Nicolas Pepe Will Wear The No19 Shirt

Nicolas Pepe Will Wear The No19 Shirt

good evening hope everyone's had a wonderful day today whatever it is you can do in it's virtually official it's done his son he's passed his medical and he is now a goona absolutely buzzing but obviously it's not beneficial yet I don't know where ever that be today or tomorrow but yes it is done and there's a lot of salty fans around from other clubs right now trying to put him down trying to say he's not this he's not that the salt is real right now salt and pepper but um but yeah he was shown round the training ground he's past his medical it would take number 19 sure apparently I don't know how true this is but apparently he actually printed his own name and number onto his shirt now whether that's actually gonna be part of the announcement video when Arsenal officially announced it and that's gonna be part of it I'm not sure but luck has it showed him around the training ground today and aubameyang and lack is it have had a little bit of an on Instagram with the where you at rough so yeah it's all good it's all good and it's got everyone buzzing right now so asking fans are actually quite happy right now which is a rare um a rare thing it doesn't happen often but it just goes to show if you have a little bit of patience and some you trust the new regime which I did I have all summer I've backed it all summer I've said listen we've got we've got to try and get rid of some of the dead wood we've got try I didn't expect us to get Pepe let's let's not blog it I didn't expect that to happen at all this came saw that out of nowhere really two weeks ago it came out of nowhere the news came out that we've been 72 million pound for him two weeks two and half weeks later he's passed his medical when it's just waiting for the announcement video now so see yeah I am absolutely guest right now and it's been a good day it's been a good week let's be real you know last week we signed salaburu signs to pay us and obviously we've already got Martinelli and now we've got Nicola Pepe so see ya it's it's all going in the right direction and it just goes to show that if you work with proper agents which is what Arsenal are now doing George Mendez's some have been involved they're not quite sure what his involvement was because I don't think he is actually Pepe his agent but he has been involved somewhere along the line and the previous regime refused to deal with him which cost us a hell of a lot of good players over the years but it just goes to show if you have a guy like Raul that's dealing with negotiations and stuff like that instead of that clown dick Lord that was in charge before it just goes to show you know the money is there whether you're in Europa League whether you're in the yard and the Champions League over whether you're any good or not if you paid the money you get the player it's as simple as that now the reported fee is 72 million pounds plus add-ons his wages is around the hundred and four grand a week which let's be real as an absolute bargain a hundred and four grand a week you know there's other players Danny Welbeck was on a hundred grand a week you know the difference in caliber is massive so so yeah it's all going well right now to be in an Arsenal fan you know we've got a shift some of the dead wood still let's not lie you know it's all going well in terms of its Hackney players but when now we need some defensive players we need a cure in C&E we're going back in with another offer for him so hopefully hopefully that gets done we're going in for a centre back I'm not sure who that's going to be it may be regarding on loan but either way I'll take that right now Mustafi is subject to a bid from Monaco so happy days that's one out one in and if we do get a centre back to replace him and yeah it just goes to show that you know if you have a little bit of patience and you and you don't lose your rag the club are actively seeking to sign players we actually first went in for pepe back on the 29th of december see a tweet from a journalist somebody tagged me in it yesterday saying that we had gone in for pepe for 50 million in december it was the 29 for December the journalist tweeted that so listen this has been a work in progress we've been working on this deal for a very long time so obviously we've match the money they wanted they're happy with that we've got the player and now we just have to sit back wait for Aston to decide when they're going to announce it personally I don't see it being today is going to take a lot of times edit the welcome video and all that so probably tomorrow but you never know we've asked although they're full of surprises very secretive so see yeah it's all good and you know now I've seen pictures of him at the training ground he's holding an Arsenal bag I've seen him walking into the training ground with our photographer Stewart yeah is fantastic and then when you see a Pammy young and Lacazette on instagram doing this celebration all this one it's like yes we have actually got ourselves a top-class player a record Simon as well let's not forget that he's gonna come in as our club record signing and that makes me laugh right because he's 72 million quid but he's on a hundred over four grand a week apparently and then when you look at the other players we've got this club there are more money than that it's like how we got this guy for a hundred and four grand a week that is just peanuts in today's market so it's all good I'm buzzing I'm absolutely buzzing right now but let's read some of your comments out oh yes sweets AJ Rob Ilyas says believed in Haroon the gunite yeah because he was spotted carrying an Arsenal back wait it's done it's done and dusted he printed his own shirt is done number 19 you wear number 19 next season he printed his own name and number onto the shirt don't ask me I will know that but I do and whether that's in the welcome video or not I don't know but wish we'll see when asked will release that but it's gonna be fire it's gonna get every single Aston fan buzzing and we've needed a lift let's be real this is the first transfer window we have gone into with a proper strategy a proper plan and a proper team of people in the high positions to go and get deals done and we've got a decent guy from Real Madrid we've signed a decent centre back for next season we've signed a young Brazilian this up-and-coming and looks like a real talent and we've got Pepe we're in for a centre-back waiting for Kieran's hear me what a