Nine Times Ariana Grande Refused to Wear a Coat Correctly

Nine Times Ariana Grande Refused to Wear a Coat Correctly

See-Through Situation The “Focus” singer wore her transparent rain slicker as a shawl while visiting the U.K. on November 4, 2015. Furry Fashion Grande wore her animal-inspired topper (technically a onesie)… …well below her shoulders while arriving at an airport in Tokyo on August 13, 2015. Is It Hot in Here? That same day, the former Nickelodeon star left her shoulders bare in a blush topper in London. That’s a Wrap Grande performed “Dangerous Woman” during the March 12, 2016 taping of… …Saturday Night Live in NYC with one arm in and one arm out of her black topper. Topper Turvy Later that night, the Victorious actress sported a similar.. …style while celebrating her successful SNL hosting gig with pals. The Bomb The “Honeymoon Avenue” singer put her left shoulder on display while wearing an … …oversized bomber jacket during a visit to the Music Choice offices in New York on March 14, 2016. Cold Shoulder Army Grande took her camo utility jacket for an off-the-shoulder spin just outside the… …Z100 offices in NYC on March 15, 2016. In the Trenches Grande’s khaki trench got the same treatment as the… …rest of her outerwear on March 30, 2016, in London …as she once again wore it off her shoulders. Armed and Ready Grande let her white jacket hang from just one arm during a performance in Las Vegas on April 7, 2016. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. What's the point of not wearing a coat/jacket correctly? it's her choice to do it and you don't need to mind her or say "Wear Your Coat/Jacket Properly" she wanted to be sexy or maybe it's just hot x3 and i don't mind if she wears Coats/Jackets like that just deal with it.

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