what's going on guys taking a break for the hl-20 band I bring you this video can have to Train to happen today with nikita gusev one of the New Jersey Devils exchanged for a second and third round pick obviously Vegas does have a lot of happen right now basically someone had to be moved and I feel like although Gusev has a good amount potential coming in from the cage Shelly is still a bit of a wild card hasn't actually played that NHL game and maybe because he hasn't played a game for the team they want to mess up the chemistry I'm not exactly sure I'm trying to think of it from Vegas perspective obviously for the Devils they get a potentially very good player for a cheap price there I'll be second and third-round pick so I actually half gu7 the game I made him as a creative player had him for a while now he's 26 years old 27 real life I'm a 2 overall there low-tops explore potential again low top six because he's come from the cage shell he did tear up the cage I think he had like 80 points or something was the K Chaldeans scored but you never really know how Russian players gonna you know transitions NHL game so he's left wing there shoots right playmaker really good hand stats 88 everything 90 passing defensive stats aren't the best but good skating solid shot as well you can see not the most powerful but pretty accurate physical various got decent of aggressiveness strength so pretty good overall player 82 overall but probably plays a lot better than that 88 offensive awareness and again the low top six because really don't know kind of how that players gonna transition he could be like the next are tiny ponary which we're sure the Devils are hoping for kind of be their answer the Rangers signing premiering or he could be like ship a chef or whatever his name was who Vegas had that first year and just didn't quite work he's basically stuck in the a gel so you know again it's a wild card but I think it's definitely worth the price of doubles paid so it was a twenty20 third round pick any 2021 second round pick Devils I actually don't have a second round pick now in next year's draft or the year after but considering the fact these those picks to get nikita gusev and PK Subban i think it was well worth it for them also to regards to that the devil is actually already extended Gusev two year deal for 9 million per year as mate he's actually like boost i've talked with our team to see who was willing to sign him and then of course once you know a team said they wanted to sign up for the price you wanted they're gonna make a trade happen devils of course even have to miss trade have a ton of cash base still i think like 12 million dollars so i'm curious to see you know is this enough for called to re-sign next year i think it's really just gonna come down to plough success and that's pretty much it so second 30 on picker Vegas wants Bruce's on the block I think the value is a bit on our side we'll see what they say here and trade is accepted there you go I actually wasn't sure if I'd go through so I'll take a look now at the devil's Ford lines now and see just how good they're looking with that trade as well team stats was up from rebuilder to hopeful start site trade guys just what the devil's Ford group might look like next year we got Hull his year Palmieri on the first line brat Seanie there who's in for Jack you just because it's a being the season on having the team yet and Gusev on the second line you guys miss my devil's prediction video for next season actually signed Thomas Vanek I felt like Jack Hughes could really use like a shooter on that second line I think choose to play on there and leave history as the first line Center which probably makes more sense because you know history has more experience so it makes sense to give Hughes a bit better matchups and I feel like you said although he is a playmakers also pretty good scores so maybe him and Hughes can be a dynamic duo would say Jack Simmons is now the third line which is pretty respectable third line I think and then Hayden Zaca Coleman on the fourth line also isn't too bad so with this signing I've already thought devil's were like a maybe playoff team I think really what's gonna come down to his goaltending either Cory Schneider has to bounce back to his former self or at least close to it or Mackenzie Blackwood has to take a big step and prove himself as a starting goaltender for me really it's gonna come down to goaltending if it's good Devils make the playoffs if it's bad but not gonna make it in and I'm gonna try to Trey from the Golden Knights perspective as you can see the second and third round err have more value than Gusev so probably not gonna go through even on medium difficulty we'll try it though and yeah trait is rejected and thinking is like I think Ivan has low top six even at low elite eyes how do you still not be enough so in game EA thinks like the Vegas cool nights actually huh good deal here but I feel like in real life the Devils definitely got a good deal cuz a second or third round pick maybe those prospects you know turn into players that end up being on each other's butt Gustav's already quite far along like all I think we're climbing a prospect he's definitely not he's 27 years old it's basically just a matter of whether or not his game can transition to the NHL and I think again the Devils was definitely worth the risk trading those pics the save a second a third guys gonna try to third tier see what the devil's say trades accepted so I was really close as you could see but again EA does feel the second and third was a bit too much so I said trade guys you look at Vegas for a group going in the next season obviously Gustav wasn't on the team last year anyways but I'll they didn't lose Erik kala again because the capstan ghost with calling Miller on defense so but just look at their defense and all of people said how like Holden and I think Reeves combined made about the same as Gustav signed for but probably harder to trade those guys nothing as many picks back it's kind of a tough situation for sure they put themselves in I'll actually saw someone else say how because their expansion team they'd only have very many players on entry-level deals which obviously tons of guys making under a million really helps you out so kind of makes sense why I guess they're up against the cap after of course big trades for stone and patch writing and signing those guys floria's we all got a big extension Subban really like the extension on him like 800 K but I think for Golden Knights I really need Corey glass make the team this year I like him stepping up maybe playing third line setting so the ikan he goes down to the fourth line you just tell like an extra guy who can kind of rotate around especially with injuries and stuff that would be huge for them especially if glass plays well I'll they have him on a cheap deal for next three years I could be a big part of that team so we'll see if glass can make that next step for them if not the team is still pretty good I think there's still a playoff team I personally think they're a contender though obviously time will tell lucky here guys thoughts on this trait in the comments section other than that hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you did I'll leave a thumbs up and subscribe please do that also guys that may be streaming something on YouTube so make sure to stay tuned with that I was like that I think you're watching and have a nice day goodbye


  1. I'm a huge believer in Gusev. Seen him play a bunch for Russia in international games here in europe (I'm a swede), and he's always up there in points. Remember, they had Gusev with Kuch on their top PP-line in the worlds, over players like Ovi and Malkin.

    Edit: Just remembered Kuch and Gusev have been very good friends for years, so chemistry might have played a big part in that. Still, you don't make Russias top line just cause Kuch is your BFF. 🙂

  2. If you fail the Jets cup or bust you have to do a 12 hour stream the next day 3 to 3 or something like that.

  3. VGK really needs some ELC's on the roster, so it makes more sense to trade Gusev for picks. $4.5M per for 2yrs is way too much money for an unproven KHL player. I'm glad they didn't blow the team up to make cap space to keep Gusev which would be a gamble anyways.

  4. I feel like he would be like 84-85. He had I think 82 points in 62 games in the KHL and led the league in scoring. Isn’t the KHL regarded as the second best league after the NHL?

  5. McPhee was willing to sign an unproven Vadim Shipachyov to 2 years 4.5 M AAV contract when the cap hit wasn't as it is now….yet he doesn't want to give an unproven Nikita Gusev (who had way better KHL seasons than Shipachyov) that same contract. I get the point they are in cap hell but they should've gotten rid of Reaves, Eakin or/and Holden before even considering moving Gusev.

  6. Hope you guys enjoyed the video! I actually gave Gusev Low Elite potential but for some reason it switches to Low Top 6 in franchise -.-

  7. Good video I love these types of videos and if you can can you do a what would it take of ever team traded for Carey Price

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