transfer window if we get a centre back and Kieran see me you've got say that's a fantastic transfer window and then we go again next summer we identify our targets again and we go again and then by this time next year the squad's completely overhaul to what it was when Emory took over and we're starting to man challenges because I fully believe if we sort that defence out next summer and maybe try and squeak it this summer would see me in the center back but then if we overhaul it next summer we're challenging simple as that when you've got a bam en laka and Pepe in your team you're gonna challenge so see ya it's all good it's all good right now point fundly ask a question on Twitter after the stream yeah DM me Michael DM me afterwards on Twitter mate 140 not 104 grand a week will either either way if it's 140 is still a bargain fee for King it's an absolute bargain men United Klans a salty right now yes they are proper salty right now Timmy isn't coming I don't know about that we see receiver still were 10 days so we shall see what happens hopefully he comes listen he's a great player so hopefully he comes and that sort us out defensively as well so get centre back in there whether that be Bugatti we're for that VM City whoever else we may be linked with I don't know but but yeah it's all good right now and it's good being a guna right now I'm laughing at all those mugs that said trust me he is not joining Arsenal says Sascha may a lot of people said that you know a lot of people said that over 1700 of you watching life so I do appreciate that only 200 likes to do stick a like on the video also subscribe if you're new I will be back at 9 o'clock tonight with another stream hopefully I'll be back before that and it would be an announcement video because he's been announced but we shall see loving the show from Barbados beautiful place Dave beautiful thank you mate Mustafi should just pack up and go Jenner was funny louia I actually had some G's a comment on my transfer video from this morning he left a comment here I check this out he goes yeah you really shouldn't sit there a mug off mr. fee on on on a live stream eight because you know Monaco could subscribe to your channel and and decide not to buy him really well you think money color just gonna go yes ah because Lee Gunnar says they don't great Mustafi it we're not gonna do the deal Jesus Christ seriously where's the matter with these people I think Joe will exert start in front of Granite's says mr. Queen see I agree with that I think I think we looks a good plan me I think he's a very good player we've got the young guns as well don't forget them evening mark hope you will make watching all the way from Antigua Jesus Christ man some of these countries you guys live in they're just mad mad places man fought for beautiful countries good evening Ross I hope you will they pay in the fantasy teams you know what I actually picked my fantasy team I picked up a me young and I picked agüero and I now just sorted it all opens it so my team is my team luckily I got stolen in there I think I've got one verse Acker in there as well so anyone who's not joined my fantasy league yet you can do that up in the pin to this video afterwards it be the pin comment over 1300 of you have joined already so that's mad there is prizes up for grabs for the top ten places I'll announce the five to ten places prizes angered me major for them places but I'll announce that later on at nine o'clock but the top prize is two hundred and fifty quid cash from me second is 150 third is 75 fourth is fifty quid so so yeah if you want to get in with a chance of doing that and winning that then go and build a team and get the pin and off you go so yeah it's all good it's all good right now being an Arsenal fan are we and follow his stomach says recover Geoffrey I don't think we are me I'm not too sure that we are I'm not too sure that we are where to build a team fantasy Premier League might type in fantasy Premier League on a Google search it come up build a team I think you get million I've never played it ever I'm gonna set up a Sun dream team as well that'll upset the scousers but I am gonna sell for a Sun dream team I dude up on every season might put some real prizes up for that as well so yeah keep your eyes peeled for that and once it's done I'll let you guys know would you start survey us as a holding midfielder and push further up the pitch there's Tyler um I've have him as a number eight or a number ten but we don't really play with a number ten and I don't think Henry wants to play with the number ten I think he wants to go for free free so if you go for free free you don't really necessarily need a number ten because your striker can drop in as a number ten so and then you play with your two quick wingers you play with a box-to-box a DM and a deep-lying player so if that's however he wants to play I play them as a number eight next to sir error maybe maybe just in front of Toreros is the free midfield pritam is a number a number eight a box-to-box and then go with Willa concer ever behind him and then go with the to wingers whether that be a whoa B and Pepe or whether that be a Bama and Pepe and then lacquer our own that's why I would do well if you pull a Lester and win your fantasy league Oh could you imagine if I win it you know what if I do win it and I've got no chance of winning X ain't got a clue how it works yeah I don't know what this triple captain craft is and all that stuff so I ain't got a scoop you what I'm doing with it but if I do actually fluke it and I do win it yeah the 250 you just go to a random person up a scroll down the list and I Bank pick one and just give it to someone else you know what gonna kick see the amount of people that tell me I look like John boutté is just mad I get told I look like what's his name man used to be Ostersund manager as well a con remember his name now Bo gets old I look like him and Russell Howard mom reality a Crouch the list is endless mate and the funny thing is I'm older than all of them so maybe they wouldn't like me grandpa that's it thanks to these but yeah it's all good listen a school a school game places I'm telling you with this some with this setup that we've got now it's gonna take a little bit of time to overhaul this squad and let's be real it needs overhauling because a lot of them and nowhere near good enough but we're getting there and it don't happen overnight so listen we've we've smashed our Transpo record and it's a step in the right direction this