so in today's video I'm gonna be sharing what I bought at the Nordstrom anniversary sale so if you're new to my channel welcome if you are not new welcome back I hope you enjoyed this video let's get started okay first of all I just wanted to mention one thing or two things very very quickly I was sent a gift from vanity planet and I just want to show you those two items quickly so the first item that vanity planet sent me is this brush set it is called the blend party opal makeup brush set again from vanity planet I was so happy to receive it I've always wanted to try the style of brush out but I just never did I never have I am a true Beauty Blender user for my foundation and then I'm just very very comfortable using brushes for everything else so even though I wanted to try it out and I specifically wanted to try it out just for foundation to be honest I just never got around to picking one up so when they sent me this I was so happy to try it out and again like I said I'm really only wanting to use this specifically for foundation and concealer actually just those two this brush set can actually be used for a lot foundation powders bronzers blush highlighters contour eyeliner it says brow filling lip color and finishing so it actually can be used for several things but again I'm new to it and I'm a little bit nervous to use it for other things but I'm gonna start to do it just to try it out like maybe on the weekend if I'm not going anywhere but so far I have used it for my foundation and for my concealer and I really really like the payoff the look that gives me with my foundation and concealer I just found it to be very smooth a smooth finished flawless and the brushes that I used I only have used two so far this is the first one that I've used for my foundation and the one that I used for my concealer is this one and actually I did not use this for my concealer under my eyes I used this we're like just um I have like a few little spots that I like spot conceal and then I just use this to kind of gently blend it in but I did not use it under my eyes yet so I've only used two brushes so far but I absolutely loved the finish that the brush gave me for my foundation overall I was like I said very smooth flawless look kind of an airbrush looked I really really liked it so again the blend party oval makeup brush spread if you guys had ever wanted to try it I say try it yeah I like it so far and the second item that vanity planet sent me is a vibe vibrating flat iron I will say the very first time that I used this I plugged it in I waited a couple of minutes until it heated up I started to use it on my hair and it started vibrating and it really scared me I immediately stopped I was like what what is that and what's it telling me like why is it vibrating so then I actually read which is what you should really do I read about it and the reason it vibrates is because it is making sure that it doesn't tangle your hair so it'll vibrate the entire time so don't be alarmed so this is what it looks like it has a that kind of rubbery feel which I really like anything that's super super slick or like a shiny metal will feel not as like gripping I like this a lot because it really grips to your hand I really like the thickness the width of this some of them are really bad or some of them are really skinny I really like the thickness of this a lot I did find that it was really comfortable to use the like urgh anomic sore whatever was really comfortable again the rubber feel to it very comfortable the width I loved it did not tangle my hair what ever and sometimes they do that they'll pull on it this did not at all I loved it actually I I wasn't expecting I thought it was just a flat iron and you know I have two flat irons at home it's not a big deal I actually really like this one out of the the other two I have at home I would prefer this one I just really liked it um so you just turn it on by just flipping a switch there is no like temperature control anything like that but yeah I if you are in the market for a flat iron I do recommend this one I like it a lot so there will be a code and a link down below I think you get I forget the discount but 1024 self so click on that code and yeah use it to save some money okay guys so let's start with the Nordstrom anniversary Horry first item I'm going to show you and start off with is something that I am probably the most excited about and it is called the new face this is a device and I'm going to put a picture of like what the inside looks like or well I haven't even opened it yet I'm going to open it but it's just a little bit hard to open that you know what let me open it I was gonna put a picture to show you but I might as well just show you the real deal since it's right here and like I was saying I am so excited to start using this I have heard so many wonderful things about this product okay so it comes with some information and this little thing right here okay so this is what it looks like and what this does it's supposed to really tone your face and help with elasticity and anti-sagging all of that and really toning your face up so like I said I am so excited to start using this I did I think I read or I saw on a video someone saying that it took at least six weeks I believe until they really started seeing a difference or maybe a huge difference maybe they started seeing it I can't remember now if they started seeing a difference immediately but a huge difference