Newborn Cloth Diapering: The Basics

Newborn Cloth Diapering: The Basics

cloth diapering a newborn can be equal parts exciting and terrifying this video is going to show you a breakdown of the different varieties available for cloth diapering newborns as well as a few tips on how to save money and some tips from an experienced mom who's used cloth diapers on newborns a couple of times the challenge of diaper a newborn begins while you're pregnant you don't know if your baby will be born big or small and so you don't know what diapers to purchase in this big huge gamble and it costs a lot of money so you have to decide what is important to you here's a little said most newborns will fit new or incise diapers when they're born but a very small number of newborns will actually fit into a website diaper system and even though we know those are the most economical we have to be realistic because one size diapers don't start being most babies until at least 10 pounds or more keeping that in mind let's start with newborn diapering options popular choices include all-in-ones fitted covers pre folds flats and on the rare exception a pocket diaper but there is a catch the easier the diaper is typically the more expensive it is to all-in-one diapers are by far the easiest they're also the most expensive a lot of newborn diapers that are all-in-ones will start at between 1215 sometimes even $20 and if you need 36 diapers today for a newborn during that small window of time that is a lot of money to spend the easiest option of all will be an all-in-one with a Velcro closure it doesn't get easier than that it is a one-piece diaper and you just put it on the baby and velcro and these are going to be more expensive but a lot of velcro all-in-ones or any velcro newborn diaper will not have a notch for the umbilical cord stuff some will however with a snapping diaper you are more likely to get a diaper that has a snap down for the umbilical cord or not and it just depends on the brand that you're looking for but there's a little bit of variety each way so if you've never had a new one before and you're not sure about the umbilical cord stop and if you'd like to diaper during period it is a few days to a few weeks in terms of how long it lasts on the baby and a lot of families do opt to use disposables during this time just to play it safe but there are options that have a Millikan cord stop cut outs or snap downs that give it a little room in my experience fittings and covers are the best performing diapers on your horns Fitness are an entirely absorbent material the whole thing is going to absorb anything the baby's putting out and keep in mind that newborns have tiny stomachs but they're also filling and emptying over and over at the Ralph's course of the day this is just your new normal there's no way to get around it and with the fitted it is very absorbent you can get a great cover like a size 2 cover or a seismic cover like a thirsty sized one or an apple cheap sized one these do last longer usually up to about 20 pounds but the trade-off is that they do look bulkier than traditional newborn diapers they're even a select number of newborn diapers with price adjustments for a little longer fit to any of these options that I've mentioned before all in one fits and covers these are expensive but there are ways to save money when you're diapering a newborn you can consider an online or local newborn rental system and cloth diaper stores will often let you rent popular diaper options like fitted and covers or all in ones like the little Joey's or the smart bottoms and these do cost very little in comparison to buying that number of diapers outright you can also consider a cloth diaper service and if you are lucky enough to have it in your area you should definitely take advantage of it a lot of them offer an introductory period for expecting moms who would like to use it during the first few months while they're getting used to having a newborn and you don't even have to wash the diapers these do typically use pre folds and covers but it's a great option and pre folds are an awesome option for newborns as well prequels and flats are also very inexpensive to purchase new I prefer flats overall but pre folds will take less time to learn to use and less time to fold there are also affordable newborn kit options like the bum ease organic pre folds and covers or the economy newborn kit the same money but still buy your diapers you Center being used by and used in the dispersed as it sounds once your baby uses the diaper is officially used so just consider it and other persons use diaper your babies use diaper and there are lots of different cloth diaper websites to buy from diapers walkers for gnomes cloth diaper butts corner craigslist you can join Facebook groups for local moms and they normally sell diapers there as well and there's also the Canadian Craigslist so there's tons of different options and keep in mind that your diapers whether you buy them used or new will have a great resale value because newborn diapers do hold their value very well so you can resell them when you're done and put that money towards a one size diaper stash or just put it back in the coffers if you already have your stash so let's talk about fit the biggest complaint I hear from parents is that their newborn diapers are leaking and there are a lot of reasons for this one if if your baby is very tiny even some of the newborn diapers might have a little gaping at the legs so you want to check a legs make sure it's a nice tight fit also check around the tummy and my number one tip for moms of boys is to point that weawy down until I figured this out my son was pink straight out of his diapers and I had no clue why it is nerve-racking to change a newborn baby especially if this is your first promise you will not break your baby while changing them so don't be too afraid to make sure that the velcro are snaps around the waist is nice and tight and newborn skin is very sensitive if you notice any little light red marks that's okay just think about your bra your socks those things leave little red and dictations on you all the time but it doesn't hurt if the red indentations are very deep and red then there may be pain and you want to readjust the fit keep in mind that newborns are wetting a lot you need to change them every two hours newborns are notorious for blowouts but the great thing about cloth diapers is that with that elastic at the back and the elastic at the legs it typically holds it all in especially if you use something like a diaper with the double gussets in the center like the patented little Joey with their sensitive skin you may also want to switch to cloth wipes you can use a clockwise solution are you made make your own or just wet down the wipe with water it will still get them clean and don't forget newborn babies have water-soluble poop yes this is the best news ever if your baby is pooping and they're breastfed you should be able to just toss that in the wash do a rinse and then do your washes normal you don't have to spray out the poop yet you won't have to do any sort of scraping or spraying or using diaper liners until they are using solid switches between six months in a year so I've been overwhelming you with options they are definitely a ton to consider just keep in mind that it needs to work for your family your budget and your baby if you know you're having multiples definitely consider newborn diapers because you know your babies will fit them for a long time if you've missed or eclis have larger babies you may want to just use a few disposables until your baby fits into a website and that's okay don't stress yourself out over the small stuff as long as you are able to eventually cloth diaper your little ones with Darwin sized diapers that's wonderful and you're already making a huge change in an impact on the planet and you were definitely saving money but newborn diapers are the cutest they are tiny and fluffy and they even work really well as long as you get the right fit and I know that my website has a few other posts on your mournful fibrin thanks for watching yeah jessimae you got hit

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  1. Love love love the "booger" out take! Thanks for the great advice, I'm anxiously awaiting using cloth diapers on my grandson as I did on his mum and auntie, but things have changed a bit in 20 years. My daughter needs reassurance more than anything.

  2. I would love to use cloth diapers when I have a baby but I am worried, with my career having me out and about all the time, that I wouldnt have time to properly take care of them… Do you think it would be best to just do disposable or maybe both, dis. when out and cloth at home…

  3. Awesome video. Very detailed. You can tell it was a lot of work. Thank u! Maybe I will see cute little newborn legs in the future again. Who knows.

  4. I needed this video! I was just getting a little discouraged about using cloth with my newborn due in September. We didn't start cloth diapering my oldest until he was 5 months old. So I'm totally new to cloth diapering a newborn. Thank you for all your advice & options!

  5. Expecting baby #2 in April and my 19 month old has been in cloth since 5 months! For the new baby I have bought a lot of kissaluvs size 0 and covers and I was just thinking the other day about what else I needed! Great video πŸ™‚ thanks!!

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