guy is gonna lit up the lead light up is gonna be mad it's gonna be brilliant watching him play next season I'll be doing what along for every away game on my channel big up goona eagle-eye as well he will be coming on to this channel to do watcher Long's so go subscribe to him as well he will be doing home watcher Long's himself because I'll be at the games but I'm not doing any away getting to season so unless we fluke our way to the Europa League final and I don't even know where it is but if we do get there on going so yeah proper glory hunter if we get to the get to the Roper League final so yeah there we go Pepe will destroy Spurs says worried abou and the admin Lee is gonna have a party tonight says VP me admit Jo what Roy Roy I spoke to chick earlier yeah I said if he was standing over that penalty that a bum yank had a White Hart Lane do you think he would have missed I don't think he would I think he would have just strolled up and slammed it straight in the back of the net and that's not trying to mug a Bama angle he's our top story scorer 31 couples are season but I think the it's going to be interesting who Emery puts on penalty duty this season because nine of his goals last season Pepe was from the penalty spot so it's going to be interesting it's going to be very interesting to see who he puts on penalties but that free whether it plays Azhar free I don't know I think if you play at Bam yang on the wing you kind of lose st. from him but it depends it depends how well Murray wants to set up and what he wants to do but we have now got from free that can go to the away games and can actually show a bit a fight and can score goals no genuine threat and make the other teams the city's the Tottenham's the Man United's Chelsea's Liverpool's don't you know what we're actually ourself about there from free now so that's a good thing the only downside is this is the defense still ain't great it's still the same defenses last season but there's still time and I think we'll seriously I think we'll sort that out so see ya it's all good um thank you to 2100 all of you watching life I think that's a record for this channel actually I think that's the most people about watching life so I do appreciate that if you are new subscribe hit the like button not even 500 likes or not even a cool review have liked it come on man or stand on it and being all ultra positive you know apparently I'm negative all the time and I only get views off a negativity will Here I am being positive and 2,000 of you are watching life so thank you very much I'm going to do five more minutes and then I will be back at nine o'clock this evening unless we announce Pepe in the meantime apparently we have inquired about Samuel and TIFIA called into the people who predicted salapao and Sebelius so Sean spells hopefully innocent he's got a massive injury an issue with his knee he's had surgery but then again so is Kevin seeing me so you know Kevin seeing these had surgery so you know while I'm just a teeny signing if that happens you know I suppose on the flip side I've got to be up here if we sign them sit here as well so he's a top player is a top player but will that injury come back to home either of them die by Allah or Pepe honest answer please well I think that's pretty straightforward Pepe Bible is not physical enough he's a very good player thanking me wrong but not for me I think that we've got the better player the two let's do some more pretty good evening to you my G I hope you're well my friend I bet you're buzzing as much as I am as well okay Lakha an uber up front the MA is is mad is I must admit that is a from free be honest if Pepe comes into this league and does what he done in France yeah then come back to me at the end of the season it might be a different answer because listen if Pepe can get to the level sterling shown in the last couple of seasons we have got an absolute ball on our hand so so yeah it's all good YouTube is trying to tell me my connection is unstable so then well that's all about but yeah what do you think about reguarly says dylan evening may well listen is is unproven in the Premier League that's what you can say don't really get a chance at UK they've got a crack in centre back there in they've just added to that wheedle it he ain't gonna get a hope and Hills chance of playing for them is he the easy the Mustafi part two we shall see if we sign him a lot of people saying he's not good enough a lot of you very fans don't rate him but he's got points of proof and whether it be alone or whether we sign him officially I don't know but if we get rid of Mustafi and lung him I think that would be great business I think that'd be great business because we can either buy him at the end of it or we just give him back and if he's been fantastic and helps us get top four fantastic we then got Sal overcoming him to Champions League football we could then go and sign somebody else if we do buy him and he's helped us get TOEFL we've then got him sulabha holding Socrates and I think that would be a good for I think that'll be a very good for um is it good enough to win the title probably not but you never know this this Alaba kid could come in and absolutely rip it up so we need to sign Nathan a key so Sergio good evening mate and you know what I've been banging that drum for about two seasons may and every time I mention if he would laugh me go he's not good enough he is good enough in my is I mean my opinion I think I think Lewis dunks good enough as well and I remember when I first put that once where the amount of abuse I got from people on Twitter oh if you want to finish Tim fueled sign Lewis dunk and then a couple of bigger accounts mention it and all of a sudden everyone's knocking one out over Lewis thunk so so yeah there we go my nephew is a you've a found and he said reguarly is a very good player just hadn't had enough game time you can't perform if you don't get enough game time well I agree with that listen channels you've gotta agree with that spur should be worried that we have got a player who could be worth Pitino money in a couple of years so south London's finest beat good evening to you might hope you will that's a good point as well listen he could come in he could elevate himself to Ambati levels and then you know other clubs might come in the Madrid's the barcelona's and say well we want him we want him we'll give you 150 million hundred and sixty million and we got decisions make then do we take the money or do we keep him so we shall