New Uniforms | MPGIS S3 | Episode 13

New Uniforms | MPGIS S3 | Episode 13

Alright ladies, we have a lot of work to do
and not a lot of time to do it, so we’re just gonna start really easy with some drills.
Whiny McBitcherface, get up here. You know what, I’m not- I’m sorry, Whiny McBitcherface, we really
don’t have time right now for your Whiny McBitching. Now as we all saw, the pillar that you need
the most work on is the Art of the Tease. It’s not enough to just sleep with every guy,
no that’s not gonna give you the leverage you need. You need all of them pursuing you
at all times and for that you need one thing- the tease. Please, I can make any guy want me whenever
the fuck I want. Alright then, bring in the volunteer. Ah! What a twist! Bet you guys didn’t see
this coming, ah, I’m joking, we’re gonna have fun. Alright little miss I-can-make-any guy-want-me,
the floor is yours. Wait, this isn’t fair! He’s gay. Uh, actually, I’m bi now. So to all of you
ladies, Than is still open for business. And that includes you too Tracksuit, if you ever
want to get your swirl on, you know what I’m saying. Alright, let’s do this. Fine. So Than, how about a handjob? Ha, no thanks. Would you like to see my breasts? I would not. This is impossible. Wait a minute, there’s
got to be a- Hey Than, I just happen to have some tickets to the Palazzo 16 Cinema’s Ryan
Gosling Marathon- Gos-Con? You got tickets to Gos-Con? They’ve
been sold out for weeks! Mm-hmm. Well, what are we waiting for? If we leave
now, we can still catch Remember the Titans. Eh, I don’t know if I’m gonna go actually. Oh come on! Nah, it doesn’t really sound all that fun. Not that fun? They’re gonna have the actual
towel from Crazy Stupid Love! Tell you what, why don’t you come back in
about an hour with some Gatorade for all of us? Yeah, alright, what are you guys thinking,
Glacier Freeze, Riptide Rush? You know what? You know what? I’ll just get both! Don’t worry
ladies, this one’s on Than today! God, I really hope they play that one episode of Are You
Afraid of the Dark he was on! Well not bad, little bit of a rough start,
but you pulled it out in the end. Well if there’s one thing I know, it’s how
to pull it out in the end. Alright, well, next we’re going to work on
the art of the bitch-out. Can I get my next volunteer? Heeeeyyyy!!! You, I want you to bitch her out. Ok! Hi, what’s your name? Uh, Judith. Oh hi, I’m Trisha! How are you today, Judith? No get mean! How are you today, Judith? Oh goddamit, can somebody get in there and
help her? Huh? Ok! Judith, would you like to go fuck
yourself? Uh, no, not really. Huh? Ok. I got it. Is it because you’re a
little bitch? No. I’m not actually. Oh right, right right, okay. Because apparently
you look like a bitch. Okay. I- I’m a little confused. Because you
seem to be saying some really hurtful things, but your tone is very friendly. Thank you. Oh, ok. Ok, well then why you don’t go eat
a bag of Ritz! Ritz crackers? Well actually, I’m gluten-free,
so- Ok hold on- not Ritz, I didn’t mean Ritz…
Uh huh, oh, I see. Whoa, they put those in bags? I’m sorry, are you being mean or nice? Uh-huh, yeah, oh, ok. One more time? Okay.
Mean! Um, yeah, um, I think I want to go now. Can
I just get my check? Did I win? Well, I’m not exactly sure if that girl feels
bad about herself, but she’s certainly confused, so that’s a start. Woohoo! I count that as a win! Well girls, I can’t believe it, but it actually
looks like we might have the start of a real cheer squad here. But don’t be mistaken, we’ve
just begun. Because your real training starts right now. Yes, I don’t know how, my bosom just keeps
getting bigger and bigger every day. A roly-poly? Ew! You’re the Iranians and I’m Ben Affleck so
Ar-go fuck yourself Ashley Katchadourian! Well, ladies hell must have frozen over, because
I’ll damned if I’m not looking at the most perfect examples of the five pillars of cheerleading
that I’ve ever seen. You’ve all learned a lot over the last thirty-seven minutes. Now
before I leave you, there’s only one thing left that we need to fix. Please say Saison, please say Saison, please
say Saison. The way you look! What’s wrong with the way we look? Your uniforms look like you made them out
of pixy stix and crushed up Rolaids. And why the fuck are they pink? Your school colors
are red and white. Because we like pink! Well then wear it on the weekends bitch! You
girls are a unit that is supposed to represent the ruling class of this school. You all look
like a bunch of off-brand dolls that came out of a KMart bargain bin! I mean, did you
bitches just glue the word Park directly onto your chest? Um, yes. You go to Overland Park! Why the fuck wouldn’t
you put that on there? Well, um, we ran out of room. So put motherfucking Overland there! Why in
God’s name would you just write Park? I’m not even wearing your uniform! This kind of ratchet bullshit might’ve passed
for the kindergarten cheer camp you were running before, but you’re an elite unit now, and
you need to look like one. Well, what do you want us to do? Yeah, it’s gonna take forever for us to design
new cheer outfits and then convince the school to actually order them. Actually, Mackenzie that might’ve been true
before when you were in charge, but now that a Van Buren is where she rightfully belongs,
things have a way of getting done a lot quicker. What the fuck does that mean? I gave Greg my black card, and he took care
of everything. Ladies, say hello to the new you. Holy two holed dick tip!

