Newborn baby ‘s dress | simple & stylish | cut & sew

Newborn baby ‘s dress | simple & stylish | cut & sew

Cotton fabric first we’ll fold the fabric in fourth layers now I’ll mark on it . After this we will create a box then put round shapes in it. Now we’ll mark for the back neck create a box then put round shapes in it. Now we’ll cut it It is joint of our center Now we will mark 1 inch extra in front neck and cut it we’ll take 2 piece of fabric for strip fold it together and marked circle on it then cut it. Take fabric for piping or BIAS tape whose link I’ll give link on my description box or(i)button, you can watch that video. if u want to know anything else then please comment,I’ll definitely try to make videos on that topic. Let’s go and sew it first we’ll complete front neck,fold the shoulder fabric into 1 inch now we start sewing the piping on neck and Armhole Attach strips on back part of dress sew the strip in wrong side and turn it. Now we’ll stitch the strip on back part of dress. now we’ll stitch side part of dress fold the bottom part of fabric and sew it stitch the buttons and buttonhole Now our dress is completely ready to wear for our baby’s,It’s looking stylish & simple Your COMMENTS mean a lot for me,your comment given me more and more encouragement to make videos so please comments on my videos,THANKYOU

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