see listen fingers crossed the guy comes in hits the ground running and absolutely smashes the league out like he did in France last season but this is the this is the most happy I have been about sign-in since Sanchez signed I was happy for lockup don't get me wrong that was what made me start going back to games my boy boy for a very long time not as soon as we sign a proper striker I'll start going again we signed lacquer so I started going again within signed up a me yang and don't get me wrong I was buzzing for that but I am so buzzing for this signing this guy can well he could go some of a very very top if he if he gets his not down and he comes in and he smashes it up this guy could be up there with an and back pay and players like that in the next few years so I I'm not gonna get too carried away hey he hangs even keeps a ball for us yet now you've been announced yet so so yeah but I am happy I am over the moon right now and it just goes to show that behind the scenes the club are actively seeking to try and buy players regardless of what people on Twitter say or hashtags or petitions and stuff like that we're a massive Football Club and we've got proper structure in place right now it's not the old regime it's not penny-pinching over a couple of million quid we're going to go out and we're going to do the big bucks we're going to deal with the proper agents the super agents out there which we've never done before because of principle but now we're doing that so you know the first transfer window we've got this the set regime in place we've we've Eddie coming in as well now the first transfer window we've done we've signed a kid for next summer is apparently one of the best youngsters in the world in centre back position we've signed survey or some loan from Real Madrid who by all accounts is a very good player and we've just signs Nicolas Pepe 272 million pound well so far that's a pretty good regime in it you know that's a record signings of decent player from Madrid and then nice prospect I've been Martinelli to that as well I'll keep forgetting him excuse me well I just choked but yeah it's been a very good window so far we just need some defenders now and hopefully in the next week and a half we can't get that done as well so so yeah any centre-back that isn't established get V alone without option to buy good evening Chris that's a good comment me exactly we're gone he's not proven ease the great center back I see so maybe just downloading for a season see how he does and see what he says and and at the end of the season you then judge it and decide well if you want to buy him and decide whether you don't want to sell him and negotiate there so so yeah it's all good it's all going well 2.2 K over two points okay what did you life so thank you very much for that like I said that is a record on this channel right now so just goes to show when you get good news everyone's buzzing people want to hear what other people have got to say and I've checked about it so it's all good it's not all about negativity all the time my negativity my negativity should I say left when the old regime left so I've been positive ever since I've been CEO ever since I'm not getting ranting and raving I was as disappointed as anyone that we up the end of the season but I weren't going to lose my rag over it and I won't going to lose my rack that we haven't signed anybody until a week ago other than Martinelli so you know a lot of people did that's up to them they can do whatever they want but for me it was all about staying calm I trust in Raul that guy don't work a Barcelona for 15 years if he ain't got clue what he's talking about and what he's doing and when he talks and when you hear him speak the guy is so passionate about football and passionate about the asshole he wants to make us a superpower whether that happens or not remains to be seen but at the same time we're going in the right direction with this lot so so yeah Jake Aurum thank you for that wait did you get one over with the Spanish car of says Cherith no I didn't they actually took the money out of my accounts of eight yeah they suck me up so yeah well I suppose I think they're tucked up I actually had to pay it so I paid it and yeah since they've got the hair money getting number 19 on your shirt I might just do that you know gonna kicks I might just do that the missus is on the weights of going on the way home from work so she's gonna stop off and go and get me the away show on the way home so yeah I love that later on today when she's back but yeah I don't since I had granite jack on the back of my share I've refused to have names on the shares but I might just get Pepe on the back of this one you never know we shall see does anyone know as well before I wrap this up and you leave it in the comment section when the blue kit is out the third kit and somebody tell me when that is how much do you think Mustafi is worth probably about twenty seven quid Mike you had Xhaka I know Jamie I know I know I know it wasn't the UH it wasn't the best move of her from I hate to say so it KITT is out next week Thank You Ben appreciate that mate thank you very much listen I'll be back at nine o'clock this evening hopefully I love that sure button unless my missus gets lost on the way home but yeah we'll have that show later on this evening so you never know might not have this one on but listen to point to K over two point two Taylor big up yourselves thank you very much do all stick a like on the video subscribe if you're new as well genuinely appreciate that closing in on 25k which is madness that was actually my target for the start the season was to have 25,000 subscribers saw among calls for that and that's all thanks to you guys that just mad every day every day you're in my comments every day you're in them in my mentions you always DMing me I can't keep up genuinely I can't keep up with my DM insta and Twitter and stuff like that so I do appreciate it maybe I should get a PA you never know but I will be back at 9 o'clock I will stick the fantasy league app in as the pinned common to this so when this is done give it 10 minutes or 5 10 minutes or so go check it out the pinned comment will be the fantasy leap pin is closing in on 1500 people in that and there is prizes for the top 10 I'll be back at 9 o'clock hopefully I'll be back before that announcing the Pepe is officially done thanks to everyone who's watched thanks for the comments and all that I do appreciate it I'll see you at nine layers beeps