in six weeks so I am going to watch more videos I've just been super busy lately I haven't had a chance to but I cannot wait to start using this one oh and the best part is I saved a ton normally this while it says value is $325 I don't know if that's the normal price but it was sold for 217 I think I have to double check that I'll put the price down below but yeah I do know that I saved a huge amount on this and that is what made me finally decide to get it okay so my next item I am just as excited about and it is another beauty product this one is called the globe Pro head-to-toe glow now this one again I watched one video I don't know a ton about it but the one video I watched sold me and I don't remember what video I know whose video it was but this one does more of it preps your face before you put like all your serums and your moisturizers and all of that so it like kind of opens up your skin just slightly so that right after you're done using this you put on all your beauty products and it really penetrates into your skin pretty sure that's what this does yeah in a nutshell but I am gonna read about it look at more videos but again I was super excited to try this one and use this one at the same time I believe you're supposed to use this one five times a week and this one twice a week so when you put them together I think you get even more amazing results this one again you are saving a ton it has a $360 value and this one was sold for 179 180 and this is the actual tool itself and again the extra blade I believe this is what you put on your face before you start using it there's like a a gel or something that you put on something like that but yeah again super excited about these two products more than anything entire haul ok guys so my next item let's start with some shirts some t-shirts so these are just very basics you know just your basic t-shirt v-neck or not v-neck but like a kind of a rounded scoop net I really like this brand it's castle encased line I don't know how you pronounce that I took a size small because I do like them a little bit roomy I could go to an extra small and it would get probably perfectly but yeah I just thought for a t-shirt just make it a little bit bigger a little bit we're almost wish I would have gotten an extra small as well because sometimes I like more of a fitted more of a tailored not so sloppy of a look but these are fine and I haven't even looked to see if there's any left online if there is I might pick a pick up a couple of extra smalls but these are fine and yeah see you can see it's just a little bit big and but yeah it's cute so this one is a like the charcoal great at the exact same one in the exact same size in black as well and I wanted to get one in white but they were sold out of the small and I don't remember I'm sure they were sold out of the extra small or I would have bought one and medium would just be way way way too big this is oversized as it is and a small but I really like these t-shirts a lot oh I should have showed you this one after my beauty products before going into my clothing but yeah let me just show it to you now this is the Tom Ford Soleil so let's so well Soleil I think it's right Zoli Blanc it's the one that's the white bottle and it smells like summer in a bottle coconutty but very light very natural some coconut flavors or not flavors um scents are very very strong very harsh or just smell fake and phony this one just smells so perfect I just love it and the very first time I ever bought it it was in the actual perfume and I bought it in Hawaii I think about two years ago at the Sephora in Hawaii and I loved it I love it love it love it this time I got it in the body spray and yeah I just think it is the best number one scent for summer spring and summer but definitely summer I love this I use it all the time in the summer and it is for sure my number one when going on vacation specifically to Hawaii this is yeah this is Hawaii in a bottle highly recommend it and it's on sale there was one thing that I thought about when shopping for the anniversary sale I thought okay at first I was very cranky or in a bad mood or something I was just like I don't want to see another freaking ad for the anniversary sale I don't want to see another youtuber with three or four videos non-stop about this it was just it was I felt bombarded and it was sometimes when that happens it like just turns me off and I want nothing to do with it but then I thought okay yeah maybe I was being cranky or in a bad mood that day I don't know but I thought you better get online and just get some really good either basics like your t-shirts or things that you wear so much like you denim jeans I wear them every single day so you might want to get one or two more pairs I'm not big on jackets because I live in California and it is very very rare that I wear a jacket but I'm big on cardigans but I thought I don't need another card again I literally have like 20 cardigans at home I think I bought ten last year so I'm like yeah I'm done with the cardigans but I did see two that I fell in love with and so I did end up bite you because I thought you know I wrote they're different I love them I will get so much use out of them only two not a big deal okay the first one is this one and it's on the longer side but not too long I think the length is absolutely perfect and I am really really big on comfort if something is even the tiniest bit itchy I won't buy it