NHL Worst Plays of The Year – Day 11: New Jersey Devils Edition | Steve's Dang Its

NHL Worst Plays of The Year – Day 11: New Jersey Devils Edition | Steve's Dang Its

hi everybody welcome back to Steve's Deng it's where I talk about the plays from the past week that made teams say dangit wait no that's what I used to do this is July and we're doing the best or rather the worst place by each team the biggest dance of the entire season from 2018-19 and this next one is one I've been looking forward to for a while because I think the New Jersey Devils or the team that we featured the most often on Steve's dang it's they didn't have the worst season out of anybody but the most cartoonishly circus ridiculous garbage happened to them they scored on themselves so much so that's the theme that was like their thing like Tampa's thing oh man they got a ridiculous power play how do you even say the devil's identity was they score on themselves and this game was one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen here's the New Jersey Devils scoring on themselves three times in one game first we have Stefan nation this is so unlucky it's a three on two but the Dutch play it at best he for sure what a deflection off Stefan nation and the Ducks have the lead the puck goes off of them twice it had a chance to not go in aah aah and Cory Schneider looking for his first win of the season – dang it you see you see that's a dang it singular one and a goal going in off a defenseman what is that unprecedented it happened don't even work oh wait there's more kasia's set up by gets lob fired it over top [Applause] directed by Concha this game is tied well a goal going in off a defenseman once in a game is not unprecedented obviously twice that's pretty bad but I have seen it happen I'm sure you have too many times before you know the puck bounces sometimes lover I'm sure the Devils will be able to handle it there's another [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] say bye son why Andy green the Jersey defenseman if by the devil's in this game to recap the third goal of the game that the devil's scored on themselves was a high stick if it was a player on the other team they're going to counted but it was a high stick from their captain Andy green there you go now you know the captain of the New Jersey Devils you didn't know stop yeah I knew I great leave a comment and then everyone else leave a comment underneath cool way to know things I have my beard so mean once again Cory Schneider is looking for his first win of the season this entire time and the Devils are determined no we've let Cory down in this game we got to get this back for him and so they tie the game with less than a minute to go hooray five five we're going to overtime we're gonna end this in spectacular fashion Cory Schneider is gonna join the rush he's gonna snipe at top corner on the ducks that's how it's gonna go right no the Anaheim Ducks win it in the shootout the Devils lose they got a point then really deserve it so riddle me this in a game that went to overtime and a game that went to the shootout do you think three own goals might have impacted the outcome of this game all the New Jersey Devil you know what man if you're gonna if you're a betting person and you got a bet on a team doing better than they did last year bet on the Devils well I don't like this move that they made or that well first of all they've made a bunch of new additions they went out and they got away in Simmons they got PK Subin in a huge deal in part of an ongoing effort to retain Taylor Hall Oh Jack Hughes is gonna be on the team speaking of Jack Hughes we like to do the little butterfly effect here the Devils are extraordinarily lucky they tied this game producer true freaking on it the New Jersey Devils getting Jack use the first overall pick in the 2019 draft because they were bad but specifically they were bad and in the draft lottery had they not tied this game where they scored on themselves three times with less than a minute to go that point would not have been on the standings for the Devils the LA Kings would have dropped into the spot where the first overall pick landed Jack Hughes LA King New Jersey Devils still figuring it out we don't know listen they made improvements to their team on paper but just by the mere fact of they can't possibly score on themselves as many times as they did last season they're gonna be better that's my bet and if it's not that's a dang it so that is it for this one thank you very much for watching click like if you like this video click Subscribe if you really liked it tell your friends and here's a little word of advice ok if the goalie is wearing the same Jersey as you score on the other one

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  1. surprised the leafs game wasnt the dang it. my first road game in toronto honoring marty and we get slapped

  2. that entire season is just an entire season of bad luck, injury after injury after injury and the bad luck plays like this. if they stayed healthy and played to how the teams potential was they would've made it to the playoffs again. luckily all payed off after getting hughes, subban, simmonds, more to come.

  3. Scoring on your own net 3 times will lead to speculation that some players are playing under the influence.

  4. This is awesome!
    3 Damm times!
    Ya you can't help but pick on Jersey
    Stop dang, stop picking on the devils
    Did they draft you?
    Not working out?
    Let it go

  5. The only reason I knew Andy Greene is the captain of the New Jersey Devils is because of a bardown quiz when they talked about how random him being the captain was

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