Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try on Haul + Giveaway

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try on Haul + Giveaway

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  1. Happy birthday you did a really good job styling these outfits. We have similar style in clothes and handbags I have the Pochette metis and Saint Laurent Lou Lou I bought some of those same items from the sale I got the leopard print cardigan and camisole also BP lightweight sweater. I like all the outfits hard to choose just one. My favorite look is the Blank NYC coat and jeans looks very stylish. The barefoot dreams blanket looks plush and nice.

  2. Happy belated birthday. I'm a loyal Nordstrom shopper, too. Glad your video popped up. The Rails shirt is the most comfiest.

  3. Happy belated birthday!! 🎉
    The plaid shirt outfit was my favorite. It looks effortless and put together. I love the teddy coat as well.

    Btw, I love your handbag collections!! So many great bags! 😍😍😍

  4. Happy Birthday hon 😘💖 I hope you had a great day!
    I love all the outfits, very pretty 🥰 especially the pink sweater 🌸

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! 💕 love the outfits you chose! Cardigans are a must have in my eyes x

  6. I really love the beige cardigan with the brown buttons worn with the animal print cami. The first outfit. Can you share where you pursued it?

  7. Yay found a channel that features styling for petites! I really liked the outfit with rails top and Jean's. It's so classic.

  8. I loved all the things you chose from the sale, but I think my favorite look was the second with the awesome black jacket! You are amazing at styling the pieces into cute outfits! Thanks for sharing your haul❤️

  9. I love the outfit with your Rails plaid shirt! 💗 I’m a sucker for a plaid shirt in the Fall! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  10. I love all the outfits but my fave is the first one! I wanted the same cami but it was sold😭 New subbie here!🙋🏽‍♀️

  11. Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!🎉🎂
    The animal print is great! Cute YSL. Beautiful leather jacket. I love the pink sweater. Plaid shirts are nice. I love how you styles your cardigans!

  12. Love all your outfits! Very fashionista! I love animal print! And the fun sweaters in pink and green! Obsessed!♥️

  13. I am petite as well so it was helpful to see where the items fell on you. I like the first outfit best because leopard print is the hottest trend for fall.

  14. Belated Happy birthday po❤️

    You’re so gorgeous in any outfit but the most amazing look is in animal print cami😍❤️

    Godbless in your youtube channel😍❤️

    P.S. I badly needed skin care because of my acne and everything in my face😔

  15. Hi, love, and happy birthday!!!🥂🎉🎁 great haul btw, loved the cardigan with those camel booties!😍 tfs😘

  16. Love the try on haul!! My fav look has to be the BLANKNYC teddy coat! So cute with the basic tee underneath!💕

  17. Hi babe…. wow you picked up some great pieces. LUV them all!!!!!
    My fav is the 1st outfit with the animal print cami. I also picked up this cami looks so sexy. Great vid! 👏💞

  18. My favorite look is the bp green sweater and the animal print cardigan. Thank you for showing all the Nordstrom looks. 🙂

  19. I really wanted the cheetah tank! And I want that leather jacket! I’m pretty sure it’s still online too! Happy birthday! And the teddy coat is PERF!

  20. How can I pick just one?!? Every outfit is darling! Loving all the animal prints but the cropped brown teddy bear jacket outfit was my favorite look. So cute! Thanks for sharing. 💕🛍💕🛍💕🛍💕🛍💕🛍

  21. I like the Leigh long line cardi looked great on you great color for you. Please enter me into the giveaway.

  22. New subbie here! I love the Leith longline cardigan with her tall boots. I bought the same one in the burgundy color. And can I say, you have an amazing handbag collection! Bag goals! 😍

  23. Thank you for doing the giveaway!! I love the green sweater too! I picked that one up myself! I’m still waiting on the rest to arrive. I had the bf dreams blanket but the cancelled my order a few days later 🙁 Great video!

  24. Happy Birthday🎉! You picked up some great fashion deals at the sale, I loved how you paired & accessorized everything. My favorite look was how you paired the Leith Longline Cardigan with the boots! It looks so stylish!

  25. How do you keep your videos so short! Major skills!! Loved the Blanknyc look!!! Happy Birthday Jamie 🥰🥰🥰

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