So you remember that time I was collabing with cyber Nova in roblox royale high And we said we should do roblox royale high IRL. Well today We have a special video for you We need to do that. You know what we should do we should dress like our roblox characters for a day IRL. Oh my gosh. Let’s do it. Oh my gosh Let’s do it. But it has to be these characters.if you wanna see us do that, leave a comment yes. leave a comment. Do you want royal high IRL? I do I do So cyber Nova came down to celebrate for my birthday weekend, and we got a couple collabs in Today we are going to try to recreate our roblox royal High skins Yes I’m gonna turn into a princess to make things a little more interesting I wanted to thrift mine and cyber Nova is purchasing all of her items So we’re gonna see how that goes Alright, so I’m on my way to Goodwill Red’s here, hi hey We are gonna choose out my outfit and I’m gonna thrift it because I Believe that you can be a beautiful fairy princess prom queen just by thrifting it right yeah, do you believe in me I Have faith in you I know you will get it done. Well. It’s not prom season so We’ll see what we can find Wasn’t it like winter formal or one of those dances, I don’t know I don’t know here we go So should I were the like green outfit should I do the green outfit Yeah. Or like the blue one, that you did, with me.. Either one I No What’s this blue one right here, it’s me Flo, maybe well. There you go That I could fit a leg in that dress Are you serious yeah? cuz I is that yours I Feel like maybe it’s a skirt would probably work. Oh Yeah, that kind of looks like one of them Yeah Works Yeah, that kind of looks like it right, but it’s just shorter in the front, but yeah, oh, yeah but I can cut it Top time this one Dude this one Yeah There’s some kill over here on this side Have to find my green town green crown Many crowns no crowns Yeah Perfect Think for the crown you might have to go to this store Yeah, I don’t see anything here, what is this? Would you worry aiming towards gotta be something here Whoa There’s no costumes out right now. No, it’s Gonna be a tough beat Yeah There you go That’s it Okay, so it’s the next day and Hana is already here. She got in last night, and we’re filming our outfits today And I saw her dress and and I’m a little bit worried because hers is gonna be so pretty so here is What I have I feel like serious Cinderella right here, so we got this long skirt I found this like tiny little girl dress And this actually had stars all over it, but when I watched it the stars came out so if they stood up right here But I’m gonna like cut some of this out, and then I got this scarf to use like as an accent And then we have this shirt So I’m gonna just like cut off this little like I don’t even know what kind of fabric this is I’m gonna cut it off and sew it on to the dress and See how that goes what oh? my gosh This is so tight I can make it work Oh Down the middle is the cocky all the robots one all right, I like the legs yeah, oh my god, you’re right Oh But we didn’t stop there No, no currently my roblox character in royal High has a mermaid fin this video wouldn’t be complete without it So that’s it we are We did it we did it we did it so we have to know yes, how much did you pay for your? outfit your costume for this outfit over a hundred dollars Including the dress the dress is like 50 the wig was like 20 I have some other like you know the crowns were like 13 dollars, and I got some other stuff for my video, which yeah Yeah, oh, yeah like over a hundred dollars mine came out to a whopping $18 what Hey Let me borrow a crown that I repainted that counts because the crown was in a four pack so yeah I had to get rid of Its bar I think borrows counts as being thrifty. It does definitely. Yeah, uh So I hope you guys enjoyed the video today if you did let me know leave a like And also be sure to head over to a cyber Nova’s to all we are doing a special skit in our costumes to get more RHI RL Alright guys, we’ll see you later You You

100 Replies to “NEW VS THRIFTED PROM DRESS Roblox Royale High IRL”

  1. I'm sorry but I can't be the only one who was waiting for Tiff to fall down those stairs in those heels! sorry, I can't even walk in wedges XD

  2. I just wanna say that Hannah showing off her dress at the start is so me and when she was walking in socks is so me too so ok cya bye

  3. Lol the ending was super funny the beginning Hanna slip and fall are you okay Hanna y'all make me laugh and make me smile

  4. I Love How Cupquake Walked Down The Stairs With Her High Heels On And Cyber Just Walked Down The Stairs With Her Socks On! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. OMG! Cupquake your dress was AMAZING! I think Cupquake won…
    not just because of her handiwork, which I think she got from doing cosplay!

  6. 5:51 wait that house! ive seen that house on zillow! like i still kinda see it is it your house?

  7. Let me see your side by side roblox vs irl:

    Cupquake: yes

    Cybernova: kinda same

    Cybernova, your dress was the correct color but, in your roblox picture you had a blue skirt and a pink top!

    Ihascupquake, your outfit was EXACTLY the same and it was PERFECT!

    Cybernova, please please please do better next time!!!

  8. No offense, Cyber, but your outfit was nothing like your RH outfit. It didn't have sleeves, and the skirt was short and blue. Tiff ROCKED it.

  9. Cupquake I have been watching your videos for a long time you were the first you tuber I watched when I downloaded YouTube I love you guys sooo much love

    These are how many hugs she would get from her fans
    I <3 u

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