No Sew Lion Halloween Costume – DIY Fast and Easy (Wizard of Oz – Cowardly Lion)

No Sew Lion Halloween Costume – DIY Fast and Easy (Wizard of Oz – Cowardly Lion)

so the first thing you’re gonna need for
this easy lion costume is a hoodie and if you don’t have one you can borrow one or you can buy
one. Then the other thing you want to do is check out the cutting faux fur
video if you haven’t yet and that is up over here. then buy faux fur in the color
and length you like. It shouldn’t be more than a yard if you doing a really
big hoodie, but the general rule of thumb is going to be two times the
length of the hoodie piece that we are going to be getting to in a minute. Also make sure you’re cutting tool is
ready to go and if you need to, grab safety pins from the dollar store since this is no sewing. The
first thing we’re gonna do is make a simple pattern from the hood. You want
the pattern to be the length of the hood plus an extra three fingers at the top.
then take a length of your hand and mark the paper. Fold it lengthwise on that
mark and cut off the excess. Don’t forget to label your piece and then on one of the shorter
edges just write “FOLD”. You can see on this pattern piece I use arrows to mark the
direction that the fur can be going in or that I want it to go in when I cut out
my pattern. Trace the piece out, flip it, and trace it again. Make sure to mark the
middle. Then just take your exacto or razor blade
and cut up the piece. Once that’s done take that piece and line it up so the
middle of the fur is centered at the top of the hoodie. Then you’re just going
to pin it down both sides. When you get to the strings, stop and pull them toward you
and tuck any loose fur back under. Once you’ve done both sides, flip it over and
spread it inside the hoodie. It should just lay down naturally. Then repeat the
steps by pinning this on the inside all the way around as well. Once you’re done
that, the rest is to this is going to be super easy. For the cuffs, were going to
measure the paper to their height plus two fingers. For the length of the
pattern we’re just going to measure double the length of the cuff and then
cut out. You need one for each of the sleeves and just like before
lining up the middle of the fabric with the top of the sleeve. The fur should
be running up toward the shoulder and we’re gonna pin this right next to
where the cuff meets the sleeve. Once that’s done, will pin the open edges
together and it should look like this. Fast, right? Then we’re gonna take the fur,
turn it down over the cuff and you’re done. Now, if you wanna get real fancy
like I did here, I just made a couple more circles, pinned them on and colored in
the middle with alcohol markers.If you want to be part of our community and you’re a cool person hit subscribe and and I will see you guys video. Okay, Bye! (Lion Costume Noise) Rawr! Meow!

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  1. I love this, but really wish you had done slower step-by-step directions. You lost me at making the pattern for the hood.

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