick touch-up during the day Like I could deal with that. It’s like super comfortable This is what it looks like with another layer put on like it looks good again It’s a little tiny tiny bit patchy at the bottom, but nothing that I would notice Really like sitting close up, so let’s see once it dries down if it becomes transfer proof again, okay? So now we’re gonna test it Muah And there we go like looking at it closely you can see little tiny Chunks like very very like tiny but a little bit more Transfer than it was at the very beginning where there was nothing so here’s my overall rating I give this four burgers out of 5 and the reason is because One a it’s super super comfortable to it looks gorgeous on the lips I love that it’s glossy, but it’s not globby on the lips, and it feels nice and smooth It’s not sticky in any way and it seems to stay put really well. However a docked burger because you actually could see Some of the products showing up on my food as I ate throughout the day and it continues to wear down If you don’t touch it up at some point if you’re willing to do like quick little touch-ups throughout the day I think this is a really good product and will I continue to use it yes I will because I think that this color A) is gorgeous and B) it’s actually going to stay on my lips and Nice glossy form so I can wear it out and not have to worry about it like smudging on my teeth just always a bonus I think I’m actually gonna go out and buy another one this color just wasn’t the color as expecting it to be and I think I want to try the like bright bright pink and just see what that looks like cuz I Feel like in this formula with like the glossiness I feel like a bright pink would be really pretty for spring and summer so yeah, I like it I’m gonna continue to play with it thumbs up on my part and that’s everything for this video Give it a big thumbs up if you love these bye Or bye type of videos and you want to see more of them in the future leave me a comment down below If there are any particular launches or new products new Brands brands in general that you guys want to see new buy or byes on and leave them down below I look hearing from you guys Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday, and that is everything I hope you guys are having an amazing amazing week so far, and I’ll see you guys all in my next video. Love you girls

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