No Broken Bones, But Addicted To Wearing Casts! | My Strange Addiction

No Broken Bones, But Addicted To Wearing Casts! | My Strange Addiction

44 Replies to “No Broken Bones, But Addicted To Wearing Casts! | My Strange Addiction”

  1. When you want attention so much you cast yourself. He's so good at casting he should be a medic on the front lines – that would definitely give him more recognition than this demand for attention and oh look at me victim attitude.

  2. It’s sad… as a child he must of had not a lot of attention so now at the age of like 40 he puts castes on himself for attention sad..

  3. In grade 4 I fractured my wrist by falling with my wrist at the front, therefore my entire body weight fell on it in a way. And I HATED HAVING A CAST!

    And this man loves it? Wtf

  4. 50% of comments
    So he wants attention?

    10% of comments
    His gf is cute

    60% of comments
    People saying the percentage of coments

  5. His girlfriends hate him with his casts. Of course they are gonna be mad as you can aee from thw girl with him on a date. And at the end he says "i hope she isn't mad at me."

  6. Well, if someone breaks their arm or leg around him, he knows how to make a cast really well…yay…

  7. he luvs attention, he was literally trying to get attention from women at bars from his cast when he has a girlfriend. Boi shut yo ugly ass up

  8. Reminds me of this weird YouTube channel I came across haha , just a channel based on people wearing different casts / improvements and removal.

  9. I've hated every cast I've ever had. I get the impression he only keeps his on for a very short time. I think he should try leaving one on for 12 weeks and see how much he likes it. Just have an intervention, let him do a full upper body cast and then don't cut it off him for 12 weeks. Not like he can cut it off himself with both arms immobilized in front of him like an idiot.

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