No Sew Methods: Comparing Stitch Witchery & Fabric Glue

No Sew Methods: Comparing Stitch Witchery & Fabric Glue

There are two great ways to attach fabric without sewing: fabric glue, or a fusible bonding tape like Dritz Stitch Witchery. The fusible bonding tape is a strip of adhesive that melts when ironed to adhere the fabric together. This is a simple way to create a permanent bond that isn’t at all messy and doesn’t require drying time. It’s perfect for cotton and other fabrics that can withstand medium to high heat. It helps to use the steam setting on your iron to create the best bond. Stitch witchery comes in various widths and weights and it’s machine washable and can be dry cleaned. Fabric glue like Dritz unique stitch and Dritz liquid stitch are fabric glues that also provide a permanent bond. If your fabric doesn’t hold up well to heat or if you don’t have an iron this fabric glue is the best no sew option. These glues are clear and washable when dry. It’s best to test either method on a scrap of fabric before using. If you have a sewing machine, sewing is often still the fastest and most reliable method, but fabric glue or stitch witchery are great alternatives.

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  1. hola saludos interesante video,podria decirme cual es el nombre la cinta que  pegó con la plancha??  Gracias dios la bendiga.

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  3. I'm glad I watched your video, it prepares me to do a better job with Liquid Stitch — it was especially helpful to see your use of the ruler to keep fabric flat and lay a straight line. It might seem super-simple, but it never occurred to me. Thanks

  4. I just started using both stitch witchery and the other brand Heat & Bond along with fabric glue – using them to make envelope No Sew pillow cases for pillows for my granddaughters. I do not own a sewing machine so this was amazing to use. The idea of hand sewing the pillow cases did not appeal to me.

  5. 0:48 Do you think it can hold still hold up when submerged (after drying)? I'm thinking of re-purposing the fabric glue for other projects; e.g., diorama (with real water), or for aquarium/aquascaping (for some ornaments) — I'm not going to use it for bonding heavy items, just for really small details to add to some sceneries I'll try to recreate in an aquarium.

    Sorry if this seems totally random/out of sewing projects. haha

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