40 Replies to “NFL Stars Jersey Number Origin Stories | NFL Films Presents”

  1. She says names give way to numbers but in chad Johnson’s case his number gave way to his name. That’s kinda funny 😁

  2. I dont wanna be that guy. But these videos are so much better and charming without the comedians and constant jokes

  3. I wore 56 because I was the last to show up to pick and there was either 56 or 20 and I was a linebacker

  4. In middle school I played WR and the number I picked was 18. 18 was the number because that year 'The Freak." Randy Moss played for the Raiders and that was his number!

  5. I wear 84 on the field because it was my number when I was like 8 my coach gave it to me, and then I started playing again when I was 15 and being a first year player I got the last pick, and that 84 was one of the 2 numbers left, so that's what I roll with now.

  6. I was my team best wide reciter they changed me to full back I did good there now I’m a Defensive End

  7. I started wearing #54 when I joined a team called the Cowboys who's uniforms resembled Dallas because of Randy White who I learned of through NFL Films and became one of my favorite players now whatever team I join in the future I will always ask for that number.

  8. My favorite jersey number is 42 because I played WR and DB and it worked for both plus Ronnie Lott is my favorite player

  9. I like #26 cuz of Clinton Portis when he was on the Broncos. No idea why I liked him so much but I did. Now I like to go with #6 for hockey

  10. I bet the Cards gave Fitz #11 to accentuate his height.
    I call this the "Manute Bol Tactic".

    Edit: Apparently Flutie is familiar with this trick too.

  11. That forgot pat mcafee:
    Woman on phone: “ok so what jersey number would you like?”
    Pat: “what numbers do you have?”
    Woman: “one,”
    Pat: “perfect!”

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