100 Replies to “New Uniforms | MPGIS S3 | Episode 13”

  1. -You all look like a bunch of off-brand dolls that came out of a KMart Bargain bin!
    I Mean, did you bitches just glue the word "park" directly onto your chest?
    -Um, yes

    I can't

  2. plot hole: trisha apologizes to ashley katchedorian for the whole door incident when she learns that jenna darabond was responsible for the events of the whole episode, yet when they need trisha to bitch someone out they bring out ashley katchedorian and she is able to do it so easily

  3. "You all look like a bunch of off-brand dolls that come out of a Kmart bin" makes you wonder how accurate that is

  4. Trisha In First Day With Ashley Katchadorian

    Trisha: guys I think we need to give Ashley some space

    Bitching Someone

    Uahshxnsoqksnjxjfbshdiwklznxjcjsoandjfjvdnicososjcidhfjdhj the ndjdjfkrjdndjciwokwfjjfhrwjdjnfwjxjbfhf

  5. that music just blew my mind. guys you're all amazing I'm blessed to exist at the same time as MPGIS (also Brittnay Matthews is TOP)

  6. I partly wish Than actually WAS bi or pan or something like that, because it always rubs me the wrong way, as a bi person that a lot of the times is just "one foot out of the closet". And the fact that Jenna's bi and an antagonist. True, it's a show about dolls and I'm not REALLY offended but it's just a little thought I've had since I first saw these years ago. I'm a huge fan and love everything about the show quite honestly, so please don't see this as me being a hater or an uptight little hipster.

  7. I love the bi rep but he still doesn’t understand that it’s not “I’m gay NOW” or “I’m bi NOW” it’s just a label hun you’ve always liked dick lmao

  8. 1:27 "Well what the hell are we waiting for if we go down we can still catch remembering the Titans" I love than lol ❤😁 also that's such an old movie

  9. That fucking music at the end. Unf! This is exactly why I love orchestras in music! They just suck….you….in…!

  10. "you all look like a bunch of off-brand dolls that came out of a KMart bargain bin!"…… um…. yeahh, about that 😂

  11. Im sorry whiney Mc bither face…we really dont have time right now for your whiney Mc BITCHING!

  12. I love the Trishas, they have to deal with their friends’ bullshit and I don’t know how they are sane enough to stand them.

  13. So is it just me or when Trisha is trying to curse someone she can't but when it's Ashley katchadourian she can😂😂😂

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