because I won't wear it I don't care how beautiful it is it will sit in my closet and I just say nope I'm not in the mood to wear that because I can't be bothered with being itchy so when I saw this I'm like oh it looks like it might be itchy I put it on and it could not not be more comfortable more cuddly and cozy I love it I've got this I think I get all of my cardigans in an extra-small yes this is an extra small as well and we're gonna try it on kind of not the best top to be wearing at this cardigan with but just want to show you the length more than anything and the colors the colors are so beautiful so it has the black the dark gray and and then it's this one line of green oh that's the same gray and then this is like a mixture of white and gray so again just gray black gray a mixture of white and gray and then black again has like a little ribbing right here and let's see if I can show you okay so I'm just gonna stand up on this chair just to show you quickly where it hits and yeah see how cute cozy I love it so I didn't have anything like this at all in my wardrobe for cardigans so this was a must I had to get it okay so this is the next cardigan now these I do have this kind of style this look at home but it was still slightly different number once blush color is so beautiful and it does have a bit of a different look when I put it on it's very sleek it's very polished and it has a little slit on the side so I thought it was different enough especially the color and it is so snuggly and soft I love it let me put it on for you as well and again this one is an extra small oh this one's by bleep yeah leaves ones by BP yeah this one's by BP okay so let me try this one on for you as well and not with this shirt that I'm wearing but this is the look I love it so soft so cuddly I love it okay the length again is about to your knee and it has that slit right there that I love again I would not wear this top with this cardigan but yeah really really cute I love it okay the next item I got is it camisole this is by EP and I picked up a camisole I guess every every time I shopped the anniversary sale last year I think I picked up just white and black but this year yeah I just just bought the leopard one with the really pretty lace on top I love it leopard and snakeskin patterns are a staple you know they're classics and I don't think they you know even though they're like really trendy now and last year I think they're just always in but I'm very very very picky on my leopard I did get that leopard long cardigan last year that sold out in like two seconds I ended up buying that last year they had the exact same one this year I'm at least it looked identical I mean identical so of course I didn't get another one because I already have one but I'm very very very picky on my leopard prints so it has to be the right color the right size just everything and I do love this one and I will just wear this with like jeans going out at night some jeans and a cardigan over it but yeah I absolutely love this like one is in a size small and by BP and I did pick up another leopard kind of like a sweater it had a zipper I will put a picture right here in the front I already returned that because I liked it but I didn't love it I remember I got it in a size small I felt like it kind of just looked frumpy like nothing not frumpy but it didn't flatter me and I didn't love it like it was just okay and I remember being a little expensive I just thought no I'm only gonna keep things that I absolutely love and I that feeling like I can't live without this and I did not feel that way about that little sweater so I your items that are coming in today I will pop a picture up here one is a pair of flat snakeskin shoes and I get those today and the second item is just another pair of AG jeans that I have not received yet so those are my two last items and maxing my next item is a pair of jeans these are by frame and they are called late lay high skinny high rise skinny fit okay and again by frame you can see that right there these were originally $210 and went down to 140 that's amazing they're amazing amazing bit not too distressed just has the one hole right there no fraying at the bottom I do like fraying sometimes but sometimes I don't feel like having a frayed hem but I do like it I just prefer some some jeans sometimes not to have it but yeah these are amazing I love the color 24 in Ag if I read a review and they said to grow up one size I'm not really sure what happened there but I ended up purchasing at 25 and they fit perfectly I love these highly recommend them if you are looking for jeans though my next item are a pair of joggers and I bought these specifically to wear out and about not specifically like to the gym I don't wear things like this to the gym I find them to be maybe a little bit too warm for the gym I like my Lulu leggings a lot and I stick to those but for me this is really great to wear when I'm casual eating it like on the weekend running to Whole Foods and pant groceries or I maybe I have to just run into a quick errand but I don't want to you know put on jeans I don't want to put on leggings I want something super quick but I still want to look you know decent and not like I'm just wearing from the sweatpants that I would just be lounging at home in so that's why I picked up these super cute they have this little detail at the bottom and they have some pockets they have a drawstring and a ribbing waist right