49 Replies to “Nicolas Pepe Will Wear The No19 Shirt”

  1. I don't really think arsenal defence is the problem.
    Being someone that live and sleep football, I honestly believe that arsenal issue is a defensive midfielder in a bracket of doucourè .
    Most of ours defensive midfielder like attacking and ain't got the energy to drop and do what they are supposed to do.
    Therefore that leave the defence exposed. It's not rocket science.

  2. Good ebening Lee Gunner. Fantastic to get N. Pepe. Let's get a CB +Tierney and we'll be firing on all cylinders. Im now enjoying being a gooner.

  3. Just watched rauls interview again. Constantly had a smirk on his face knowing he's going to smash the transfer market!

  4. I think top 4 this season and Europa League next season challenging for the league if we can get the defence sorted in these next windows we are sorted. Monaco only have to watch mustafi play every week to see his shit

  5. Not sure as our problem was not scoring goals last season. A good defence will boost spirits and confidence all round. No point in scoring 3 and letting in ,4.

  6. I must commend you Lee. You were truly one of those real fans who tried to encourage us fans to trust the board. Maybe now people will believe you more. Keep up the good work mate.

  7. Hi Lee I don't want to spoil your fun but I'm an Arsenal fan to I watched an hour and a half of peppi today and he loses the ball regularly and passes sideword regularly hope it changes at Arsenal

  8. Will there be some sort of giveaway to the winner of the fpl league. I think it would be a good way to give back to the community

  9. I would like to drink the tears from United fans, but it has too much salt and have to watch my blood pressure…

  10. __________Leno___________
    Bellerin Socratis Holding Tierney
    AMN___Torreira__ Ceballos

    So far so good.

  11. There's going to be a point when all these later payments bite us on the arse. When we are working on champions league money that's what sunk Leeds United

  12. We need tierney and a CB now badly. I ain’t upset but wished we got rid of wenger a year earlier even though I was wenger out from 2011. 2019/20 let’s go ARSENALLLLLL ARSENAL FC ❤️🙌🏼🔥

  13. This would be a good transfer window if we can get the other deals done. But I think as a fan base we need to lose our rag and keep the expectations of what we want as a fan base high even when things are looking up. We have to be on the clubs neck simple!!!

  14. Can't wait in the next few years when we get rid of the Wenger players. And that loser DNA is out the club! We've got very good young players coming through! Exciting times ahead!

  15. I think we shouldn't sell Mustafi this season because we are not going to get half of the price we paid for him but with that been said he should never play for Arsenal because he is not good enough for premier league but he can be very good player outside England so we should loan him for one year and then sell him.

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