Nick Saban on “Traditional” Uniforms for Alabama Football

Nick Saban on “Traditional” Uniforms for Alabama Football

I’m a Traditionalist… Okay I think there’s a brand there’s an expectation of what people
expect to see when Alabama plays football that’s all over the country That’s a brand that has you know sort of been developed for how many years? Now definitely since Coach Bryant has been here… and all the years past that. so just for some marketing whim… I’m not really into that. I don’t think it’s my
decision. it’s somebody else at the university’s decision to make those kinds of decisions the one thing that you do when you have a sponsor like Nike who does a great job for us and we love them Alright, so I’m not saying that that way …is they will make an additional package of stuff for you if you do that, like special gloves and I don’t even know whatever else goes with it. And the players really like all of that, so the reason I agreed to the small changes that we had last year, which people couldn’t even hardly notice was so that we would be able to you know get the other package of things to sell and for our players to have and all that kind of stuff so there was a compromise on my part even to do that. So, I’m a traditionalist. I don’t think the coach should change uniforms. I don’t think the coach should change the color of the helmets. I just don’t believe that. Now that doesn’t mean it’s wrong when somebody does it or they think they should it or whatever. I think what we wear is a lot bigger than me and a lot bigger than anyone. It’s what everybody’s expectation is and what they want to see when Alabama plays football and what they’re used to seeing.

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  1. I agree, but disagree. I love our uniforms and think that if they ever change, we should certainly have throwback uniforms. However, we have two uniforms. With the colors we could use, we could have some great uniforms; colors such as crimson, ash, white, black, and we could even add in some houndstooth to a uniform or two. But I certainly agree with Saban with substance over appearance. His coaching is why we've been at the top over the past few years. I love Saban. Roll Tide!

  2. I agree but white helmets on the road is something UA would do occasionally back when Bryant was the coach, and I don't get why it was ever dropped.
    All white would look sick.

  3. If it ain't broke don't fix it… unlike teams (like Oregon) that wanna look like clowns, the Tide knows class… go back 50+ years to the early days of the Bear and Alabama's uni design is just like today. Must work… 3 NCs in four seasons… just like Bear!

  4. A change up every now and then is nice, but tradition is a key thing in college football, or any football at that. I'm a Notre Dame fan and the way Kelly has changed the helmet to metallic was cool, and the pants to retro gold was cool but staying with the traditional gold helmets was perfect. But they also have the shamrock series (this years shamrock series uniforms sucked) that gives a change up to the uniform look for the fans, a little change is nice but not to much.

  5. I hope that people at The University of Alabama will always have this opinion on uniform changes. Our white on crimson or crimson on white is absolutely perfect.

  6. i remember coach bryant would use the white helmets(usc '71) and in the sixties,ray perkins did it against vanderbilt('83)and boston college.

  7. I agree with Saban. Maybe Houndstooth helmets one game (like a season opener), but never again. Maybe make some crimson pants and white helmets…

  8. Cool uniforms do not make a team better,black outs do not intimidate, traditional uniforms for traditional champions. Roll tide!!

  9. hey, take off your shoes so you can count our national championships, he left Miami because the owners would not hire Drew Brees and because Miami is no place to raise kids….Roll Tide Go Bama..sweet 16 here we come

  10. Gets tough? It didn't "get tough" when Saban got there, it was shit when he got there. His players were lazy, entitled prima donnas, and the NFL itself is not suited to a detail-oriented coach like Saban.

    In college he can recruit whoever he wants when he wants. In the NFL he had to wait around for a draft and then pick who is available, not who he wants, and even that has to be approved by numerous corporate boneheads who are over his head, not to mention dealing with salary caps.

  11. Notre Dame has alternate unis. They have the green unis, they did the screwed helmets last year against Miami, and this year they have a white and green one for their opener.

  12. Those crazy unis are cool for one game.
    In Oregon, it's their thing to do different combos. Everybody doesn't have to do it.
    I would love to see teams do a helmet painted to look like leather, show some love to the old dudes.

  13. I was just thinking about maybe mixing it up and have them doing a 1 time thing,like they did with there pro combat uni a couple of years ago,but mix it up,like maybe a painted elephant skin jersey with crimson normal pants and a crimson helmet with the normal white stripe,except make the inner stripe helmet have a red outline on a black and white houndstooth inner stripe and maybe the middle stripe can be a gray type elephant painted skin,I'm just thinking,its probably a dumb idea to everyone..

  14. The white and red crimson normal red striped pants and maybe a white outline on the numbers with crimson faded houndstooth numbers,I'm just thinking about a one time thing for a pro combat uni,but most of u will probably assume its a bad idea…

  15. Meanwhile in Oregon….

    Although they could at least change the facemask. Gray doesn't really fit with everything else. Maybe White or even chrome to really rustle the jimmies! 

  16. I think the nike pro combat has a very light houndstooth pattern on the numbers. I would love to see a uniform change. At least for one game. Flat red or black helmet black and red jersey with some houndstooth on the sleeves red or black pants. That'd be bad ass.

  17. Finally,Saban saying something I agree 100% with!! I wish all teams,College and NFL,would stick to Traditional Uniforms.

  18. Could not agree more.  What happens when you eventually change so much you lose your identity?  I love my school for what it IS (tradition) not what gimmicks is they employ to attract the next batch of players.  You can't deny…Saban gets it done while respecting tradition.

  19. Amen, coach. Preach it brotha. Yeah, some schools just should not change their uniforms ever. The old, traditional giants of college football shouldn't do that. In fact, there should be a NCAA rule preventing the historic powerhouse programs from joining the crowd of nobodies who use different uniforms and helmets. Which is why I completely abhor looking up at the TV and seeing Notre Dame and Ohio State wearing those ridiculous altered uniforms & helmets they wear multiple times a year. Notre Dame has apparently gotten so desperate that they are starting to have as many uniform variations as Oregon and Maryland. However, I do like when the older traditional schools merely update their uniforms. Not change, just update. Like Oklahoma, USC, and Tennessee have done. They are all essentially the same uniforms they've always been but go and compare their current uniforms to the ones they wore in the 90s. You'll see what I'm talking about : Not changing them outright but updating them for the current way football uniforms are designed.

  20. UAT should dedicate and rename their stadium as the Coach John McKay shrine. Coach McKay and USC saved the UAT football program and Bear Bryant's football career. Just another fact from the great USC Moose. The Moose only states facts and that there is a solid one.

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