here I got these in a size small and they do fit just slightly baggy slightly loose and that's the exact look I wanted I did not want these you know skin tight or like leggings these are $60 and I don't remember what the sale price was or maybe these weren't even on sale I honestly don't remember now their buys Ella and I love them again $59 gazella that's all it says I will I will list and link everything down below if you are interested in all of these items and yeah I highly recommend these sometimes these can be when you're trying to find like a jogger the material can just be kind of cheats or it has that look like it's going to just look like crap after one or two washes this does not this has a really good look like a thickness to it but not too thick yeah and sometimes that's hard – either it's too thin or it's way too think this is right in between I think it's an excellent excellent job guys I am down to my last two items that I bought at the North storm anniversary sale and they happen to be a pair of boots one is a pair of full-length boots the second are ankle boots and I'm big on boots so I had to find a pair last year I actually bought four pairs of booties and so this year I thought no I'm not going to get any I don't need them don't want them but when I saw these they were very very different and I thought yeah I'm gonna regret it if I don't get these so let me show you today so I actually have the box at home I just didn't want to carry the boxes to Thade oh and these are the first pair look at how cute these are these are so different these actually came in this print as well this color I mean I got the same print but so yes snakeskin but I didn't really want this print in a boot I don't know I just felt it looked maybe kind of loud I don't know like I love it in a top but I just didn't want it in the boot but when I saw this color I was just I clicked five so fast on these look at how beautiful these are it is just exactly what you're seeing like a brown like a you know almost like a reddish brown or not red but not a dark brown kind of a medium brown just exactly what you're seeing on camera and I love the toe it's not too pointy I'm very picky about my boots if they're too pointy or too rounded I just love them I love the heel the shape the thickness the height of it I love this zipper in the back these are just perfect and I went true to size a size seven in my boots I'm always a 7 in oh no in the koi Susanna's I'm a six and a half so I'm either six and a half or seven just depends but I did take a seven in these and they fit perfectly so these are normally $130 after the sale but during the sale $87 that is amazing and there's the little tag on here I have not worn them yet I think they are so beautiful I'm so happy to have these this huge box and I had to keep it in the box because they're a little delicate and they're big so let me show you what I got I picked up the Vince come to Steve Madden just in case Steve matter these are Vince Camuto they are a suede material and look at how beautiful these are are these not absolutely stunning perfect perfect length perfect heel height just uh everything the color I love them so much they hit you right at the perfect spot of your leg they're not too high they're not too short oh my gosh I just love them I love all of them so that's what I got and these I get picked up in a seven is wearing I wonder the cost on these I will I will look at the box on there if not I will look it up and put it down below that is it or my all you guys oh and I have two other items that I bought not at the anniversary sale but I wanted to show you because I really like them so let me show you this hey guys so I picked up a pair of black denim shorts and I just wanted to show you these because I thought they were so so cute I think finding black denim in jeans or shorts it's kind of hard to do for me to find the perfect pair I don't want them too black I don't want them too faded and I don't want them to distress or too short or whatever so it's really hard to find the perfect pair and I love these these are by well it says bdg I don't know what that means but I did pick them up at Urban Outfitters in Santa Cruz one day when I was over there yeah just downtown Santa Cruz and I walked in and saw these these I picked up in a 26 I always go at least one size bigger than I think I should get for shorts because again I don't want them too tight or too short shorts for me should be in my opinion should be a little bit loose fitting last and comfortable look so yeah Urban Outfitters super and the last thing that I bought it is so cute I just had to show you so it's just a sweatshirt with these cute little angels I did get this online from this um I guess boutique Fiorucci I don't even know how to pronounce that but I have seen these on other people from time to time and I just always thought it was so cute I love the baby blue and love the little angel what size did I get this is an extra small but it does have that kind of big oversized feel look which is fine with me so yeah that's it you guys let me know what you think about my haul and the items that I got and yeah what did you guys get at the anniversary sale if anything excited to shop it tell me down below what you got not lots of videos coming up so stay tuned don't forget to hit subscribe get the notification bell so you know the second these videos go up and I will see you in my next video thanks guys take


  1. The Nordstrom sale for real has been to in our face this year. Glad you aren’t like the rest of Instagram that just bought half the store for the sake of buying 🤦🏻‍♀️ skipped all those videos – lol except this

  2. So glad the VC boots worked for you! I'm 5' and even with long legs, they fit above my knee and didn't work.

  3. Love your videos!! Picked up a few items…but one of my favs was the pleated leopard skirt by halogen…super cute with a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Wore it recently on a girls trip down to Newport Beach and received so many compliments! Picked up some leopard joggers and a leopard trench…sorry I didn't get the tall boots…but I guess it was an animal print haul..haha

  4. NuFace is the best tool to plump up your skin. Use alcohol swap every few use to clear the bottom of the device to prevent the gel to get in and ruin it. Nuface recommends to reboot it if it stops working. I have been using it for over 15 months and love it.

  5. Although all the lux Youtubers have been buying the same items, Ive enjoyed the videos because Nordstrom is one of my top 3 favorite stores….. I DID ORDER THE TOM FORD BODY SPRAY…..ENJOY….🤗🤩😍👠👡👚👜👛👖….!!

  6. Love your haul, I also have a haul video. Was your leith cardigan not itchy? I picked it up in the grey color and the sleeves felt a bit itchy on me hmm maybe that was just me, so I had to return it for that reason. Love how it looks in the blush color. Can’t get over watching these videos lol

  7. Thanks for the great video. If you feel little shocks with the NuFace, you haven’t used enough primer or it’s dried out. If you have any Botox, ask your doc before using in those areas. If your skin gets dry from needling, wait until it clears before using again. ❤️

  8. I enjoy seeing what other people got, guess I have a little fomo. What I did get was the Saint Laurent Neo Rive Gauche tote that you showed a couple of videos ago, Even though it said it was backordered until 9/12, Nordstrom actually delivered it a couple of days ago, Love it.

  9. I felt the same way about how hyped this sale was, but I still bought a ton of things anyways 🤣 great items💕

  10. I like the nu face too but the only problem with it is that it breaks easily. I tried it less than 2-3 months and it broke =[

  11. The Glo pro microneedling system makes small pin point marks in your skin and it improves the quality by regenerating your skin in the healing process. At least that’s how I understand it. I think it was Chase Amie’s video I watched. She also bought the other tool as well. Let us know how it goes. Also I don’t know anybody who wears a size 24 or 25 size pants. OMG you must be so tiny. I’m not jealous much…!

  12. Your makeup is always so on point. I bought a beauty blender but I’m so use to using my Sigma brush that I just can’t get use to it. I guess I need to persevere as you always look like perfection.😊❤️

  13. Love your haul I finally got that leopard cardigan this year! Just got the PM in noir as well I think it’s my favorite bag ever! You convinced me to buy it! I love all your videos. I m a mom of 4 so I don’t have your budget to shop but I learn so much from your videos that it really helps me to figure out what I’ll get the most bang for my buck! I really appreciate the time you put into your videos I love your personality!

  14. Oh man I had the Nuface in my hands and didn't buy it because my husband gave me the stink eye because I just got my lips filled and frown lines botoxed, kinda thought I'd set it down and walk away!!!! I want it though . Loving everything you got ❣❣❣❣❣

  15. I love the Caslon T's. I stock up on them every Anniversary sale! I have bought a size up before (due to limited availability) & I stick them in the dryer, works fine for me.

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